Wednesday, 17 February 2016


I took this photo late afternoon on Tuesday because I had a lot to do and have a busy few days ahead. I have since finished these cards.

WOYWW 350 17-2-16

It shows work in progress on my continuing Card Factory. I recently painted some more of my Florabunda print-outs and I have now matted and layered them and made them up into cards, and made envelopes for them with my Envelope Punch Board. I made up a total of 10 cards, six of which I am taking in to the Ricky Grant Unit at the hospital, where I had my chemo, for them to sell to raise funds, as I did last time I was there. The other four are going in my stash.

You can see pictures of the finished cards in my previous post.

I am going in to Ricky Grant on Friday to have my port flushed for the last time. Last week I received a letter from the hospital calling me in to have the port removed on 8th March. It’s all part of the process of ending my cancer treatment, which will continue only in the form of follow-up appointments with the oncologist and possibly the surgeon, and further scans and blood tests over the next five years. I am still adjusting to not having to go in to the hospital at least once a week!

On Friday I am intending to take in some more cakes to share around, and I’ve got my work cut out to get them made over the next couple of days. I also have a dental appointment on Thursday afternoon. This is why I had a bit of a rush job getting the cards done by the end of Tuesday.

In the photo above, you can see the completed cards on the left, and work in progress on the remaining cards on the right, with some hand-made paper which I am using for matting and laytering. My ATG glue ran out and rather than faff around refilling it, I finished the job with regular double-sided tape, which took much longer, and I’d probably have saved time if I’d taken the trouble to refill the gun! Anyway, they are all done now.

On the left of the photo you can see my small leather art journal with a page I am working on, covered with kitties. You can read more about this here.

At our fortnightly church craft group last Thursday, I took along my oldest UFO (UnFinished Object) – my Hebrew alphabet cross stitch sampler. It’s so long since I did any that I struggled to get started but I managed to do a bit. In the intervening years my eyesight has got a lot worse and there’s no way I could do this without a magnifier these days! Poor old Shoshi. Get your violins out, everybody. There’s still a lot of work to do on it before it’s completed. I’ll post some photos eventually.

I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s day. I managed to complete my hubby’s card in the nick of time and you can read about that here. My hubby found an absolutely gorgeous hand-made card for me, made by a local card-maker – it’s made of needle felt with embellishments on a sea theme:

03 Card

It is very thick and textured. He also got me a baby Panda!

02 Panda and Card 2

We watched a programme recently on baby pandas in China, and they were so cute and adorable, and he managed to find me a stuffie on Ebay – it was originally from Ikea, who had been extremely frugal with their stuffing and the poor little chap was very floppy and sad, so I opened up his rear end and put in a whole lot more polyester wadding and he’s now really fat and firm! My hubby says he’s too fat now and I should un-stuff him a bit to make him a bit more soft and cuddly, but I think the filling may compress and go down a bit in time. The only thing that remains is to choose a name for him and my mind has drawn a complete blank!! Any suggestions? (No guarantee I shall use any of them but I might get some ideas!)

Finally, after consulting together about where to plant them, my hubby has now planted all the rock plants we bought at the garden centre recently. They don’t look anything much just yet but we are hoping for lots of growth in the spring. He’s put in 3 aubretias which will cascade over the wall at the front with lots of purple flowers, and we’ve got some miniature trees, bromeliads and Alpines.The water feature is now up and running and the whole thing is looking really good. I wish the waterfall showed up better in still photos! I shall have to do a video once things are growing nicely, because it sounds fabulous too!

10 Rockery Plants Planted

It’s been a busy week, with another to follow. I’m hoping for a nice quiet period when I can get stuck in and do some serious playing in the studio, working on art journal pages and other things just for me, and give the cards a miss for a while!They are fun to do but I don’t want to be making cards all the time.

Have a great week, everybody, full of creativity and fun, and happy WOYWW.


  1. Oh Shoshi - this post was a total joy to read! So much positive stuff and my heart is so full for you. I think we probably watched the same panda programme too - what a cutie your hubby bought you. AND, a lovely card as well - clever chap! As for a name, hmmmmm, my very first toy I named was a panda and I called him Moses (probably from Sunday School). So am not suggesting that for sure - how about 'Feng Shui' - 'Feng' or maybe 'Shui' for short? Sigh, I knew I was useless at this carp naming stuff!

    Onwards and upwards!


