Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WOYWW 348–Machine Embroidery

Further progress on my art journal page “The Cup that Cheers.”

For full details, please see my previous post. The picture below shows my main work area with the album. The blue clips are holding down the piece of chicken packaging which was inadequately secured with gel medium – I have now stuck this down with Pinflair gel glue.

The motif on the left-hand page is made from layered teabags on which I have painted a branch of a tea bush with acrylics. This has been machine embroidered with metallic threads and stuck down with gel medium.

WOYWW 348 3-2-16 4 Main Work Area

This is a more general view of the main work zone. You can see that it has got really untidy again, but this time I don’t mind – this is the sort of untidiness that comes from a busy creative time, and not from the space being used as a dumping ground.

WOYWW 348 3-2-16 1 Main Work Area

Over in the opposite corner is my sewing machine, which was in use yesterday, doing the machine embroidery on the teabag motif on my journal page.

WOYWW 348 3-2-16 2 Sewing Area

To the right of the machine you can see the general detritus left from late last night when I finished the machine embroidery.

WOYWW 348 3-2-16 3 Detail of Sewing Area

I am now feeling a lot more confident with my new sewing machine, and as long as I don’t leave it so long as before, until I use it again, I think I have broken the back of it at last, and can move ahead positively and start introducing more textile art into my mixed media work.

Last week I attended a church craft evening, called “Knitter Natter” lol – at least as much of the latter went on as the former! I took along some of my Florabunda prints to paint, and managed to do quite a bit of the first one. Later the next day I completed some more, and now have 6 more to add to my collection, ready to make up into cards – some with Perfect Pearls and some with watercolours.

01 Six Paintings - Perfect Pearls and Watercolour

The group is meeting fortnightly. I have decided I really should use the time to tackle some of my many UFOs (UnFinished Objects), some of which have been hanging around for more than 30 years. Now there’s an admission…

It is soooo good to have Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse back! I have forbidden them, in no uncertain terms, from taking any more holidays. If they do, I shall send Interpol after them.

Happy WOYWW everybody. A busy day today so not sure how many desks I’ll get to visit. Out for lunch with the Allerton Three (us three girls who met in hospital, having a fun girls’ lunch out, with plenty of laughter no doubt!).


  1. I Hope you have a lovely lunch with your friends! Your work with the sewing machine is fantastic, I enjoyed reading the process on the previous post. You put me to shame, I really should practise my free machine embroidery but there's just no time at the moment. You've spurred me on though, I AM going to dig out the stuff and have another go!
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  2. I'll have to try stitching on tea bags next! They do feel a lot like fabric, so it shouldn't be difficult. Great that you can embroider on them as well! So good to see you back at your fabulous art station, Shoshi! Keep it up! Hope you have a nice time with your friends!

  3. Glad your back in the crafting zone again. We all have those days & weeks where you just can't get motivated with crafting .
    Happy woyww Jill #16

  4. Love your "tea" journal - that looks so good. And your florabunda is fantastic - I bet you enjoyed colouring those.
    I know what you mean about not keeping up with the sewing - I didn't touch my machine in a year or so and I was hard pressed to remember how to thread it up even.
    Hugs, Neet 34 xx

  5. Hope you're enjoying your lunch - I am doing the same tomorrow, except with work colleagues.
    Love the way your journal is coming along, those teabags are a wowser in themselves.

    Have a good week
    Bishopsmate #31

  6. Hi Shoshi, lovely pages. Prints are glorious too, lovely colours. I see I've started you off on UFO's, lol. I think my UFO box from last week triggered quite a few people. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xx

  7. Your machine looks a lot like mine . . . I love it!
    Have fun.
    Connie :)

  8. So glad you are back in the crafting groove :D
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Florabunda? Those are cool prints and you've colored them to a T! I enjoyed the long view look at your work space today. I totally understand the difference between happy crafty mess and dumping ground mess. One is awesome and the other irksome. Have a great day! PJ #50

  10. Your prints are looking wonderful! Nice journal page too. Sounds like you're really getting back into things. Glad to see it. I love your craft room - looks like a great space.

    Have a wonderful week
    Sharon K #45

  11. Oh you sound so upbeat and ready for almost anything! I love the idea of KnitterNatter, once a fortnight is just about the right length in between, gives you a chance to finish what you started finishing! That is one sexy sewing machine missus!

  12. Hi Shoshi, you look busy which probably is a good sign! Wishing you a great week and a happy woyww, Angela x 24

  13. Very fun tea layout, but wow, those prints are really pretty, very striking.

    Your new sewing machine looks amazing! Mine is a dinosaur, but works like a champ.

    Happy WOYWW to you,
    :)trisha too
    #49 this week

  14. Good to see you back into the 'thick of it' Shoshi as it were. I can beat your UFO from 30 years ago. I have a cross stitch piece from way before my eldest son was born and that was 40 years ago - hangs head in shame. Anne x 19

  15. Wow busy desk (well whole room !)Love your drawings ! Glad you have conquered your sewing machine - I do tend to use mine in fits & starts ! Ali

  16. Oh those Florabunda images are so colourful.I LOVE Perfect Pearls!I also love the mica powder you can add to watercolour paints for a lovely sheen. I'll email you the brand if you want.

  17. Happy WOYWW. So wonderful to see you back in your craft room and creating amazing things again. My sewing machine has been sitting patiently since April probably - when I started my Tarot business and since then I have not found any time to continue my sewing self-education (I have bought a few online courses and books, and have a long list of projects I want to tackle). I will definitely need to get the manual out again when I do scrape a spare hour from somewhere! Ali x #64

  18. I need a session in your room got meg through your stuff Shoshi.
    The prints are lovely
    Lynn 10 xx

  19. Great journal page, love the texture of the teabags (my husband has forbidden me to go there) and the detail of the embroidery, beautiful. And those colored prints look awesome, they will make gorgeous cards. Vicky#9

  20. Your tea bush page looks lovely. I wish I could see it a bit better. the embroidery is not very clearly visible. It's a great idea I think. Well done you. And the water droplets go well. I remember when you bought those...
    Your florabunda colouring is stunning! I love it. It will make someone very happy.
    Thirty year old UFOs. That could be very interesting. You might not remember what you wanted to do with them and they will get a whole new lease of life.
    Thanks for your visit and your encouragement,
    Happy WOYW Wednesday (although it is now Thursday...),

  21. Your pages are gorgeous - I love the painting of the tea plant and I really like the free machine embroidery you showed in the last post - aren't metallic threads amazing to work with! Your prints are gorgeous and it's so surprising how a colour scheme can totally change the look of a design - I love the idea of getting together as a group and finishing off UFO's and doing art work while you talk - it sounds like fun. I hope you enjoyed your lunch, have a good week,
    Diana x

  22. great looking work area and I love that book with the tea plant and the embroidery. I love your work! I am a little late getting around but I made it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Vickie #71


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