Sunday, 7 October 2018

Box for Floral Mini-Album–Completing the Construction (I Hope!)

Today I think I have completed the construction of the two boxes – that is, if I have no further problems!

I cut two further pieces of Tyvek to make hinges for the inside of the boxes, to cover the gap and to strengthen the hinge further. I inked these to match the inside of the box as far as I was able.

54 Inner Tyvek Hinge Pieces

The inner hinge in place. It’s a shame there’s a visible overlap but it can’t be helped.

55 Inner Tyvek Hinge in Place

In order to prevent the lids opening too far, I added a restraining ribbon on each side. This is narrow black gros-grain ribbon and I stuck it on using Pinflair gel glue. I attached the lid ends first and let them dry, and then glued the other ends to the inside of the box sides, clamping them in place until the glue was dry.

56 Attaching the Restraining Ribbons

I cut further small pieces of black cardstock and inked them to match the inside of the box, and these were stuck down over the ends of the ribbons, to cover them and to stop the ends fraying.

57 Pieces to Cover Restraining Ribbons

Then I experienced some major problems. The metal corners started falling off, and so did one of the feet.

58 Metal Corners Falling Off

I had a feeling I might have problems with the hot glue. I pulled them all off (apart from the remaining feet which so far seem to be secure) and then spent ages pulling off the glue that remained on the boxes. The glue didn’t seem to have stuck onto the metal. Pulling it off (a combination of scraping with a blade and pulling it off with tweezers) did damage the papers on the corners a little, but I painted all the corners with black acrylic paint, and once this was dry, I re-attached the metal pieces using Pinflair gel glue and left them to dry overnight. I am not confident that this is going to work much better but we shall have to see. If it doesn’t work, I am not sure what I am going to do. I may have to dispense with the metal corners altogether and make corners out of black cardstock but I hope it won’t come to that, as I’ve still got all the embellishing to do and I have to finish this project on Wednesday!

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