    Di xx

  2. Squeal - what about 'Boo'? Short for bamboo? I go now and I no come back today :)


    Di xx

  3. Those cards look great . what a lovely hubby to find a handmade card. Wonderful that you are not back and forth to the hospital each week. One of my dear friends is half way though her treatment and starts the radio therapy soon but is doing really well now. Good luck with the quiet time - never seems to happen ..ooh and well done on the gardening - i blinkin hate it this time of yeart - I have to have sun and heat to go out ha ha . Soojay 30 xx

  4. Very cool florabunda prints! And I looked at your previous post. WOW! Gorgeous! Love the card you made for your hubby and the one to you is amazing! Adorable panda, too. Glad you're doing well and that your port will be removed. And please post pics of your rock garden when it's growing. Looks fascinating! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #35

  5. Your cards are beautiful, and I'm sure they'll get snapped up at the hospital, what a lovely thing to do for them. I hope it all goes well on Friday. I am sure we watched the same Panda programme as you - it had a British vet over there helping out with the babies - what a wonderful and poignant programme, I fell in love with those adorable little bundles of fur. I love your stuffed panda, he's almost as cute as the real thing!! I love your Valentine card from your hubby, what a wonderful lot of texture and colour. Hope you have a good week,
    Diana x

  6. Your Panda looks adorable, Shoshi! I was actually looking forward to seeing him! Much bigger than I expected! Oreo would be a perfect name for him - our Oreo wouldn't mind! :) Lovely card from your hubby! Very luxurious! Good luck with your card factory! Very promising progress so far! Happy WOYWW! I couldn't find you on the list at first - you're even later to join than I am!

  7. What lovely cards lying there on your desk! I also love the card you got for Valentines Day and what a sweet bear! Your husband sounds very sweet and I'm sure you are so happy to have him. It's always nice to hear when you are getting things removed that were used for your treatments. Congrats on that for sure! Glenda #27

  8. I love your cards with the floribunda motivs. Do they sell cards on the unit or are you donating them to use when they have a fundraising event?
    It's good news that your port will be removed next month. Another step forward.
    Tomorrow you will be baking yummy stuff to take to the unit. And then the dentist. Busy girl.
    Is that your glue gun there in the photo? It looks like an electric cordless drill.
    I'm glad you had a good time and a useful time at the knitter natters. I'm now curious about the Hebrew alphabet cross stitch thing you are doing. (Photo pretty please)
    What a stunningly beautiful card! the colours are gorgeous. And the panda is so cute. I personally would have preferred him to be slightly slimmer and floppier so he can be cuddled in every position. But as a chubby baby he looks good too.
    Oh your rock garden is coming on. I bet you can't wait to see it grow.
    Well you have a busy time ahead of you. With lots of nice things to do and to go to (with the possible exception of the dentist).
    Have a really great week,

  9. Your husband did great with the card! What a wonderful gift.

    I love your cards. They are great.

    I'm glad to hear you're having your port removed. Fabulous news! The follow-up appointments are certainly easier and not as often as the treatment. They keep such a great eye on my Mum. I know she gets a little worried before each appointment but so far, so good. Each clear appointment is more time with her for which I am very, very grateful.

    Take care
    Sharon K #42

  10. It feels my heart with joy to know that your regular cancer treatments are coming to an end. I'm also thrilled that you are back to you creative self. The needle felt card and the cute panda that your husband gave you for Valentines' day are very thoughtful gifts. I believe a good name for him would be St. V. Anyway, happy WOYWW, my friend!

  11. Hi Shoshi, I'm doing a bit of catch up now as I've been busy all day making. I can see you have some lovely gifts and you've obviously been busy too. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 26

  12. Hi Shoshi, great news about the port removal. as you say, one more proof that the treatments are over. I have my first CT scan on the 4th of March, and an appointment with my surgeon, Mr Patel, on the 10th. I had to pop into my local hospital last week for a blood test before the CT, and took the opportunity to knock on my Colorectal Nurse Specialists door, just in case she was there and not in clinic. She was there, and was so pleased to see us, as this was the first time since before my surgery. She is such a lovely lady, and it has been marvellous to have her support through this.
    Nice to see you are crafting, and your rockery does look wonderful. When the weather gets better, we will come down and visit you again, and see it in the flesh. Love & hugs to you both, Shaz xxx

  13. How lovely of your husband to buy you that panda who must have something to do with Val in his name as he was rather a special Valentine gift. Or is he a girl?
    I have just read a series of books on life in China (the scavengers daughters) and he named all of his girls with the names of flowers so maybe something down that line - linking in with your beautiful florabunda cards/garden?
    I am hopeless at this kind of thing but if I think of anything I will be back.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  14. coming backwards from the Panda liposuction post... hope you find the perfect name for him. I think he's definitely a he, though.. Your rock garden will look fabulous when everything is well established. Hope we see some more photos then. Helen #1


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