Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WOYWW 362–Kitty Castle

Nothing on my desk this week except a bit of a mess. I’ve had such a busy time recently and it’s all caught up with me a bit and I keep feeling really tired so I’m resting as much as I can this week to try and recover. See my previous post for details of our tea party, and the completion of our sitting room now we’ve got the new chandelier installed.

I thought I’d share some kitty pics with you this week, with some creativity from my hubby instead of me. When we had supper out with the family last week we were told that one of the younger generation has just acquired two kittens, so my hubby decided to make them a present. Two generations of kittens of ours have had a kitty castle to play in so he decided to make one for these new arrivals. This is my hubby’s own idea and I think he should patent it! It consists of a series of cardboard boxes stuck together with parcel tape, with holes cut between them, and holes and doors on the outside. It works best with more than one kitten because they love chasing each other through the different levels and playing through the various holes. Banana boxes are particularly good because they have air holes to keep the bananas fresh, and these are just the right size for little paws to poke through! Endless entertainment value for kitties and humans alike.

We eventually got rid of our kitty castle once ours had grown out of it – I remember towards the end of its life, Phoebe getting stuck in the hole on the top because she was getting too fat to get through – after much flailing of back legs and tail with her bottom stuck up in the air, she eventually forced an entry! The kitty castle was starting to show distinct signs of wear and tear and had been chewed a lot by Beatrice who was very destructive in her younger days! It eventually had to be thrown out as it was starting to collapse.

My hubby finished the new kitty castle last night and showed it to our two to see if it met with their approval. They were immediately very interested indeed, and I am sure they remembered playing in one in their younger days! Here are some pictures.

Showing definite  interest when he first brought it in:

01 Showing Interest

Beatrice taking possession, with Phoebe looking on. This kitty castle is a superior model with pictures drawn on it!

02 Beatrice in Kitty Castle with Phoebe Watching

“Come on, Beatrice, get down – it’s my turn now!”

03 Phoebe's Turn Now

“The holes are a bit small for me to fit through.”

04 The Holes are a Bit Small for Phoebe

Phoebe Queen of the Castle.

05 Phoebe Queen of the Castle

Convenient holes to poke one’s paws through.

06 Phoebe's Paw

Looking through the kitty castle, showing the holes.

07 Looking Through the Kitty Castle

A view down into the kittty castle from above. High rise housing for kitties.

08 Looking Down Through the Kitty Castle

They were definitely interested, but after a short while they got bored – far too old and grown up for such kittenish pursuits these days! Still, they have given it their seal of approval and it will be off to its new home soon.

Phoebe had another fit on Sunday night. My hubby took her back to the vet on Monday morning and they’ve increased her dose once more, and we have now been told to split it between morning and evening instead of her having it all in the morning – she has always had the fits in the evenings and having some phenobarbital with her supper might help prevent them. It’s very distressing for the poor little thing. In between she is fine and is her usual affectionate self, and enjoys playing a bit, and lying about in the sun, and she’s eating quite well and has gained some more weight.

Other news – I sang in church for the first time on Sunday and I think it went down pretty well – I got some nice feedback. I am singing again on 12th June. Also, I have a hospital appointment tomorrow morning for my first year follow-up with my surgeon. I am sure he will be pleased with my progress. I am looking forward to seeing him again – he was consistently charming, caring and friendly throughout, and after he laughed when he heard my stoma was called Kermit, I shall enjoy telling him about Kermit’s birthday!! I am seeing the oncologist for my six-month follow-up on 2nd June.

Have a happy WOYWW everybody and I hope to be back in business soon.


  1. You made me chuckle with the kitty castle.
    Good luck at the oncologist. Keep smiling
    Lynn 52 xxx

  2. What a lovely, newsy read and I LOVED the cat pics... sending warm, positive, healing energy in your direction for that next Doctor's appointment... ((HUGS)) Scrapbook Lynne #55

  3. Great pics of your cats playing in their kitty castle - do you sing to them? (well done at church). I now have to make do with a snatched few hours with the neighbourts cat Humbug these days. Hope all goes well tomorrow at the hospital - kermit - what are you like :) Jackie 22 x

  4. That is WICKED! (in the good sense) what a great idea bet the kitties love it. Happy WOYWW BJ#26

  5. Congratulations N, love the Kitty castle. Definitely needs patenting!!! What a busy time you have both been having - I sneaked a peak at the previous post as well - the rooms look great - and the smaller back sitting room is lovely, as you say, for gathering the sun. ENJOY!!! Golly - a whole year already. Trusting the specialist is pleased. Where does the time fly to? I seem to have missed out on much of the past 12months as well - dashing up and down the A55 to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd to see John. However, no daily journeys at present, as he is still at home!! We thank Father God for His loving miracles. We still take life very slowly, at John's pace, but it is fine. There have been a lot of adjustments to make.... but that's what marriage is about.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  6. That is a brilliant idea! You're right - it should be patented! We've been looking at those climbing frame/scratch pole constructions for Oreo, but we don't know where to put it. Plus, he probably prefers sitting on top of the cupboards, anyway! Lovely how your two are interested in the castle - hope they were not too upset when you took it away! It's very brave of you to sing in church! You must be really good at it to take on a public performance like that! I'm tonedeaf myself and can't carry a tune, though it doesn't stop me from screaming from the top of my voice if my favuorite songs are on! Happy Wednesday! Glad you made it!

