Sunday, 4 July 2010

All-in-One Box

Yesterday we were invited to a party by a couple who were celebrating 50 years of farming. They had insisted on no gifts, but would appreciate a donation to the Devon Air Ambulance - an organisation that does wonderful work locally, rescuing people from accidents and illness in inaccessible places.

I said to my hubby that a cheque in a boring envelope wasn't much fun, so I'd make something prettier to put it in! I found a tutorial and downloadable template for this "All-in-One Box" and decided to make that.

Here are some pictures.

All-in-One Box 1

All-in-One Box 2

All-in-One Box 3

All-in-One Box 4

All-in-One Box 5

All-in-One Box 6

All-in-One Box 7

Here is the video I made, to show the box in action:


Wendy Weixler:

Both these sites have the downloadable pdf template and instructions to make this box.


  1. Shoshi that is sooooooooo cool. What a nifty keen idea.

  2. So very cool and so very beautiful!!! What an awesome gift for them. (I have that same box - just done in white, as an experiment - sitting on my table from a while ago.)

  3. Oh WOW, Shoshi!! What a great idea for this box ... I'll bet that they didn't receive a more beautiful check that the one you gave them It is was so lovely of you to include links to my blog and tutorial (although totally unnecessary!). You did a terrific job with this. These little boxes are addicting ... :)

  4. OH Soshi!! That is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS...and really pretty GROOVY!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Off to download the pattern...these will be wonderful to tuck little teacher gifts in this coming school year....might just make one for everyone on Brandi's Soccer team :)


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