Monday, 12 June 2017

Infusions Mini-Album–Beginning the Title Pages

I resumed work on the Infusions mini-album today, and made the title pages for the various sections of Book 1.

I used the backs of some reject pieces from when I was making the sample sheets, and also cut new pieces of card to size for these. I began by making a title for the colours, made of Infusions from both sets, before remembering that I was going to make a separate title for Set 1 and Set 2, so I put this aside to use elsewhere. I had some fun with this, as I wanted to created  rainbow striped effect, so used pieces of scrap paper to mask off areas where I didn’t want the Infusions to go.

108 Masking for Striped Colours

I made two more pieces using colours from Set 1 and Set 2 respectively, and after drying them, distressed the edges with Black Soot Distress Ink – I followed this pattern for the remaining title pages, too.

109 Distressing Edges of Colour Title Pages

Adding the text to the colours title pages, using a white Uniball Signo marker pen, and a black archival pen to fill the letters.

110 Text on Colour Title Pages

Here are the remaining title pages for Book 1.

111 Wet Paper Title Page

112 Various Effects Title Page

The next one was done with a small flat brush and white acrylic paint, and outlined with black pen.

113 Painting Title Page

114 Stamping Title Page

I also wrote the names of the colours on all the colours sample pages. I didn’t photograph these as they will be done when I photograph the finished project.

The next task will be to repeat the process for Books 2 and 3, and then I can start working on the tags.

Today I had an idea to deal with the problem of Book 2 being thinner than 1 and 3. It will be bound between the other two, and the addition of some 3-D paper flowers on its front cover will make quite a nice focal point, I think, and they won’t be squashed by the large cover which will bind the three mini-books.


  1. Hi Shoshi, love the striped effect. Have a great week, Angela xXx

  2. These are looking lovely Shoshi! Looking forward to seeing more...

  3. Love how the white lettering pops against the darker backgrounds!

  4. Beautiful! I love the writing. It's so bold and stands out great against the fantastic backgrounds!


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