  7. Oh I enjoyed reading about the kitty castle. Your husband did a great job decorating it too. I'm sure the kitties will enjoy it immensely. Our cat is now just over a year old and is no longer interested in playing. (otherwise I would have made him a 'castle' with just bigger holes).
    I have also just finished reading your Sundaay post about the biscuits and chandeliers and how nice all the rooms are now. They certainly are! The Burmese screen is awesome! And I also like thelarge fan on the wall.
    Fantastic that you have sung in church and that the feedback was good. What did you sing? Did you play guitar at the same time?
    I did have a giggle at the ileostomy chart (being a retired nurse). I retired in 2011 and we were still using the Bristol Stool Chart then. An ileostomy chart would have been handy too at that time as we had many patients with stomas, a lot of them ileostomies.
    I'm sorry to hear Phoebe has had another fit. It's good that in between she is a happy cat.
    Happy WOYWW,

  8. Hi Shoshi, love the kitty castle idea. It's all anniversary checkups now isn't it? I have another with one of the Oncology team on Friday, just to see how I'm doing. Also have physio tomorrow afternoon, I go once a week, so she can see how I'm doing with the exercises, and judge whether I just carry on, or if she ups the difficulty a bit. Glad you are OK, if a bit tired. I still get tired, I think thats going to take a long time to go away. Love & Hugs to you both, Shaz xxx

  9. I love your Kitty castle and it looks like they do too. Have a great woyww, Angela x 23

  10. Wonderful that you sang in church again! What a great accomplishment.

    The Kitty Castle looks like great fun, something my cat would have liked years ago. He likes to pretend he's old and feeble (when you're looking). I can imagine he'd probably jump around in it when we were gone.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #40

  11. Oh this Kitty Castle made me laugh!!~ I love it!! Don't cats just LOVE cardboard boxes.Love your hubby tapping on the box and that paw coming out!!
    Have a restful week!

  12. The Kitty Kastle is a super idea. I hope they get Phoebe's medication regulated It's so hard to watch them suffer. Great job on the singing!
    Have a great day.
    Diane – WOYWW #31

  13. You must have had a ball watching your kitties playing in their castle. Very cute and fun!

  14. The Kitty Castle is a fab idea and I'm sure the recipients will have hours of fun with it! I am so glad your singing went well - I do envy anyone who can hit the right notes consistently - I tend to get some right but not all, which creates quite a racket! Good luck with your hospital appointment - having followed your progress and had my mini op at the same time as you had your biggun I swing from feeling it was only two or three months ago to feeling it was several years ago! Time is an odd thing!
    Diana #24 xx

  15. I love your husbands Kitty Castle idea, with all those clever drawings! It's economical, eco-friendly, very creative, and what a great way to get kittens to get some exercise and entertainment. I am so glad to hear your first recital at church went so well. I'm also thrilled to hear that in a year you've come such a long way into your recovery. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, my friend!

  16. Great pics of your cats playing in their kitty castle - do you sing to them?

    Hair Transplant in Bangalore

  17. I hope you feel better soon. I have weeks like that where I just need to rest. Poor Phoebe! I am glad to here she is eating and gaining weight. This is so hopeful. I love the kitty castle. I hope it's ok but I am going to borrow the idea. Don't worry if anyone admires kitty castle I am telling them to go to your blog. I never steal ideals. My cats LOVE boxes. One of my cats is almost two and the other is eight months. Any boxes that come in our home are destroyed happily. They would really love this. They have a kitty house. One of the expensive ones and it looks pretty bad now. As I type I have a shredded box behind me. :) I hope your doctor appointments go well. I admire you for singing in church. I am a professionally trained singer who has bad stage fright.

    1. Haha Aiyana! Beatrice used to chew cardboard boxes for a pastime and there were always bits of shredded cardboard all over the place! She did eventually grow out of it, and would be incapable now because she doesn't have many teeth left, the poor old thing! Thank you for your kind words! No problem - go ahead and make a kitty castle for them to play in and wreck! They will have such fun and give you lots of entertainment too! I had a good appointment with the surgeon and he's pleased with my progress. As for stage fright, I am regaining my confidence now, and being amongst friends helps. Also, people are not there to judge you but to enjoy what you are sharing with them. I do some breathing techniques for relaxation beforehand and try to have a singing warm-up too, and then the secret is just to concentrate on what you are doing - you know you can do it and it needn't make a difference whether there are people listening or not! Tell yourself you are doing this because you enjoy it, and eventually you will end up convincing yourself. A little nervousness is a good thing because it enhances the performance and gives you a bit of an edge. Keep doing it!!

      Shoshi x

  18. Happy WOYWW, rather belatedly Shoshi, lovely time peeking around your blog.

    Hubby is very clever sorry about poor Phoebe though no fun.
    Hugs, and God bless, Shaz in Oz,X


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