Monday, 8 October 2018

Box for Floral Mini-Album–Completing the Project

I am happy to say that so far at least, the metal corners have remained in place on the boxes, after my second attempt at sticking them on, this time with Pinflair gel glue in place of the failed hot glue. Today it still felt slightly tacky, and I am sure that it will soon be dry and holding the metal embellishments firmly in place.

Today I began embellishing the boxes, in a similar style to the albums that they will contain.

I got my dies out and cut more of the Moroccan tile trellis one in gold mirror card. Before cutting them, I covered the back of the card pieces with double-sided tape, which I tend to do for complex or small dies because it makes applying them to the project so much easier.

59 Moroccan Tile Die Cutting

I love this die. It’s not just really pretty, and a brilliant foundation for applying flowers and linking them together, but you can cut it up and use just bits of it, or join it up in a different arrangement if you want.

I then die-cut quite a few leaves from a selection of dies – I’ve got quite a few flowers left over from the album project but unfortunately I’d used up all the leaves.

I cut them from scraps of cardstock in different shades of green. I didn’t have to cut into any whole sheets. Even quite small scraps are adequate for this so it pays never to throw anything away!

60 Dies and Card for Leaves

61 Die Cut Leaves

After this I gave them a bit of variation with three shades of Distress Stains.

62 Inked Leaves

Most of them I left flat, but the simple leaf shapes I hand-embossed into a piece of fun foam with a ball embossing tool.

63 Hand-Embossing Leaves

Hot glue comes into its own for sticking down paper flowers and hand-embossed leaves. The centres of the flowers were embellished with Stickles. I love the effect these colourful glitter glues give, adding a subtle touch of bling. (Unfortunately I took the next photo before I’d remembered to do this!)

The completed boxes.

64 Two Finished Boxes Minus Stickles

65 Box Front

66 Box Side and Front

The side of the box.

67 Box Side

Detail of the embellishment on the top of the box.

68 Box Top Detail

Detail of the front of the box.

69 Box Front Detail

Detail of the side of the box.

70 Box Side Detail

The box with the album inside.

71 Box with Album Inside

That just about wraps up this project. I am so pleased to have finished it in good time for Thursday when one of them will go to its new home.

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