Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Today I've been trying, without success, to set up separate pages on my blog, to separate out the various subjects, to make it easier to browse. While I managed to do this initially, I ran into trouble when I tried to transfer the posts from their original place into the new pages. I managed to copy my first "Views from Shoshi's Settee" into a page of the same name, but of course it had today's date on it, when in fact I originally posted it back in May.

I decided to delete the page and start again. The problem is, the page has disappeared, but the copy of the post has not! It is now sitting in today's date, and I can't get rid of it. I have tried clicking on the edit button, and am informed that the post "does not exist." So I think I'm stuck with it!

I must say I'm pretty fed up with Blogger. Once I'd got it set up it hasn't been too bad, just posting away with no problems, but I had awful problems initially, setting up a new background, and had to have help (bless you Renee!) with that. Every time I try to do something new, to make it work better for me, it proves either very difficult or impossible. The whole system is totally un-user-friendly and I don't find the "help" very helpful either! A lot of knowledge is assumed.

If any of my lovely followers have any tips as to how I can get rid of this copy post I've created, I'd be very glad. Also any clear instructions as to how to transfer old posts into new pages without losing their original dates would be much appreciated too!

Grrrr. Waste of an afternoon messing about with this, and I'm no further forward - in fact it's worse.


  1. Have you tried just Labeling them all ?adding it to bottom of blog, then they can look for *Example Recipes ,all they will have to do it click recipes, and ONLY recipes will show up?

  2. Thanks, Renee, I've tried that. I think it will help. I still can't get rid of the copy post, though.

  3. You can set the date on a post to anything you like. When you are in "edit post", at the bottom left of the page is a blue link that says "post options". Click on that and you can see (and change) the date and time on the post.

    I use that all the time because I write my posts ahead and set them to publish at 6:00 AM on whatever date I want in the future.



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