Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Again, I’ve been very busy this week, so much so that I’ve only just managed to reply to most of your last week’s comments, for which I apologise! However, I did manage to get two or three hours in my studio last night, at long last, working on the boxes for the two copies of the Floral Mini-Album I made earlier in the year.

WOYWW 486 26-9-18

I have been keen to get back to my box project as soon as possible, and have been mugging up again on Youtube re its construction. I hate it when projects go off the boil but Youtube has fired me up again. This week I’ve ordered some hardware for boxes – feet, corners, clasps etc. but can’t get on until they arrive as I need to install them before being able to work on the mats and embellishments.

What I did last night was to start working on the inside of the two boxes – I’ve decided to make one for each of the albums. We are seeing our friend next month and I would like to have finished her box so we can take it with us, so that her copy of the album no longer needs to reside in a biscuit tin!

You can see what I’ve been up to in my previous post.


I did manage to make some crochet leaves for my scarf while I was crashed out resting on Saturday. I just needed a day with my feet up and some TV and let everything else go hang for a few hours.

07 First Selection of Leaves 26-9-18

They look a bit messy because they need pressing, and they’ve also got tails on them which I am going to use to attach them to the scarf. I’ve got quite a few more to make and will probably use one or more different patterns for them.

Here is a mock-up with two different sized leaves with one of the flowers I made.

08 Mock-Up of Flower with Leaves

I have found a brilliant Youtube tutorial for the most realistic crochet peacock feathers I’ve yet seen, so I’ve written it out, and selected the colours I want from an online supplier and waiting for them to arrive – 4-ply cotton yarn. When I’ve finished the scarf, I am going to start another one with a gorgeous ball of yarn I bought for £1 in a charity shop a few months ago, and I thought I’d embellish it with peacock feathers. Watch this space.


Another Erev Shabbat meal last Friday, for which I made the challah. I always volunteer to do this if we are able to attend – my little contribution!

02 Challah

This time, because I had to go out on the day I made it, there wasn’t quite sufficient time for the second prove, so they came out a bit smaller than usual and the texture was a little dense, but still delicious and everyone enjoyed it. Again, I divided the dough into three portions as this recipe makes two enormous ones, and there usually aren’t enough of us to consume it all! I have frozen the third one, and I’m going to take it to my friend’s Macmillan tea party on Saturday, raising funds for cancer.

My sourdough loaf this week:

43 Sourdough 23-9-18

I showed someone this photo at church on Sunday and he said that when I really perfect my sourdough technique (always striving for an ever more open crumb), there will just be a crust containing one enormous hole! Haha! Sourdough perfecting itself out of existence. Just how holey does it have to be to be perfect? This week, not quite as much oven spring as I’d like, but still perfectly acceptable, and a gorgeous flavour.

I made a huge pot of very thick vegetable soup this week (now in the freezer). For this I’d bought a butternut squash and a celeriac, both of which I cut in half and used for the soup, and chopped the second half of each to roast with some other veggies, in order to make a couple of quiches for the freezer. Unfortunately I forgot them and they got burnt. Grrrrrrrr. Mega annoyed with myself! I managed to salvage a very small quantity and these have been used chopped up in various other things (salad, sourdough pancakes). I shall have to try again another time.

I made more sourdough crackers on Sunday evening. I’d nearly run out of coconut oil so had to use olive oil as well – either will do but I love the delicate flavour of the coconut.

I made sourdough pancakes again on Sunday evening, too – again with kimchi which gives them a nice spicy kick. Some of my rescued roasted veggies went in too.

Finally, something that arrived with my grocery shopping this week: a relaxed carrot.

Relaxed Carrot 19-9-18


Am I tempted to go out and play with my sister? Noooo… not really… too nice and warm indoors!

07 Not Tempted to Go Out and Play with Lily 25-9-18

As usual, Lily is rolling and showing everything… That kitty is soooo soft…

They’ve both been spending more time indoors since the weather has got colder, and Ruby’s latest favourite place is on my legs when I get my feet up on the recliner. She’s so nice and warm! I often have Lily as well, and then Ruby lies more on my feet which get really squashed, as she’s so heavy these days!

