Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Sorry not to join in WOYWW last week. It’s been an extremely busy time with a lot going on and I’ve got very exhausted and have had to rest as much as possible between our various activities.

No desk pic again this week because my mystery project is still under wraps but hopefully all will be revealed next week. In the meantime, here’s a fun little gift I made for the friend we had lunch out with today (writing this on Tues. evening).

06 Peachies' Original Sourdough Crackers 2

“Peachies” is a joke we have with our friend over a mistake made with our name when we were together once, and it stuck. Hope you like my vintage-style label.

Lunch Out

One of several meals out this week – today’s lunch at a lovely place where they have peacocks wandering around outside, and they had decorated their Christmas tree with a peacock theme. I just had to photograph these gorgeous decorations, which included clear baubles with a peacock feather inside, baubles made with overlapping sequins in peacock colours, and peacock feathers sprayed with something to stiffen them, and painted with glitter – just gorgeous!

Peacock Feather Xmas Decs at Turton Mill 11-12-18


After a break for a week, I made sourdough again this week. A great success. I think I’ve really cracked it now.

61 Sourdough 9-12-18

62 Sourdough Cut 9-12-18

Car Woes

The steering on the car has been a bit ropey for a while so we took it in to our friendly car mechanic today and he put it on his lift, with me in it, and I spent the next hour or so up in the rafters of his garage, doing my knitting – a most uplifting experience! He can repair it, but had to keep the car in overnight so he sent us home in his courtesy car. My hubby should be able to pick it up tomorrow, all being well.

Computer Woes

A nightmare week, having to format my hard drive and reinstall everything. I had a minor problem which online research assured me could be safely cured with the removal of a couple of small files from the registry, after safely backing up the registry in case of problems. Problems? I’ll say. The computer wouldn’t boot up at all! What use is a registry backup if you can’t access it? Grrrr. Major stress, huge amount of work, some things still not operating as they should and needing tweaking. Two external hard drives not being recognised by the computer but eventually I narrowed this down to a problem with their enclosures (they hadn’t been tried before) and they are now being examined in our local computer shop, and I should get them back in a day or two. I wasn’t worried about my data etc. because I back everything up religiously. It’s going to take me a while to get things back to normal, though.

Kitty Woes

Ruby is grounded. Again. Despite extra defences, she was straight over the fence again. Stronger defences were installed by my hubby, and after a short period of frustrated yowling because she couldn’t get out, she made another attempt and succeeded. My hubby says he will get this sorted, and in the meantime she is strictly an indoor kitty. Lily gets so anxious when Ruby gets out, and comes running to tell us, in great distress. She’s such a good girl, and Ruby is an absolute terror! They are so different.

They are different in their tastes in TV, too. Lily likes educational programmes like wildlife. Here is Ruby watching Star Trek.

05 Ruby Watching Star Trek 28-11-18

Health Update

I am seeing my surgeon on Thursday, following my recent CT scan which showed the return of my parastomal hernia. I am hoping he will agree to leave it alone and just keep an eye on it for now, as I really don’t want further surgery after being so ill earlier this year. It’s not giving me much trouble.

It’s been quite a week and I’m not surprised I’m exhausted.

I shall be glad when this season is over. It’s my least favourite time of the year!!! Can’t wait for January and a good rest and at least another 11 months till next C. (I’m not a bah-humbug type – really – but at this time of year I always feel like emigrating.)

Here’s a seasonal funny.

Christmas Cat Tree


  1. I love the section about the cats and this mornings story made me laugh. Two such different sisters.
    Glad the sourdough is going well now after all the traumas - it certainly looks delicious.
    Good luck with the health, and try to get some rest in over the busy period.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  2. LOL, Ruby watching Star Trek! I always give in when Oreo wants to go out when he shouldn't - and then feel bad about it in case he gets eaten by a wolf (I mean fox). I don't like him going out at night, but I think he usually stays close to home - I have no idea what he does outside for hours in the cold. He must be just watching a mouse hole or something. That's too many woes all at once - well, you know what they say these things always coming in threes! I do love your vintage tag and the lettering on it! The cat Christmas tree is hilarious - might steal that idea! Hope all your woes get sorted soon and Ruby stays put inside your garden. I wish I could restrict Oreo as well, just so I wouldn't have to worry, but not a chance. Happy #497!

  3. Morning Shoshi. My word - what a week you have had! Trust you get everything all sorted. We have about three people in church who don't celebrate Christmas - but I confess I am a Christmasaholic! I love to celebrate the coming into the world of my Saviour. I do try to be tasteful when decorating (don't always succeed as I do love fun!) - but do put Christmas into every room!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. I do love that label - what a great prezzy for your friend, I bet she loved it! And look at those peacock decorations, so beautiful - I have a thing for peacock colours too, so beautiful!
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxxx

  5. Hi Shoshi, happy WOYWW, and I do love the cat tree funny 😁 naughty Ruby, needs to understand no go, I have never had to teach a cat that, so nicely advice.
    Pray blessing upon doctors visit and agreement to let sleeping dogs like in respect to hernia. Sorry it’s back.
    Prayer hugs, Shoshi.
    Shaz in Oz. X #8

  6. Hi Shoshi, kitties can be such escape artists, can't they? Love the peacock decorations on the tree. Beautiful. I have a couple of vases of peacock feathers around the house, I love them. Computers can occasionally be a nightmare, Doug never tries to fix issues anymore, says it's quicker & easier to just reinstall Windows! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz X#5

  7. It’s an exhausting time of year for sure. I’m looking after my siste’s dog this week whilst she’s on holiday, but really am finding fitting in the walks in daylight and the visiting of mum and all the other routine work things is a real challenge! I love the vintage style label on the crackers, is it hand drawn? v cleve!

  8. my goodness, I am exhausted just reading it! Love the beautiful tree; and your latest bread looks very good. sorry about the computer and car woes... I will probably cook myself a nice roast beef when i get home, it's about the only time of year I bother for just me, and I enjoy cooking it for a change. Hope your week is better!
    Helen #1

  9. Hi Shoshi, it's been one of those years all round and I will be glad to see it go which is not like me but it's just been one thing after another this year. Naughty kitty, what fun they are. The cat tree made me smile as I have friends who have had cats that try to climb the Christmas tree and then usually end up with everything on the floor. Have a great woyww, Angela x15x

  10. Fabulous label Shoshi, what a lovely way to gift. Those peacock baubles look fabulous bet the whole tree really is a show stopper! Hope you can sort something out regarding Ruby's escape attempts, it must be as frustrating as it is worrying.
    I'll second the exhausting time of the year bit although it feels like the whole year has been pretty much the same. January is not a favourite month of mine I have to say.
    Wishing you all the best with the surgeon tomorrow, I hope you get the results and answers to are hoping for.
    Take good care & Happy WOYWW Tracey #7

  11. Ruby is a madam, although if she likes Star Trek she can't be all bad lol. Hope you are feeling a little less exhausted Shoshi. Love the label on the cracker gift and those peacock tree decorations are amazing. Happy WOYWW and meow to the girls! Sarah #3

  12. I love the cat tree cartoon! We have been lucky with our cats - they don't climb our Christmas tree (knock on wood!). You are now a successful Sourdough Baker! Yay! All those trial and errors were worth it! And what a cute little present for your friend. It's funny that Ruby likes Star Trek! My cats don't pay much attention to the TV, they glance up at it for a minute or so, then realize nothing good is on, and go to sleep! Have a great week, hope all goes well with the doctor! Lindart #20

  13. Glad you have been going out for meals and having a nice time.Love thew Cat Christmas Tree!


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