Saturday, 21 February 2015

Visit from Shaz

Today we had a lovely visit from Shaz and her hubby. Shaz and I first met on WOYWW, and when she was diagnosed with rectal cancer she started a cancer page on her blog, and I have been following her progress with great interest, and sending messages of support and encouragement whenever possible.

Little did I know that I myself would soon be treading the same path, and facing many of the same challenges that Shaz has faced – and faced with great fortitude and humour. She has been of immense support and encouragement to me, and recently, particularly this last week which has been so difficult for me, we have been emailing back and forth several times a day! Truly this cancer journey is an emotional rollercoaster and I have been experiencing some real highs and lows in the past weeks, and it is great to know that one has friends and allies rooting for one. On her recommendation, I have started my own Cancer Diary page on this blog (tab below blog header).

They arrived mid-afternoon and we had a great chat all together, over cups of coffee and tea. Our hubbies were getting on like a house on fire and my hubby ended up giving hers a pair of motorcycle boots – sadly my hubby has reluctantly agreed that he really should give up motorcycling after his broken wrist in the autumn. He has realised that he has caring responsibilities these days and it’s just too risky – his accident could have been an awful lot worse.

Shaz and I hit it off straight away, which I knew we would because we’re already great online buddies! She and I went upstairs for a chat and left the boys to it, and she has encouraged me greatly about having a stoma and managing the bag. There is nothing like chatting with someone who is already dealing with it, and she reassured me that it can all be dealt with quickly and easily, and become part of one’s daily routine.

I showed her round the house, including my gorgeous girlie bathroom as my hubby calls it, and of course showed her my ARTHaven, and we agreed that Really Useful Boxes are the best thing ever! Unfortunately I didn’t have much in the way of projects to show her – my desk is bare at the moment, in the continuing absence of Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse. I am not pushing for their return and they can continue with their extended holiday! I am sure they will return once I am out of hospital and well on my way with my convalescence.

We had such a lovely time all together, and hopefully we will be able to meet up again in the future. Shaz and I both agree that we have the best hubbies ever, and how wonderfully supportive they are being as we both go through this ordeal of cancer, surgery, and having a stoma.

Here is the picture I took – the two hubbies took some too but I haven’t got those yet.

Shaz and Doug's Visit 21-2-15

I also took this one of Shaz because she’s got reeeaaally cool hair!!


My hubby is into treats mode at the moment and has got a few “spoilies” up his sleeve for the days before my hospital admission, and one of the things I am doing is to have my hair done the day before I go in. It is getting rather straggly so I’ve booked to have it tidied up a bit, and I want some streaks of colour – I am going to print this photo out and say “I want one of these”!! Actually, it won’t be all over – I am having streaks, but I’d love the dip-dyed look. If I keep my roots my current colour I won’t get a line as it starts to grow out, but if I can have sections with the dip-dyed look, starting a little way down from the roots, this should look good, and I will also be able to continue touching up the roots at home as the grey appears.

You only have to look at Shaz with her funky hair and clothes, and her wonderful smiling face, to know that she’s one feisty lady and great fun to be with! She’s a real friend.

Their visit was one of this week’s “spoilies” for me – what a lovely afternoon we all had!


  1. So pleased you all had a good time. Sending hugs, Angela x

  2. Love your positive attitude and that of Shaz There's nothing like having a friend who knows what you are going through..Looking forward to seeing your new hair! thinking of you and your hubby at this time x

  3. Hi Shoshi, love the photos. As soon as Dougs taken them off his phone, I'll email the others across to you. It was so lovely to meet you both, we had a wonderful afternoon. Love the pic of my hair! Loved your ArtHaven too. It's so nice to meet 'in the flesh' people you have become friends with via our WOYWW, and the internet in general. Looking forward to seeing your new 'do'! Hugs, Shaz & Doug xxx

  4. How fabulous that you got to meet up with Shaz and Doug (they are lovely, I agree) and Shaz is an inspiration both with her stamping and positive attitude.

    I hope everything goes ok and how fabulous that your hubby has some treats lined up for you.

    Take care

    Kyla #13
    ps-ah, South it my mum is from Plymouth and I spent many summers on the moors

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. My family lived in Egbuckland (?) and on the moors, friends used to live in Tamerton Folliot.(v posh!)

  5. Oh that's great you two got together. I also know Shaz from WOYWW and she seems really nice. I'm glad you had such a good (and precious) time together.
    Yes, I agree, it is such a blessing to have supportive husbands.
    I'm rooting for you Shoshi, and will be praying very hard of course. Stay positive. You'll be convalescing before you know it...
    Big hugs,

  6. Brilliant you all got together. How good to have Shaz there to help and encourage as you face this major surgery.
    Take care my friend. God bless. John and I will be praying for you both. love to hubby!!!
    PS. Sorry - lost some e-mails so don't have your address anymore - can you let me have it??

  7. Just stopping by to wish you every luck with your surgery on the 27th - I'll be praying for you, and I hope you are coping well with the lead-up to it - it's a horrible, jittery time isn't it, but how lovely that your husband has been organizing 'spoilies' for you. Take care my dear, and know that your blog land friends are rooting for you.

  8. How fabulous to have the support of someone who has been through all this too. What a great friendship.So nice the men get on too- most important.It will give your hubby a "boy" buddy! Here's to a long and mutually beneficial friendship.Some people are sent to us it seems!!

  9. I am a first time visitor here and just wanted to wish you the best for the days ahead. Looks like you have a good friend in Shaz.


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