Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Busy Day, Some Good, Some Bad

Second post for today!

We had to go into town today to have my new lenses fitted in my glasses - I had my eyes tested a couple of weeks ago and they had to order the lenses in, and they cost me an arm and a leg lol! We had an hour or so to wait for them to do it, so my hubby sat on a bench with his book and I trundled off to browse around the shops - not something I get the opportunity to do very often.

I had such fun! I bought some new sandals, and some fudge for my mum, and enjoyed just looking around, and there was a busker playing the guitar really well... It was a lovely sunny day, and we'd had a nice lunch out together at Wetherspoons.

I discovered it was market day, and I found this brilliant stall with lots of pretty things on (mostly jewellery) and round the side were these 2 wooden boxes with spools of ribbon in them - really soft, subtle colours and patterns, 3 metres on each, for £3 each, and some gorgeous little hearts and things to use as embellishments, in the same soft colours, made of (?) wood with a lovely soft satin feel to them. I bought 3 rolls of ribbon and 4 of the embellishments, and tucked the bag in the carrier-sling-type thing under my Rolls Royce (wheelchair) with the rest of my shopping, met up with my hubby and went to collect my glasses. Then we went home, and on the way, called in on my mum and dad for a cup of tea in the garden with them.

Then home. Looking at my shopping. Where was my little bag with the ribbons and things? GONE!!!!! I asked my hubby to check in the car to make sure it hadn't fallen out in there. I've got to ring my parents in the a.m. to see if they've found it. If not, it means it could have dropped out anywhere in town.

Not only will I have lost something soooo gorgeous, which I've hardly had a chance even to look at properly yet, but that's £14 down the drain. Grrrr. I'm SO CROSS. (In view of my previous post, still trying to find a positive outlook on this one!)

My dear hubby said to me, "If they don't turn up, why don't you go in next week and buy some more?" I might just do that - if the lady has restocked the ribbons, because I chose the ones I particularly liked... I really resent wasting that money though!

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  1. That stinks. Hopefully someone will turn it in and you'll still get it.


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