Health update

At last I’ve got my CT scan appointment – Thurs. 18th Oct. in the evening. I am more and more convinced that it will confirm my suspicions that my hernia has returned. I really have no doubt about it now. I am still awaiting the arrival of the first pair of support pants after the support garments lady visited me recently. I know my stoma supply company has got the prescription so it shouldn’t be too long now. If they fit OK, I can go ahead and order another two pairs but if not, the lady will have to come back for another fitting. Hopefully I’ll be set up soon because my current pairs offer very little support now, being well over a year old (I should have new ones every year) and also because I’ve lost weight since they were made.

Next week I’ve got a blood test appointment with the practice nurse (after going back on my rivaroxaban anticoagulant – they need to check my kidney function periodically, apparently) and on the same day I’m getting my eyes tested. I’m also having my stairlift serviced so it’s all go!

Other things

Another Torbay Friends of Israel meeting this Sunday, at which I am hoping to sing again, and my Bible study group is going well. Lots of preparation work to be done and I’ll have to fit in quite a few hours on that this coming week. I’ve also got a huge backlog of emails that need dealing with.

I really want some more studio time this week!!!


  1. Morning Shoshi, haven't you been busy, and sounds like another busy week ahead. I love the knitted flower, beautiful.
    Hope you get the pants sorted, and the scan results can be used to get the right treatment.
    Bless you

  2. The workshop is looking good, the purple colours you're working with are lovely. I'll keep an eye out for the finished boxes. Let's hope you get more time crafting this week!!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

  3. Hi Shoshi, good news you have the scan appointment, lets hope this all gets sorted now. Smiling at the carrot- back in the day such veg were common, wern't they? Now everyone wants 'perfect'. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #10 X

  4. Hi Shoshi! I love challah, and those look awesome! Your sourdough is coming along nicely too! Can't wait to see your projects all finished! The relaxed carrot is hilarious! Hugs to the kitties from me and Inky! Happy fall, have a great week, Lindart #21

  5. I am really pleased you've finally got the date for the CT scan. even if it confirms your suspicions. your reply/comment about GBBO and sourdough made me smile, I remember someone did it once and Paul scorned as he didn't think it could be done in time. rather think he was right! Have a good week. Helen #7

  6. Your relaxed carrot made me smile as did the contrast between the kitties! I hope that the scan goes well and everything can be sorted. I am looking forward to your final boxes. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day. God Bless. Caro x (#23)

  7. Hi Shoshi, not surprised you get tired with all that you do. You need to give yourself more free time on the sofa Lol! Have a lovely but gentle creative week and happy woyww, Angela x16x

  8. You'll find studio time because you really want it. Smiling at the biscuit tin storage, they are so jolly useful aren't they! I know a bespoke box will be absolutely lovely, bet you'll make such a great job.

  9. Hi Shoshi, I wonder how you manage to pack everything into your day. Love the variety of things to look at. The carrot made me laugh out loud. Hope your new support garment arrives soon so you can sort out the rest of the order. Sarah #2

  10. Spent last week down your way - wish I had realised! PJ spends a day sitting outside Shiraz while I roam around and then we go inside and have dinner! We will have to meet up next year, I shall make a note in my diary.
    Take care and have an enjoyable week, hope your box bits arrive.
    Christine #22

  11. Happy Belated WOYWW. Busy again, but glad to hear that you rested for at least one day. We have been looking at ways to earn some more income now that we are getting less from the farm, and also so we can spend more time in Spain. I have been thinking of doing VA work (Virtual Assistant) for a while, and I have started this week to learn more about it and start looking for clients. I am reserving weekday mornings for this, so I can either rest or get housework/gardening/crafting/shopping etc done in the afternoons/weekends. Quite often my body just tells me to stop, and then I have a rest day. Glad to hear you have your appointment, and hope the new support garment arrives soon. Ali x #25

  12. I'm loving those crochet leave Shoshi, excited to see the finished results now and to hear you are already thinking of possibly the next knitty project. A friend made me a delightful hood with attached scarf in the style of an Octopus or Chtulhu as she likes to call it, it will be perfect for those dry, crisp chilly days.
    Good to hear that appointment has come through at last, funny how my hubby's respiratory one we have waited for months has also come through too. Must be that time of year for sending apps out..
    The carrot did make me chuckle, looks like it's crossing its legs in need of a wee hee hee!!
    Happy WOYWW Tracey #4 and make sure you have many more putting your feet up days xx


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