Tuesday, 18 December 2018

WOYWW 498–Mystery Project Revealed

Writing this on Tuesday afternoon.

Three little hanging heart ornaments for friends, from this:

01 Three Small Heart Frames from Ebay

to this:

06 Two Completed Hearts

11 Completed Heart 1

Here are some closer details.

11 Brown Heart Complete

05 Painting the Corrugated Cardboard

08 Mesh and Jute String

06 Completed Turquoise Heart

04 Painting the Terracotta Pots

Can you guess what I made the little terracotta pots from? Bet you can’t… Details in an earlier post.

05 Background, Lace and Pumice Gel Medium

11 Completed Heart 1

03 Wallpaper Pieces Stuck to Music

10 Inking the Leaves

The purple heart was for one friend’s birthday, so I also made her a card.

07 The Finished Card

09 The Card and Present

I have uploaded all the posts about the making of these hearts and the card and you can scroll down to see them if you are interested.

Some Fun with Photo Manipulation

The other day I was preparing some fruit for my normal “diet day” platter and cut a peeled clementine in half. I thought it made such a beautiful shape.

01 Cut Clementine

I thought I would have some fun manipulating this photo, as I did once before with a rather artistic piece of orange peel.

06 Four-in-One

Clockwise from top left, adding effects cumulatively: black background, brightened colour; posterise; paper cut-out; polar co-ordinates. Quite fun, eh? I could have done loads more with it, and spent (wasted?) all day at it. (I know, I should get out more…) Oh, by the way, it tasted good!


I didn’t make sourdough again this week but made some more sourdough crackers and fed Esmeralda and put her back in the fridge to cogitate for another week.

63 Esmeralda 18-12-18

She’s quite happy as long as she gets a weekly feed and a clean bed for the week!

Other Cooking

Overnight I made some more bread in the bread maker, with lots of seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and brown flax. Gorgeous and crunchy with a good nutty flavour!

Seedy Bread from Bread Maker 18-12-18

I also made a salmon and broccoli bake for our supper. Here it is, ready to go in the oven.

Salmon and Broccoli Bake 18-12-18

Computer Update

Most things are now working OK, but the computer shop have told me that both hard drives that I took in have failed. The caddies are OK though. One of them I was pretty sure was dud (very old) but the other one is pretty new and still in guarantee so I’m hoping to get my money back on that one. Some things on the computer still aren’t working properly and I need to spend time resolving these issues but I’m too busy with other stuff at the moment.


Ruby is still grounded because my hubby has been out a lot and the weather has been too awful so he hasn’t been able to spend any time in the garden. Neither of them has been hankering to go out that much (which isn’t surprising given that it’s raining all the time) but they are obviously needing to blow off steam more than usual!

Health Update

I had a very fruitful appointment with my surgeon last Thursday, and I’ve blogged full details here so I won’t go into it all now, but suffice it to say we discussed risks and advantages of further surgery or leaving it alone, and he is going to consult a colleague in Exeter to discuss the best way forward. I came away much better informed about why things had gone wrong in the spring, and the reason for my post-operative infection, and as a result, I am no longer quite so resistant to further surgery if that is what they conclude will be the right thing to do.

This situation is pants

The pants saga continues, not having heard anything since my last conversation with them on 19th November, when I emailed the GP and requested a further prescription, and they promised they’d deal with it straight away. I phoned the rep last Wednesday and she didn’t return my call. I managed to speak to her today and she said she’d been waiting for news before calling me, and I said I would have appreciated a call to let me know at least what was happening, even if it was nothing!! This afternoon they called me back and said they were requesting another prescription as a matter of urgency, and I said I was so fed up with this and wanted the pants by Christmas. Ha ha. Tomorrow is the last dispatch day till the New Year. I was practically screaming by this point. I said that would mean they wouldn’t even be able to start making them till then, and she agreed that they usually took about 4 weeks, which would take us into February!! I said I could just about manage with two pairs (one on, one in the wash) but if I had an accident I’d be sunk. She said they’d mark the order as top priority. Again, she kept saying, as they all do, “I completely understand, I really do…” but it’s just words, words, words…

As I say, the whole thing is pants. Grrrr grrrrr grrrrr x 3,000,000. I could add a few choice words too, but I don’t want to break my laptop after all the trouble I’ve had with it recently.

