Monday, 10 July 2017

Walk-In Pantry–Day 6

Yesterday morning, Gary came back to finish off the painting while we were out. When we got back he’d let himself out, and left a note to the effect that all the paint he’d put on the left-hand side had had to come off – this was the melamine surface of the panel on the side of the double oven unit. This stuff is extremely hard and shiny, and even if you sand it to give it a bit of key, it is virtually impossible to paint. I wasn’t bothered about this because it won’t really show once there is stuff on the shelves, but I was sorry for Gary, having worked so hard, all to no avail! The rest of the painting was fine, though, and he’d finished off the picture rail, and everything looks hunky dory!

25 After 2nd Application of Linseed Oil 10-7-17

Now it was my turn. In the afternoon I painted on the first coat of linseed oil, slightly diluted with white spirit to help it penetrate the raw wood more easily. Gorgeous smell!

26 LH Shelves After 2nd Application of Linseed Oil 10-7-17

Today I applied another coat. In the meantime, I’d discovered a good way of doing this online – to rub it in using wire wool, which helps the oil settle into the grain and removes any slight roughness from the surface. They recommend three coats, allowing the oil to dry in between, and finally, after the third coat is dry, to rub it over with a light application of wax polish. Tomorrow I shall do the third coat, and then leave it for a day or two to make sure it’s as dry as possible. Any oily residue can be wiped off with a soft cloth. It’s already looking a nice pale honey colour.

27 RH Side After 2nd Application of Linseed Oil 10-7-17

I have also been applying the same treatment to the new quadrant along the skirting board.

For the rest of the time today I cleaned the kitchen, which had got very dusty with all this work going on. It’s now spick and span and ready for everything to go back, once the slab is in place.

I also phoned the electrician and he is going to get back to me with a time when he can come and have a look at the job, and the other couple of things I’d like him to do as well.

Another little job I did today was to clean up Mum’s old kitchen scales, which are a nicer shape than my more modern (but still old-fashioned) ones. Originally I had thought of repainting them and smartening them up, but having seen a programme on TV where they restore old junk, I rather liked the idea of preserving the patina of age and celebrating the vintage nature of these scales. So I followed their advice and gave the scales a really good rub down with fine wire wool, and then dusted it off with a damp piece of kitchen paper. Once I was sure the whole thing was dry and clean, I buffed it up with some wax polish. It now has a dull gleam, and the green paint looks a lot better, but all the scuffs and worn out bits are still there, celebrating its age and vintage quality!

01 Side View with Pan

02 Side View without Pan

03 Top View without Pan

I forgot to photograph them before I cleaned them up.

I shall apply the same treatment to the weights. Once the pantry is completed and everything has gone in, there should be fewer things out on the worktops, and I think these scales will look very nice displayed there.

I’m counting the days now, till I can move back into my kitchen.

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  1. It looks like you can soon start populating your pantry, Shoshi! I like those old scales - but I would probably use them as an ornament rather than for practical purposes. My hubby watches that program too - he likes restoring old stuff as well.


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