Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Box for Floral Mini-Album–Box Construction 2: Constructing the Lid

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I made a small amount of progress on my boxes today, working on the pieces for the lids. I had to cut side panels and a front panel so that the lid would be secure when closed. I wasn’t able to get on with this until the metal embellishments arrived from Ebay.

Cutting the pieces from mounting board for the sides and front of the lids:

31 Cutting the Lid Pieces

I ended up having to redo these (at least it was before I had cut the fancy edges for the fronts) because I hadn’t allowed a little extra for the overlap, and when I made a mock-up using masking tape, the pieces weren’t long enough to cover the sides of the box. Adding 1/8 in on each length was enough.

Once they were cut to length, I made a cardstock pattern (seen on the right in the above photo) to create a fancy shaped edge to the flap on the front of the lid, to which the clasp will be attached.

Painting the pieces:

32 The Lid Pieces Painted Black

I painted all the pieces, front and back, and along all the edges, with black acrylic paint.

I have not decided whether to try and match the insides with the inside of the box – the contrasting black may look quite nice, but on the other hand it might give a more professional finish if it matches.

I have also made some more of the connecting pieces to attach the side flaps to the lid, but also need to make some small ones to join the two front corners of the lid flaps. Before I assemble the lid, I shall attach the clasp and cut and apply some of my background papers to all the lid pieces, and also to the box itself. I still haven’t decided whether or not to use any of the metal corners. Decisions, decisions…!

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