Wednesday, 5 September 2018


It’s been a busy week for me again this week, at the conference all weekend. At least the venue is only 5 mins away by car and my hubby was happy to drop me over, and he joined us for a couple of meals. It all went very well and everyone seemed to like my singing, which I was pleased about. It was lovely to meet up with friends old and new, and I met some very interesting people. We had some fascinating talks, including one by a missionary couple from Brazil – he explained that his parents had met and fallen in love and married without knowing some crucial facts about each other – that he was a Nazi and she was a Jew! As you can imagine, he had a rather confusing time growing up in that household.

Not much more progress made on the current UFO – I made a couple more flowers and that’s about it!

06 Small Flowers 5-9-18


This week’s bread: challah for the conference, and more sourdough.

Sourdough and Challah 30-8-18

37 Sourdough with Whole Wheat and Rye Cut 30-8-18

This time I made the sourdough with half white bread flour and a quarter each whole wheat and whole rye. I do like the flavour of the rye but it seems to make the dough more difficult to handle. It worked pretty well but I don’t think it’s risen quite as much as the previous loaf. It tastes pretty good, though! Unfortunately it cracked a bit on top and I’m not sure why that should have happened.

Yesterday morning, being confronted with a huge amount of apple that my hubby had peeled and chopped, I made a big pot of apple chutney which will probably keep us going for months! The recipe says to leave it for 6 weeks to mature but I’ve had a little taste and it tastes fine. Later on it will probably be more blended. I didn’t have enough of most of the ingredients in the recipe so I adapted it and just bunged in a whole lot of extra stuff!

Apple Chutney 5-9-18

There was also another tall narrow pot but I gave this to my friend who spent yesterday afternoon with me. I didn’t have quite enough to fill the jar at the front.


Perfect symmetry?

08 Perfect Symmetry 30-8-18

Last night we lost Ruby. We thought she might have got out when my friend was leaving but we called in the garden and my hubby went out with a torch, but couldn’t find her. We searched high and low in the house and there was no sign. Lily seemed to be a bit twitched, not knowing where her sister was. I was looking again in the bedroom and my hubby called me, and there she was, without a care in the world, sitting on the stairs! We haven’t a clue where she’d got to.

It reminded me of the time when Dad was in his dementia home, and he’d lost his glasses (he used to lose things for a pastime) and my hubby and the staff looked everywhere, to no avail. Eventually my hubby managed to find his spare pair amongst some of his other stuff we had here at home, and took them in, only to find Dad sitting as happy as Larry, wearing the lost pair! When my hubby asked him about them, he not only couldn’t tell him where he’d found them, but couldn’t even remember losing them in the first place! We had a good laugh about that. Dad took it all in very good part and just went on in his usual confused way!

Health Update

When I saw my surgeon over a fortnight ago he said I was to go back on the rivaroxaban again (anticoagulant). I’d been on it for a while after one of my routine oncology CT scans revealed numerous small pulmonary emboli, but I stopped it after my operation in March, and after I finished the course of post-op fragmin injections (shorter-acting anticoagulant), I wasn’t on anything. I’d asked the GP about it and she said she’d heard from my surgeon that I wasn’t to go back on the rivaroxaban until he’d seen me, but of course that appointment was a lot longer coming than I’d hoped, so the months were going by and I was getting a bit concerned. When I saw him he just said I should start them again – why he couldn’t just have said that to the GP I don’t know, because he didn’t seem to need to discuss it with me. Anyway, after that, again I didn’t hear anything so we checked at the pharmacy to see if a prescription had come up, which it hadn’t, so I phoned the surgery and arranged a telephone appointment with the GP that happened on Monday. She immediately agreed to deal with it and the prescription was ready for collection first thing on Tuesday, which was great. I’ve got to make an appointment with the practice nurse in a fortnight’s time to have my kidney function checked now I’m back on them again.

It was good that I was able to speak to the GP because over the weekend something else came up. I think it was because I was sitting for so long at the conference but not with my feet up. I have a varicose vein on my left leg and on Sunday evening after the end of the conference I noticed I had a small tender lump near my ankle, and on Monday I had two more up my leg, and it has become very painful when I stand on it. I told the GP that I was worried I might have a thrombosis and told her about the varicose vein, and the fact I’d been pretty immobile for a few days. She said that a DVT would produce generalised swelling of the leg and not small local lumps, and that this was thrombophlebitis. Going back on the rivaroxaban should solve the problem pretty quickly, but if I was concerned, I should come to the surgery and get it looked at. She said that because it was superficial, there wasn’t nearly as high a risk as with a DVT and that they usually disappeared on their own, so I was reassured. Sitting with my legs up, I’m not really aware of it but it hurts like crazy as soon as I put my feet down and stand up! Always something, isn’t there…

As the days go on, I am more and more convinced that my hernia has returned. I still haven’t got a CT scan appointment… I’m keeping a close eye on things and hoping I don’t get another obstruction.

