Saturday, 29 September 2018

Box for Floral Mini-Album–Box Construction Part 1

Today I completed the assembly of the two boxes without the lids.

I began by creating a series of construction strips, cut to the different lengths of the joins, scored and folded, and cut with mitred ends.

26 Making the Construction Strips

I added double-sided tape to these in readiness for sticking onto the box pieces. I use the credit card to tear the double-sided tape to the correct length after applying it to the card. This makes cutting the tape efficient and double-quick – with my right hand inside the roll of tape, I hold the end onto the cardstock with my left hand, unroll the tape, lay it down in the correct position, grab the credit card with my left hand and hold it firmly, flat on the table with its edge where I want the tape cut, and tear the tape sharply against the credit card. Job done. No putting the tape down, picking up the scissors, putting them down… This is a combination of techniques I observed others using on Youtube. Thanks ladies!

The strips attached to the box pieces.

27 Adding the Construction Strips to the Box Pieces

The two boxes assembled.

28 Two Boxes Constructed

Today the first of my parcels arrived – the little metal corners. Once I’ve got the other parts, I can start embellishing the outside of the boxes.

I realised that I need to make a flap for the front of the lid, so that I can attach the clasp to this. I will have to embellish the inside of this flap to match the inside of the box, and I hope I can make it the same! At least I’ve made a note of exactly what I did. It’s another step that I could do without having to do, but without finishing it to match, it won’t have the finish that I want.

For the hinges at back and front of the lid, I am going to use Tyvek painted black. This is extremely strong and will not wear or tear in use.

The boxes feel fairly firm and substantial, and I think they will be up to holding the albums securely. They will feel even stronger once the decorative papers are adhered to the outsides. I am now quite pleased with the effect I’ve got on the inside of the pieces, and it was worth leaving them under heavy books overnight because they came out lovely and flat.

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  1. The boxes are looking great Shoshi, I love the little fragments of music and keyboards, and they look very sturdy. Tyvek is a good idea as it's tough as old boots and pretty much indestructible. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the boxes progress and I love the sound of the metal corners!
    Thank you so much for your visit to mine and your very kind comments, I hope you enjoy what's left of the week,
    Diana x


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