Monday, 19 October 2015

Card Factory 2015–Small Zentangle Cards

Here is a collection of six small Zentangle cards that I assembled today.

03 Six Completed Zentangle Cards

These Zentangle designs are some of my early ones, when I first started tangling. I scanned them so I could print them out and use them when I wanted. Some time ago, matted them onto black card in readiness to make into cards, and then never got round to it.

01 Six Zentangle Designs

I decided to add stamped sentiments to each of these cards, and used a selection from the Stamin’ Up sets that I have.

02 Stampin' Up Sentiment Stamps

Here they are individually.

04 Get Well

05 Thinking of You

06 Celebrate Today

07 Thank You for Caring

08 Congratulations

09 Happy Birthday

All the cards have the identical sentiment stamped inside, apart from the “Thank you for caring” one which has a simple “Thank You” inside. Each one has the Zentangle explanation stuck to the back as well.

Most of these will probably go to the chemo unit for sale.

This was a relatively quick project to make, because the designs were already matted, and all I had to do was cut and score the card bases and stick the designs down, and do the stamping. They are all A6 size, when folded.


  1. Loving the cards Shoshi they are so effective.
    Hope you are feeling good today Angela x

  2. These are gorgeous!
    You need to find a shop that will sell them for you.

  3. These are all amazing, Shoshi! I love seeing your Zentangles.

  4. These make such elegant cards, Shoshi! I can't believe they are your early designs, wow - they look so beautiful! I've tried zentangling a few times, but I don't think I have the patience for it. I'm sure there will come a time in my life when I will enjoy it more, though! At the moment, I'm just too excited and want to try out all sorts of techniques and I don't possess the tranquility necessary to make these. I know it's almost like meditation and it must be very therapeutic to work on these wonderful patterns. I'm thinking, maybe when I have to travel, this would be a great option to keep the creative juices flowing because you only need a notebook and a pen to make them! Feeling inspired!

  5. My goodness, these are exquisite - I can hardly believe you drew them - they are so detailed and they make beautiful cards. You make me want to get my pen out but I wouldn't know where to start!!

  6. I am working through your posts and commenting on each - but just wanted to say how wonderful your Tangles are. I used to do quite a bit - and still have the pens/books etc. Must get back into it. Good idea to scan them and then reuse them whenever you want. Ali x


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