I’m hoping that the next few days will be relatively quiet so that I can rest a bit after being so busy lately. One day I might even get into my studio (if I can actually clamber over all the junk in there) and tidy up and maybe even do something creative in there!


  1. Afternoon Shoshi. Glad you had such a great time at the conference - even though the after effects aren't quite so good - trust the medication sorts that all out for you. I have actually managed two mornings up in my craft space this week - the first use it has had for nearly five weeks! - Well, I suppose I was away for three of those...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  2. Oh, Wish I lived nearer, I'd be around for a taste of that chutney!! I do love it but can't make my own because G detests the smell of vinegar. The challah bread looked good too - glad the conference went well!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  3. Hi Shoshi, my you are having so many issues, aren't you? Hope they get them all sorted for you soon. Cats can be little devils, can't they? I'm sure she felt quite pleased with herself. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 X

  4. The conference sounds really interesting, what singing were you doing? I really hope that everything settles down for you now you are on your medication. The bread looks yummy as ever. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week. Caro x (#27)

  5. I am so glad the weekend went so well, the talk from the missionaries sounds as if it would have been really fascinating.. hoping your health picks up and that the medication does the trick. As you say, one thing after another... Helen #1

  6. Hi Shoshi! Boy, you scared me for a minute there when you said you lost Lily! I remember a time when I was calling Inky, wondering where she was, calling her again, starting to worry, then looked down at a chair that was at the end of the porch - and there she was, looking up at me like "you wanted something?". Now I always look at that chair first! Cats are so funny! I hope you can get your health issues cleared up, or at least comfortable. Your bread looks deeee-licious! As does your apple chutney! Have a great week, Lindart #23 (sorry I didn't get around to you last week, I had to work a lot!)

  7. Aww, that is just the perfect photo of Lily and Ruby curled up next to each other! I adore their stripy coats! Glad you found Ruby when you thought she was missing. Oreo sometimes stays out way past nightfall and I always worry about him. I go out with a torch too, but he doesn't always come back straight away. I never know if he's just hiding from me or he's so far away that he can't hear me calling him. On some occasions, he comes back when we call him and I'm always to happy to see him. Hope your health issues get sorted eventually and you can get back into your studio as well. xx

  8. The bread and chutney look good and the mirror kitties look gorgeous they really are pretty cats. Hope your health is a little better this week, you do very well getting as much done as you do. with all those difficulties.. #35

  9. Hi Shoshi, glad the conference went well. Hope your leg is better soon. Meow to the little monkeys lol. Have a good week. Sarah #4

  10. I was SO worried about Ruby. Glad she was safe.

    Love the bread, even if the top of one did split.Chutney is something I've never had.

    Sorry to read about your health problems. I'm hoping things get sorted soon. Loved the story about your father and his glasses. Happy belated WOYWW from # 5.

  11. Happy Belated WOYWW. Please get some rest and literally put your feet up. I have had a mix up with a prescription this week, but nowhere near as serious as your's. When I put a repeat prescription request in for my HRT patches, it was approved quickly and sent to Boots several days before I got there. However, there are manufacturing issues with them right now, so Boots sent the prescription back to the doctors saying they couldn't provide them. The pharmacist should have suggested an alternative, but they didn't - and the lady at the doctors did not do anything either. When I turned up at Boots on Wednesday, they had no prescription, but did tell me why it was returned. I phoned the doctors, who put it in front of my GP today. He wants to put me on tablets instead and I need to go and chat with him, but they can't offer an appointment for 2 weeks! So I have no HRT until then. I get really moody/emotional close to when I put a fresh patch on anyway, so I dread to think how I am going to get! It may be a good thing, as my pharmacist had recommended some natural remedies that work well, but they could not be taken whilst taking HRT. I may well try them now and see if they work as well (HRT literally helped me within hours). I would prefer to take a natural remedy, and in Spain they are reluctant to prescribe HRT so it would be better if I was not on it. I hate being a woman a lot of the time!! Ali x #19

  12. Hi Shoshi, the chutney sounds delicious, it will keep you going for a while.
    Glad the conference went well and your singing was appreciated, nice to meet so many faces old and new and hear those life stories.
    Glad Ruby was found safe, it sounds like she has found a hidey hole all of her very own. I bet she is feeling very pleased with herself giving you the run around.
    Fingers crossed all the health issues and appointments fall into place very soon.
    Take good care & Thank you for sharing WOYWW
    Hugs Tracey #6


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