Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I have not had a good week healthwise, despite a reduction in my chemo dose. I was better last week, but this week I have been very exhausted again, sleeping a lot, and not able to do anything much at all.

With my hubby’s laser printer on the blink, my friend Lucy printed out some of my Florabunda drawings for me so that I could start experimenting with colour in different media, but first they had to be cut out. I managed to cut some of them out this morning before becoming too shaky and exhausted to do any more, but at least I’ve got something on my desk to share with my fellow deskers this week!!

WOYWW 331 7-10

It’s taking a bit longer than I expected, but once I finish, I’ll get colouring. The small squares on the right are cut from offcuts, and will be used to draw more alphabet letters.

Just over a week to go now until my final chemo, and then the normal period of recovery from that, after which I should start to feel considerably better. I have been told it will take time (maybe many months) to get back to my previous level of strength and energy (never very great) so I will have to be patient.

Have a great week everybody – full of inspiration and creativity. Happy WOYWW!


  1. Take it easy Shoshi, don't tire yourself out too much. In a way it's good that you sleep a lot, it will help you build up your energy. It's great that you can do bits and pieces of crafting though and have something to look forward to when you're feeling better! You'll be back om your feet in no time! zsuzsa

  2. Sorry to hear that you have a bad week but it's good to hear that your chemo is coming to an end. Your flowers are lovely.

  3. Sorry to hear you have had a bad week. My friend never looked back once she had got over the final chemo and went off to her radio with no worries. Just hope you are soon back to normal and crafting with your usual gusto.
    Take are - Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  4. I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly, Shoshi. :( I hope after your next treatment, you recover quicker than ever and will be completely healthy!! A person can always hope for the very best, right? That's what I wish for you.

  5. Go girl! Nearly at the end of the treatment then you can focus on feeling better! Sending you a hug to support you for one last push to the finish line! Love Ali #7

  6. Hi Shoshi, try to take it easy. It's very good of you to visit us all because I know even that can tire you.
    Wishing you a better week and happy crafting when you feel in the mood, Angela x

  7. Isn't it annoying when your printer conks out just when you need it. My printer ran out of ink when I wanted to print out my daughter's boarding pass. I had to find someone else with a printer. Then when we went to the airport (and to Ikea) We also popped into an electronic store and bought cartridges. Boy are they expensive!
    I hope your energy levels will pick up soon.
    Have a good week,

  8. Oh it DOES take time, so do be patient! Which is easier said than done . . .

    A big woyww to you!
    :)trisha, #52
    with a diy desk redo,
    but not the workdesk!

  9. Aiy yi yi! You are so strong and just keep on trucking. Me, I have but a measley UTI and have been weeping around the place like it is the end of the world. (Yes, Dio fibbed, I don't have Ebola, but we did discuss the possibility of it being Boo-bonic Plague since we just decorated for Halloween). I peeked at your previous post and see the Flourabunda drawings you mentioned. Those are very interesting. Flourabunda sounds like something I should be learning about in my biology class (which is what I am blaming being infected on--the study of cells and bacteria--pfft!). Anyway, keep on keeping on and it will all be over before you know it. Sometimes the last stretch is the hardest because you know the end is in sight. Judy #48

  10. Don't push yourself! Rest is good. Just remember, you're getting better and better! Cyberhugs!
    Carol N #40

  11. Day by day, can only do what your body permits you to...the day you wake up itching to get crafting, you'll know you're on the mend. Your wise words have helped on Doug's blog, especially in the past couple of days.
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  12. They are lovely drawings. You have time, frustrating as it is, don't fret and DO NOT put a day or date on the time you should feel better - that way madness lies. You know all this. I just thought I'd tell you again! xxx

  13. So sorry you're feeling under the weather (I know it's much worse than that!) I'm sending you healing and loving hugs. Thank goodness, your chemo will soon be over. Hang on in there. Blessings

    1. Thank you Lesley - under the weather describes it pretty well, actually! It's not pain or anything very defined, just exhaustion and a feeling of being generally unwell. It will pass, and I will soon be over it! The chemo is now so nearly all over! Thanks for the hugs.

  14. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling too great - I do hope you are soon up to some gentle arting and crafting. The colouring pictures are so pretty, they would make great rubber stamps. Take it nice and easy and keep your focus on the end of this particular journey - you are nearly there!
    Diana x

  15. Hi Shoshi,
    I've been thinking about you, wondering how the chemo is going. So glad you have only one more to go. I understand about the energy level as I deal with that with the SLE Lupus and Fibromylgia. I just ordered some B12 drops that you stick under your tongue; I hear it helps with the lack of energy.


  16. HiShoshi, using my tablet to keep in touch, so begging forgiveness for typos, lol. Wow, can't believe you are just one treatment away from finished. Mind you, find it hard to believe my 10-14 days has turned into nearly 6 weeks! I'm so looking forward to going home.I'll be with you on the struggle back to former fitness- walking a few yards leaves me feeling like I've done a half marathon! Lots of love to you both, Shaz xxxx


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