Wednesday, 26 July 2017


No change on my desk, apart from a bit more clutter making it generally more untidy and neglected, but I have been quite creative in organising my now complete walk-in pantry. The final step was for the electrician to fit the light on Monday, and I put some things on the inside of the door. Over a couple of days I made labels for all my recycled coffee jars containing dry goods, and these are now displayed where they are most visible when you open the door. I am beyond thrilled with it all.

47 Gen View Including Door

50 Labelled Jars

55 Inside the Door

Full description of the finished pantry here.

How quickly the time flies! It seems only yesterday that we had a whole month to wait to pick up our new kittens, and suddenly the Great Event is happening tomorrow! We are both so excited about it.

We have been busy preparing the place for their arrival, with my hubby working hard in the garden to kitty-proof the perimeter. It all looks pretty good, but if there’s the smallest cranny, our little escape artists are bound to find it! They won’t be let out for quite a while though. I have got the sitting room and kitchen in the flat cleared ready for their arrival – for the day or two, they will live exclusively in there so that they can get their bearings. The pantry was finished in the nick of time and I am now fully back in my own kitchen, and the small one in the flat is now cleared and cleaned.

We are hoping for fine weather tomorrow because we are making a day of it, having a meal out and visiting another National Trust house in the area where the kittens are, before going to collect them at about 6 p.m.

There will be photos of our new babies next week, I can promise you that!


  1. I have pantry envy!! What a great storage space...wonder if I could get one in my new house, lol 😊 I'll be thinking about you tomorrow picking up your new kitties, have fun!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. Your pantry is really a dream come true, Shoshi! Worth all that effort, I'm sure! We didn't let Oreo out of the house until he was six months old, which was a couple of few weeks after he was neutered. It was very nerve-racking at first - once I thought he went missing as he went over the fence to the neighbours and couldn't come back. I walked over to the neighbours to ask if she saw a kitten, but she wasn't very nice and told me that her dog would have mangled him. Luckily, by the time I got back home, Oreo was back in the garden. He didn't want to go further than the patio for two weeks after that LOL, so he must have been traumatised. He had to learn which gardens had dogs and he had some run-ins with the local cats as well, but I think he has now successfully established his territory. I don't know, it might be different for girl cats. I'm just glad he never goes near the road. I hope it will be the same in our new house (if we move). Can't wait for your kittens to come home! xx

  3. Hi Shoshi, the pantry looks great, and I love the idea of putting magazine racks on the back of the door for stuff! Great news your kitties are ready, looking forward to meeting them next Wednesday. Love & hugs to you both, Shaz Xxx

  4. Amazing storage organisation in the pantry. Love the magazine racks used on the door for cling film, foil etc. Have a gret day out at NT and I look forward to meeting the new kitties. Sarah #23

  5. those jars remind me of a sweet shop! they look fab! well done on getting organised. Hope the arrivals settle in quickly. Helen #1

  6. Shoshi you've been busy while I was away from WOYWW, haven't you? i really like what you've done to the pantry! Imagine where I fist began to see it as a work in progress- with an abstract of a wall. This looks splendid. I can see why you are delighted with the outcome. You must feel proud.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Rose #35
    P.S. Nowa days, i'm only able to enjoy one WOYWW each month. For that, I've reserved final Wednesdays. Hope to see your blog again in another month's time!

  7. Lovely and organised. Thanks for sharing - Hazel, #25 x

  8. Exciting stuff Shoshi, gosh the pantry looks great doesnt it! Every time that you open the door, it'll make you smile! Have a lovely picking-up-kitties day!

  9. Happy WOYWW and thanks for your visit to my blog earlier. When we had the farmhouse renovated, having a pantry was high on my list of wants. Thankfully we were able to incorporate one - and it is brilliant. Do you have a light that comes on when you open the door?! I love the storage you have put on the back of the door. How exciting that you are getting 2 kittens. Look forward to photos. Yes, I have been really busy - and forcing myself to take things easier for a few days - but I do have a funeral to go to on Saturday, and I really want to go out for some golf practice. Ali x #11

  10. What a fab pantry and what beautiful labels you made. Those jars and things look so nice neatly labelled and standing to attention.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier. Neet xx

  11. Hi Shoshi, I'm having to take my time getting round this week due to a bad head cold but I'll get there. Everything's looking good. Happy belated woyww, Angela x19x


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