Saturday, 15 December 2018

Mystery Project Revealed–Part 1–Preparation

I can now take the wraps off my mystery project. I made three little hanging heart ornaments for friends, one of whom has not yet received hers, but since she doesn’t visit my blog, I thought it was safe to reveal all!

One friend asked me some time ago if I would make her a hanging heart ornament for her bedroom wall, and I couldn’t find the sort of papier mache or MDF heart that I wanted, with a hollow centre. Eventually I managed to find a set of three little heart-shaped photo frames on Ebay and decided to get these, and alter them, and it worked really well, particularly as I had two spare ones to make up for two other friends. I began with these two, as they were more urgent – we were planning to meet up for lunch but it has had to be postponed until after Christmas.

The three little heart frames as they arrived.

01 Three Small Heart Frames from Ebay

I took them apart and saved the glass and the back pieces for potential use in projects in the future, as I only wanted the hearts themselves.

02 Heart Frames Disassembled

The next step was to paint the frames with gesso.

03 Heart Frames Painted with Gesso

After this I painted them with a base coat in acrylic, and added some crackle glaze.

04 Heart Frames with Base Coat and Crackle Glaze

The frames with the top coat applied.

05 Heart Frames with Top Coat

The brown and turquoise ones crackled fairly well, but the silver one did not – I didn’t really mind, though, because on that one the majority of the surface would be covered with roses anyway, and I quite liked the streaked effect of the purple paint showing through the silver.

As seen on previous posts (please scroll further down for details) I made a selection of paper flowers to embellish the three frames.

42 Three Tubs of Flowers

I also made a selection of leaves.

46 All the Leaves Complete

49 Green Leaves and Tiny Purple Flowers

I didn’t use all of the flowers and leaves, and reserved the rest for other projects.

I was now ready to begin with the first of the three hearts.

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