Wednesday, 14 November 2012


What’s on my workdesk this Wednesday? Not a lot, if the truth be told – just stuff dumped on there waiting to be sorted out, like receipts, bank statements and boring stuff like that.

I’ve no photo worth showing this week, so I’ll just show you one from my last post, about zentangles – I’ve started doing them again after a bit of a break, and hoping to revamp my journal so it’s a lot easier to find the patterns I want – see that post for details.

Here is a page from my journal that I drew yesterday, showing how you can combine two patterns in one tangle – both using the pattern Huggins, with another (border) design incorporated. I love this technique, and think it works well!

It’s been quite a week. On Saturday night my hubby was up all night, throwing up and feeling appalling, with the tummy bug that’s going round. Sunday he slept most of the day, and had another pretty bad night, and is only now starting to feel himself again. Fortunately I’ve escaped it so far. We had to go to the dentist today (check-up only) and tonight we had a friend round. I still haven’t started the enormous pile of ironing, still haven’t done last month’s accounts… but I’ve done some zentangles, and I’ve done some knitting!

I also finished my Remembrance page for my Art Journal:

If you want to see the post about how I did it, and the separate post about making the poppies, click here and here respectively.

For anyone who doesn’t know what on earth this WOYWW business is, hop over to Julia’s blog (click the WOYWW link in my sidebar) and join in the world’s biggest and best nosey fest where we show each other our workdesks, warts and all.

Happy WOYWW everyone.


  1. Hi Shoshi, it's really late - or should that be early - but as you're here I thought I'd pop in and respond to your comments ... both of them :) Yes, you did comment twice to two separate posts, both comments much appreciated. I love your Remembrance page - the illustration of the soldier, the barbed wire and the plane are very evocative of the time and the poppies are beautiful. My father was also in the Royal Engineers, fortunately only for the last few months of the war so one that came home. Sorry to read that you husband has been so unwell - this virus is a nasty one it seems and you are lucky to have avoided it. Take care and keep well, and have a great WOYWW. Elizabeth x (no number yet)

  2. Hi Shoshi, sorry to here that your husband has not been feeling very well, hope he is better soon. Love your zentangle, I have not seen those designs before. Wish mine were as pretty as yours. More snooping to do, see you soon. #22

  3. aw. poor hubby, make him chicken soup!Love your journal and your tangle, always brilliant! I've done something else other than drawing this week, I put one chapter on one of my stories in to an on line ebook thingy, I've been meaning to do it for years! Have great week, thanks for my snoop!! Happy wOyWw
    ((Lyn)) hugs! #21

  4. oh Soshi! You are a talented artist. Love the basketweave pattern and of course the journal pages! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #29

  5. Lovely, lovely projects, Shoshi! (My desk is basically a dumping ground right now, too, so I didn't show mine this week, either.)

    #41-ish this week

  6. i'm glad your hubby is feeling better now! your projects are wonderful, the zentangles and the art journal. love the poppies! happy WOYWW!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  7. Your Art journal page is so lovely... Zentangles are something that I have only just discovered yours look great... They are amazing looking when they are all linked together, so clever... Sandy :) #50

  8. Your Remembrance pages are wonderful and so are your zentangles, You must have a lot of patience to do them. Hope your hubby feels better soon. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

  9. Love the zentangles Shoshi! You are so talented with whatever you decide to take on! Love the memorial page also! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #63

  10. Just beautiful - what talent you have! I have so enjoyed my visit to your workdesk again today. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOnwer @85)

  11. That page is so lovely Shoshi. I have a similar file for poppies but I have alwsys used six petals, and I think yours' with only four is more effective.
    I love the Zentangles, especially the top one.
    I hope you don't get the bug too. Take care.
    Kate x #78

  12. The tangles are gorgeous (as is your handwriting), and so are your journal pages. Sorry to hear your husband's not been well, hope you manage to steer clear! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  13. Hi Shoshi great tangles. I love making new tangles myself. It is amazing how quickly learning a few patterns and then perhaps making a mistake (my usual trick) actually reveals another pattern! My Mum made a fab butterfly pattern when she detoured from plan A. Hope hubby is feeling better - there seems to have been a lot of horrible viruses about lately. We need a cold snap I think. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 30

  14. The remembrance page is beautiful.
    Carolyn #117

  15. That remembrance page is just wonderful! Your tangles amazing. I like the eyelet and ribbon but haven't mastered huggins yet.
    Tummy bugs are sooo miserable I do hope you steer clear of it. Glad hubby's much better. Easy to tell when they're back to eating eh, haha. Love n hugs, Mo :0) x

  16. LOVE the zentangles, must try to do one sometime. Hope you do not hetty the dreaded tummy bug, there is nothing worse in my book.
    The poppies are great too. Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #40

  17. Love the combination of the two patterns!
    What a brilliant idea, it's simple but the effect is great.

  18. I love your Zentangles, Your remembrance pages look perfect.

  19. Your art journal is amazing!! And hey, hosework can wait, but not the zentangling!! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  20. The page of your art journal is really lovely poor hubby the bug sounds awful if its any help they say once you have had it you should be ok for seven years before you get it again!!!! Which proved true for me

  21. Zentangles have escaped me but they look interesting if a tad complicated. The jpournal pages are just perfect for the sentiment. Love the poppies.
    Tricia #95

  22. Trust hubby is soon up and raring again! Hope you continue to avoid the bug - they're nasty things.

  23. The Rememberance page is wonderful. Glad DH better hope you don't get it. Anne x #126

  24. Thou shalt never forget...beautiful.


  25. I love your Zentangle piece, but your Veteran's Day art journal page is truly amazing. Blessings!

  26. Bad news about the colliwobble. Hope it's cleared up by now.

    Ah, Sunday gives me time to travel around the desks and it's a treat to see your Zentangle examples, and the Remembrance Day journal page. In particular I am very taken with the poppy pages. I saw your tutorial about making them and now it's great to see how they grace these pages. The images of wire and soldier in gray are so well done and the text "They shall not grow old..." cirumscribes the whole thing beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

    Smiles to you,
    Ros #94


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