Wednesday, 3 October 2018

WOYWW 487–Boxes and Leaves

Where does the time go? Another Wednesday has rolled around in what feels like 24 hours, all ready for another desk fest, and we are now into October!

Here is my desk as of Tuesday evening.

WOYWW 487 3-10-18

I have made good progress on my two boxes this week. They are now assembled, and in the above photo, the lids are just laid on top. I have yet to make flaps for the lids, and hinges for them, and also I was awaiting the arrival of some metal embellishments that I’d bought on Ebay, which came on Monday.

30 Metal Embellishments for Boxes

I may not use the corners on these boxes because I’m not sure they will work with the lid design I’ve chosen, and the feet have their own corners on them. The handles are a little bit smaller than I’d hoped, and I may not use these either on this project, but the two clasps I bought are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely be used. The rest can be kept in reserve for other projects as they are always useful to have in. All these metal fittings came with numerous small screws or pins for attaching them, but using them on mounting board boxes, I shall attach them with brads instead, and also use some glue.

To see what else I’ve done, you can see my previous post here, and in the meantime, here’s a shot of the finished decoration on the insides of the boxes.

28 Two Boxes Constructed


I’ve made a few more leaves for embellishing my striped scarf.

09 Large Crochet Leaves 3-10-18

These are a bit larger than the previous ones, from another lovely pattern on Youtube. You can’t see very clearly in this picture but the design incorporates some decorative holes. They are fun to do now I’ve stopped getting lost with the pattern and forgetting to turn the work, and ending up with something looking distinctly un-leaf-like! They are nice to do when I’m resting with my feet up.


Not a lot of activity in the kitchen this week because I’ve been really tired, having been burning the candle at both ends recently and needing to step back a bit and rest. I made more sourdough at the weekend, though.

44 Sourdough 29-9-18

I’m getting generally consistent results these days and I’m quite pleased with my loaves, but I’d like them to rise a bit higher. Nice open crumb, though, and a lovely flavour and texture. The only trouble is, the loaf doesn’t last the week! Sourdough keeps much better than regular bread but we do get through it rather quickly! It is time consuming to make, not involving a great deal of work, but I have to be here to attend to it regularly throughout a whole day. I’m not set up for making larger quantities so I think I’m going to have to go back to making normal bread in between, so we don’t run out!


Only pictures of Ruby this week – sitting comfortably on my hubby’s chair…

01 Ruby on the Chair 2-10-18

…until he decided he wanted to sit down, so he bundled her up in order to dump her on my lap!

02 Ruby Being Lifted 2-10-18

Lily was upstairs on the bed. Earlier this evening, my hubby told me they had a bit of a spat, fighting and swearing at each other. It was apparently mostly Lily, and we have no idea what brought it on, but perhaps Ruby was doing something to irritate her sister? A bit of sibling rivalry, no doubt. Fortunately everything was soon quite all right again. They really love each other and are usually together. We are getting tremendous kitty choruses at feeding time now the weather is getting colder and they are getting very hungry!

Health Update

I cancelled two things on Sunday because I was so tired. My activity level has crept up quite a bit lately, which is good in a way because it does prove I’ve got a bit more energy these days (I put this down to my change of diet and especially the inclusion of the fermented foods) but I was getting to the stage when I was starting to feel a bit desperate because I was so busy. This also meant that for months I’ve hardly had any time to spend in the studio, and getting back to that again just recently has shown me just how much I was missing it, and how much I need to be making art. As a result I have decided to cut back on some of my activities in order to take the pressure off a bit.

Regarding my ongoing gut problems, I don’t think there’s any doubt now that my hernia has returned. It seems to have grown over the past week, and I can now see it and it’s quite large. This is reassuring from one standpoint, because at least it’s not as likely to cause an obstruction as a small one, according to my surgeon. On Monday I had a lot of trouble with my stoma as a result, having to change the bag twice because of leaks, but I think that may have been my fault. To provide a bit more support, I decided to wear two pairs of worn-out support pants instead of the one. They certainly did feel nice and supportive but perhaps they were exerting too much pressure and stopping things working properly. I’ve gone back to one pair again and so far, so good! Hopefully the first of the new set of pants will arrive soon, and if they fit OK, I can order the remaining two pairs straight away. If I get further problems in advance of my CT scan on 18th, I shall make an appointment to see the stoma nurse and ask her to sort something out for me and maybe arrange for me to see my surgeon asap. The last thing I want is further surgery. It’s all very disappointing because it means that I went through all that terrible experience in the spring for nothing.