Have a great time over Christmas everybody. I probably won’t be posting next WOYWW because it’s Boxing Day and we are out.

My Wife Insisted


  1. Those hearts a gorgeous - the're all so different but equally beautiful. Can't pick a favourite there! Your friend's birthday card is lovely too, all dark and sophisticated. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Shoshi, lots o glove,
    LLJ 11 xx

  2. PS Blooming auto correct...Lots o Glove???? Lots of love, of course :-D

  3. Hi Shoshi, good to hear your appt went well. Decisions are much easier with all the information, I agree. The hearts and card are gorgeous. I do pasta bakes a lot too. Such a really annoying situation re the pants. Have a lovely Christmas, love from us both. Shaz #5 XxX

  4. Those little ornaments... WOWZAH, you turned them into amazing pieces! Thanks for the 'making off' photos, lovely to see how you create them. I stop by for the last time this year to say hello and wish you happy holidays. Love from Holland, Marit #22

  5. Hi Shoshi. Those hearts are great - well done. But what a week. Glad you have more info about the hernia.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  6. Hello Shoshi love the hearts and the card in lovely. Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    Lilian B #16

  7. Hi Shoshi, Your heart plaques are beautiful. I particularly like the one with the birthday card.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  8. my little tumble (no lasting damage just a bump on the knee and a bit of a graze) pales into insignificance in comparison to what many people are going through and I SO feel your frustration about the pants... well honestly, how more incompetent could they be.... Good to hear more positive news about the hernia though.. LOVE those photos of the clementine... wow, wow - definitely worth spending time messing about (oops..) Have a fabulous Christmas and here's to new pants soon!! Love, Helen #1

  9. Great upcycle on those hearts. So pretty and unique and very artsy. Merry Christmas! Dorlene #29

  10. LOL at the cartoon - that's so funny! Those hearts look marvellous - I don't think I could pick a favourite - they're all unique in their own right! And the matching card is stunning as well. Bet the ladies were well impressed! It would not be possible to keep Oreo indoors more than a day - he goes bonkers if he can't go out. Sometimes I actually boot him out when he gets on my nerves - and then I feel so bad about it in case something happens to him. It would be handy if they had an off switch sometimes! Wishing you and Nicholas (and of course the kitties) a very happy Christmas together! xx

  11. Hi Shoshi, gorgeous projects. Pleased to hear your health updates left you feeling happier. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a good woyww, what's left of it. Angela x17x

  12. Love the hearts Shoshi. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Anne X #12

  13. Very clever work with the hearts Shoshi and also think the card is great creation using wallpaper! Well done! Love the extra editions too, and glad the pants update had improved since this post.
    Sending much love and prayers your way, esp for Christmas and praying for your news health news to be all good in 2019.
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x #7

  14. The hearts are beautiful Shoshi. I can't believe you are still waiting for the pants! I feel a formal written complaint is in order as this is ridiculous. Good news on the consultation front though at least. Merry CHristmas and festive meows to Lily and Ruby. Sarah #4

  15. Thank you Shoshi for stopping by and all your kind comments. I did go way back on your posts and love the process of the very beautiful hearts you have made. Prayers for your health issues. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Can't believe how fast the days are flying by. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your boxing day

  16. Oh Shoshi what beautiful gifts and all given in the shape of a heart. I could not possibly choose a favourite as they are all as stunning as each other. There will be very happy people on the receiving end. I used to cut various fruits and veg in different ways and use them for printing with my preschool children, when dried out a little, they produce fabulous art marks dipped in a little paint. Nature has much hidden beauty.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas & a Happy WOYWW Tracey #6
    P.S Maybe you will get those long awaited pants for Christmas :-*

  17. Love the cartoon!! The little gift hearts look awesome! Much nicer than before. Lucky receivers! The bread looks yummy, and I hope Ruby is behaving herself! Inky and Mittsy are chasing each other and jumping on each other until the have no more energy left and sleep the rest of the morning! I hope the pants saga redeems itself. Merry Christmas! Lindart #27


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