Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Infusions Mini-Album–Completing the Title Pages

This afternoon I made the title pages for Books 2 and 3 of my Infusions Mini-Album. One or two of them had to be left to dry, and I will complete them after this.

Again, I used up some of the reject/spare pages. For the first one, I should have chosen a stencilled one that didn’t use Polyfilla because there was one of those to come, but once I realised, it was too late! I added text with the white Uniball Signo marker pen and a black archival pen, and added some white Rub’n Buff and Treasure Gold to the raised parts.

115 Making the Stencil Title Page

116 Stencil Title Page

I did the text in the same way on the Stencil with Polyfilla title, and added some Treasure Gold to the raised parts.

117 Stencil with Polyfilla Title Page

Simple text on the next one. I think I had it in mind to add some hand-embossed leaves and flowers to this one so I hope I’ve left room for them!

118 Mask & Spray Title Page

For the Added Texture title page, I thought I’d use a mixture of textures. From left to right: bleached mulberry bark (I tore off a tiny fragment), coarse pumice gel, regular matte gel (for attaching the mulberry bark), glass bead gel medium, and finally crackle paste. These have to be left to dry overnight, especially the crackle paste which needs time in order for the cracks to develop.

119 Making the Added Textures Title Page

Acrylics title page. In addition to the usual pens, I also added some shading to the text, with a soluble graphite pencil and a fine wet brush to blend it out.

120 Making the Acrylics Title Page

121 Acrylics Title Page

For the Gesso title page, I decided not to add any card, but simply to spread gesso onto the squashed toilet roll, taking the gesso over the black painted edges. As I needed two pages for this title (to make the page numbers work), I added some texture by patting the surface gently with the flat of the palette knife, taking this effect over onto the right-hand page a little, but leaving a smooth central part for writing on. Once this was done, I sprinkled on some Black Knight Infusions from Set 1 and some In the Navy from Set 2, and spritzed it with water and left it to stand for a bit, before drying the surface with my heat gun. These pages will have to be left overnight for the gesso to dry completely.

122 Making the Gesso Title Pages

123 Gesso Title Pages

Finally, the Cling Film title. I am not sure whether what I have done will work! I wanted to leave some cling film on the page, so I scrumpled some up and attached it with a thick layer of heavy body clear gel medium. Once it is dry, I shall trim off the excess cling film. This was attached to a spare stencilled piece with a very blurry image on it, from about the third impression of a wet stencil. We shall have to see how this turns out after it’s been left to dry.

124 Making the Clingfilm Title Page


  1. Lovely lettering with the white and amazing textures! I wouldn't mind seeing a flip through of your finished books if you enjoy making those videos!

  2. These are all looking very lovely Shoshi... !


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