Have a great week, everyone.


  1. Morning Shoshi. My word, those boxes are coming on! Well done - soon have them finished now. Sorry to hear about the hernia - I'm awaiting an appointment to see the specialist for the same reason - all that lifting of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and John over the years ... Oh well - a small price to pay for all the getting out and about we did together.
    I like the leaves - they look good.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  2. Wow, those boxes are coming along beautifully! I love the insides, it looks like galaxies to me. Those embellishments are going to look so good when fixed on!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  3. Happy WOYWW. Glad to see that you are getting some crafty time, and also making time to rest. I have given up so many activities, but at least I get more pleasure from the things I still do. We cannot do everything! Our remaining cats (2 on the yard and Milky in the house) have been causing me some stress this week. One of the farm cats has been sneezing/struggling to eat, so thought that Feline Herpes was affecting her too, and we have always said that we would not leave one of the sisters without the other, so it would have been both put down (they are both 14 years old at least). However, she started eating again yesterday and seems quite happy otherwise, so that decision has been delayed for now. Then, Milky the cat had not come back in when I went to bed last night and we realised that neither of us had seen her all day, which never happens. She didn't appear when I went outside to call her, so I had to go out on the yard and investigate. She had been shut in the farm workshop! She has only started going on the farm yard since Tiger the cat was pts. She is obviously taking over his role as main hunter! Buzz the dog was at the vets for dental surgery yesterday, so this week has been full of animal stress. Hope you get to see your surgeon soon. In Spain we will have private medical insurance, and you can get seen at the local very new private hospital literally the same day. There are even Fibromyalgia specialists, so I will definitely be taking advantage of that when we are there more often. Ali x #16

  4. HI Shoshi, and first off I love the 'galaxy' decoration inside the boxes. Regarding leaks- have you considered trying Convex pouches? I had awful trouble with leaks after mine was converted to permanent, and eventually thought I'd try them. Been fantastic, not had a single leak in over a year.
    Ruby does look very comfy on the chair! So beautiful too. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 X

  5. How exactly did the kitties swear at each other LOL? Love those metal embellishments and I can't wait to see your finished boxes. A box waiting to be decorated holds so many promises and possibilities - sometimes I find that a bit daunting, unless I have a plan, which I seldom do. The inside of the boxes look fantastic - very space-like.

  6. Bread making is not my thing but I do make pizza dough. Our cats were fighting this week . Not sure why.Great boxes.

  7. Hope surgery is a no no! Fingers crossed and inclusion in prayers.
    Love the boxes and I have one of those clasps - so pretty. The leaves are beautiful - they are going to make a great addition to the scarf.
    Oops, sibling rivalry indeed, guess Lily was having a sulk but am sure they are best friends again.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  8. Sweet Ruby looks so peaceful - what a nice photo of her! LOVE the leaves
    xoxo Rose #27

  9. The boxes are looking fabulous, and I love the metal bits you bought - I am sure you will find something to use them on if they don't end up on the boxes. Hope you get some help for the hernia soon, and the support wear! Much love till then Helen #3

  10. So sorry to hear about your ongoing health issues - I really hope that there is something that can help. I love the boxes so far and the cat in the blanket made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. God bless, Caro x (#29)

  11. Hi Shoshi, hope you are feeling a little less tired soon and that Lily and Ruby are getting on better. Those crocheted leaves are so delicate, they are beautiful. Have a good week. Sarah #5

  12. Hi Shoshi, the boxes are looking good, outside and inside, and the metal clasps are lovely - they will make a great adornment for the boxes. Love the autumn leaves - very pretty. My son makes sourdough bread too and it is delicious. I don't think I have the patience but he has it down to a fine art. Ruby is gorgeous and is clearly used to being treated like a queen. Sorry to see you are having so much trouble with your hernia and stoma - hope all is sorted out soon. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #17

  13. Loving those metal pieces and the boxes look good. Silly kitties, hope they make friends again. Happy belated woyww, Angela x13x

  14. Wow, I can't wait to see the finished boxes. Always a lot going on and everything looks great. Dorlene #26


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