Friday, 2 October 2015

My First Florabunda Drawings

The third of three posts for today.

After I won the lovely Florabunda book from Neil’s blog giveaway, I started experimenting. I cut some pieces of plain white card and also found some narrow offcut strips to make borders with, and got my Zentangle drawing pens out and started to have fun!

These are the little border pieces I did. They are 5 1/2 inches long.

01 Border Strips - Sept 15

With the book, Neil sent me a lovely little Zentangle card with my initial on it, so I decided to start making a set of alphabet letters in the Florabunda style. So far I’ve got to E. Each one measures 2 3/4 inches square.

02 Alphabet A-E - Sept 15

A couple of circular designs.

03 Circle of Flowers - Sept 15

04 Floral Mandala - Sept 15

In the book, I love Suzanne McNeill’s use of pods and gone-over flowers as well as all the pretty petals. Here’s my first take on this. They look a bit half-dead, with some of the leaves drooping and dropping off!

05 4 Pods in a Row - Sept 15

Some stylised leaves on a curve.

06 Leaves on a Curve

All these last ones are 4 3/4 inches square.

My plan is to draw a good collection of these Florabunda designs, and then scan and print them. I can then make up a collection of cards quite quickly, and colour them how I want, in a variety of ways, giving different interpretations to the same designs and seeing which I prefer. I am keen to try adding colours with my new Brusho paints in an uncontrolled way so that the detailed drawing sits on a suitably-coloured background, giving contrast between fine detail and random colour. The shapes can also be coloured with markers, watercolours, coloured pencils… As with the adult drawing pages, the possibilities are endless. These drawings also stand alone with no colour. So many different variations and so much possibility to have fun! For me at the moment one of the great advantages is that I can do them while relaxing on the recliner.


  1. Gosh Shoshi, you have been busy for someone who is supposed to be resting you naughty girl Lol!
    However it's all lovely so I will have to let you off. Take care and happy crafting, Angela x

  2. Those Initials drawings are gorgeous Shoshi.

  3. Your drawings are beautiful. I can't draw at all, but I love to see other peoples' work. Hope you're still feeling better with the reduced 'zap'. Thinking of you. Blessings

  4. Thank you Lesley! They are not actually hard to do. You should give it a try!! Feeling a lot better, but not 100 percent - still getting very tired but other effects are defintely less.

  5. Three blog posts in one day! You're on fire, girl! These are all absolutely wonderful tangles, Shoshi. I once attempted to do the alphabet, without the background, just the letters and I was going to digitialize them, but I only got to letter B, LOL. So much about my perseverance! All these could easily be published in a colouring book!

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous, I love them

  7. Oh I do love those! Especially the letters. You could keep your alphabet (when it's finished) scanned on your computer as most people would love to receive a little monogram card.
    Gosh, you seem to be on a roll! Glad you're feeling better.


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