Friday, 30 June 2017


Yesterday we went to see our new kittens for the first time. I found them online, and instantly fell in love… I contacted their present owner and we arranged to go up yesterday evening to meet them – we combined this with a day out, which you can read about in the previous post. What a lovely way to end an already marvellous day!

They live in a beautiful place in the depths of the countryside. Our satnav took us right to the door, and as we approached we saw this!

01 Sign Outside Kittens' House

They were all indoors, though.

Are you ready for some cuteness overload? Yes?

Here is Kitten A, with my hubby.

03 Nicholas with Kitten A

And here is Kitten B.

11 Kitten B

No names yet!

Here are the two of them together.

15 Kittens

16 Nicholas with Kittens

19 Nicholas with Kittens


Aren’t they simply adorable? They are very similar in appearance, but one is slightly lighter than the other. One has a grey nose and the other has a grey inkblot on her nose, and they both have little grey spots on their pads. Both have white mittens and socks, and white bibs, and the prettiest of pretty markings, and are stripy like little Siberian tigers.

At present, aged just over 5 weeks, they are too little to leave their mummy, but we have arranged to collect them at the end of July, when they will be 9 weeks old. Not sure I can wait another 4 weeks!!

Their mother is a tabby and white. Here she is with one of her babies. I love how at this age, their tails are like little fir trees.

02 Malteaser with One of her Kittens

05 Kitten on Floor with Fir Tree Tail

Their father is a pedigree silver tabby, so the kittens are silver tabby cross, both little girls. They have another sister, who is going to remain with the family, and two little tabby and white brothers who have yet to be adopted. Five is a big litter for a young mum to handle – my first cat had five, and she was also not quite a year old when she had them. Also in the family is the kittens’ uncle, and grandpa (who is very unimpressed with this whole kitten thing…).

I am sure that four weeks will soon pass, and we’ll be bringing them home. In the meantime we have been getting prepared for their arrival – I assembled the huge cat tree I got from Ebay the other day, and we’ve been washing all the kitty bedding and finding all the toys that Beatrice and Phoebe were too old to play with. We have found out what food the kittens like, so that we can get some in, and they will have one thing at least that is familiar to them when they arrive in a totally strange place, away from their mum and siblings.

It is going to be such a joy to have kitties in the house again – we feel the loss of our two old girlies so much, and although no other kitties can possibly replace them, these two little ones will cheer us up no end and heal the wound of loss, and provide us with an outlet for all that pent up kitty love!!


  1. Gorgeous Shoshi, pleased you've found just what you were looking for xXx

  2. Such beautiful kittens, Shoshi!
    Have a great week, hugs, Lynne #46

  3. Oh my! Sooooo cute!! They look so similar - you may have to get them different coloured collars to tell them apart at first, before their personality really kicks in! Have fun naming them, I'm sure you will come with a cute "pair name", like Buster and Keaton (that would be good for boys!) or Marie and Antoinette! I know they replace the ones you lost, but will add to the wonderful kitty memories. Hugs! Lindart

  4. They are just gorgeous Shoshi - I'm so pleased for you and your hubby....

  5. Adorable two beautiful little fur babies... They are going to be so loved and cared for which makes my heart happy... So happy for you both x x x May

  6. They are absolutely adorable, Shoshi! So tiny! I understand why they need to stay with their mum until they're nine weeks old. Oreo was the same age 8-9 weeks when we got him. When we first picked him up, he started purring - we knew he was meant for us right then end there and never looked back! It will be hard to wait 4 weeks, but it will go fast I'm sure. Look forward to lots of kitty pics on your blog! xx

  7. PS. Looks like they already have Nicholas wrapped around their little paws LOL!


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