Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Nothing very different on my desk this week but I thought I’d join in and catch you up with bits of news!

WOYWW 379 7-9-16

On the right you can see the small mixed media piece I started a while back (no further progress there) and in the middle, the printed photos of our Mamhead Woods outing ready for work on my album (no further progress there either). In the small black bowl in front of the jar of brushes are some of my mask-and-spray flowers and leaves ready for that project.

On the left, in the large black bowl, you can see three of the tissue paper collage boxes I’ve been working on recently. You can read all about them here. These were under wraps with some other work, which was all part of my friend’s 60th birthday stuff which I didn’t want her to see on my blog. I gave it to her on Friday so I’m now able to remove the wraps.

The fourth box was the one I completed for her present, and you can read about it here. Here’s a picture of the finished box.

29 Finished Seascape Box Lid and Inside 1

It is lined with my faux mother of pearl that I shared recently, and there’s a single pearl stuck inside. You can’t see the sides of the box properly on this photo – this is what they are like:

31 Finished Seascape Box Open, Lid and Side

Done with transparent 3-D gel medium, glass microbeads and pearlescent acrylic inks.

I made her a 3-D floating butterflies card – which was why I was cutting out so many butterflies recently! I’ve done two blog posts about that, here and here.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished card.

44 Completed Card Front Looking Through the Window

47 Completed Card Inide Full

Quite hard to get the colour just right – it’s actually more orange and less pink than this!

Health Update

On Saturday night I was cutting a piece of very hard ginger with one of my large kitchen knives and the knife slipped and I cut my finger very deeply, necessitating a visit to A&E. It bled a LOT. I couldn’t bear to look at it!! They strapped it up for me and that first evening I had to keep my arm in a high sling to prevent further bleeding. I went back a couple of days ago and they changed the dressing and checked on its progress – no sign of infection but too soon for the steri-strips to be removed. I have to return on Friday and hopefully they’ll take them off then, and maybe give me a smaller dressing. It’s more inconvenient than anything else and hasn’t been too painful – except for about half an hour ago when I inadvertently caught it on something just in the wrong place! Ouuuuccchhh!!!

I had a CT scan yesterday to check that I am still cancer-free. I have to phone through in about a week to see if there’s a result. I am not worried – I am sure they got all the cancer out with the surgery, and the subsequent chemo will have mopped up anything else, but if they do find something, then we’ll just have to deal with it as and when. Got to keep positive!

Other Stuff

I’ve been feeling so much better this year that I have been picking up many threads of my old (and even pre-M.E.) life – my baking, singing, guitar playing… and I’ve been feeling very strongly this year that it’s time to re-start a Bible study group in our home. For the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on revamping my old material (I have a lot – I taught groups for many years where we used to live) and adapting it to modern technology. I have re-designed the group logo and this shows how much the technology has moved on, as well as my ability to use it:

Word of Life Logos - Before and After

Multiple photo-realistic images with transparent backgrounds, re-sized, layered, addition of shadow layers, etc. etc. Who needs clipart these days? I’m pleased with the result.

I’ve finally got all my computers taking to one another in a friendly fashion on the home network! I’m now able to use PowerPoint for my visual aids and words of songs, and I’ve got the Windows laptop communicating with the TV to display the visual aids, and using GarageBand on the MacBook for voice recording for the sessions. I even have a foot mouse to control the PowerPoint pages so I can be hands-free while playing the guitar. I shan’t be playing for this first session though, with my finger all strapped up!


Nicholas brought home an orphaned baby squirrel last week, which we had to find a more suitable home for asap – we had it for about 24 hours and probably saved its life, feeding it milk from a syringe.

Baby Squirrel 1 31-8-16

Beautiful cobwebs in our garden this morning, revealed in all their glory with tiny water droplets from the mist.

01 Multiple Cobwebs

06 Cobweb in Patio

More pictures here.

I think you can see why I haven’t had much time for art.


  1. So much happening your neck of the woods! I loved the photos of the cobwebs, so fancy looking. Great tissue paper box too. How neat to include a pearl on the inside so the inside is as much of a treasure as the outside. Your floating butterfly card is neat too. I feel I'm far too fiddly to making floating cards. I'd be all tangled up in no time. The wee squirrel is a cutie. How good that you could help him thru the night and get him to a rescue. PJ #36

  2. Shoshi, first of all, I'd like to say that I am in TOTAL agreement with you on the results of your CT scan!! God's in control and He has got this one for you!!! You remain in that strong place of faith my friend! God will see you through until then!!!
    I love, love your new logo! Computer technology has come a long way, no? You seem to know your stuff! Kudos to you! Best wishes on your home group! If you build it, they will come! :) Your little rescue fellow looks so cute, I hope he rebounds and will be good to go in no time! I love the backyard pix! I don't necessarily like spiders or running into those HUGE webs, but aren't they just the most artistic creatures! Hats off to them! I hope your finger continues to heal and you have a total recovery on that score! I would miss your creativity for sure! :) Blessings to you for the rest of the week! :) Felicia #43

  3. Lots of lovely things to look at!
    Fingers crossed for your results!

    Happy WOYWW

  4. wow Shoshi, how do you fit it all in... of course wishing you good news with the scan results, but love how positive you are. Really enjoyed your post today; good luck with your Bible group. xx Helen #1

  5. Shoshi, lovely post today. Hope your little friend survives okay. Those cobwebs are amazing, love them. Your little boxes are great too. Have a lovely woyww, Angela x 17

  6. Happy WOYWW. You have been busy. Ouch to the finger - I am always so nervous when cutting hard things like ginger. I bought myself an Easi Grip bread knife this week, as I had been struggling to cut loaves with a thick crust. So much easier to use. Ali x #19

  7. OOh that knife cut must have been horrible.I am shuddering to think of it. Good luck with the scan.
    So glad you're picking up the threads of your old life.

  8. Wow, for somebody with "nothing very different on her desk" you've been extremely busy with a lot to share! Love the box - I see you have a separate post about it - will check it out to see all the yummy details. Amazing transformation on that logo! The clipart version looks positively amateurish compared to it, even though it would have been just ticket in its time! The baby squirrel is so adorable! How do you manage to keep it safe from the kitties? He wouldn't stand a chance with Oreo around. I would probably have to lock him in the cat carrier - the squirrel not Oreo - he wouldn't stand for it, LOL! Loving the cobwebs- they're very striking - as long as the spiders stay outside! I'm not a big fan of spiders inside the house and even less so in my bed! I was wondering how you managed to cut that finger - now I know, with all the gory details, ouch! Feeling a bit faint... This reminds me to be very careful with knives - a moment of carelessness and something like this can happen! Please be more careful, Shoshi! You need those fingers to make art!

  9. What a lovely blog post - so much going on! I love your beautiful little box, it's absolutely delightful and the pearl inside is such a wonderful idea. I love the butterfly card too - and another fab idea to hang the butterflies so they 'fly' - I bet your friend was thrilled with them both.
    What a dear little squirrel, I'm so glad you were able to save him - what a lucky little fella that he found you and your hubby!
    I hope your Bible study group goes well, I love the logo's you did but to be honest I'd have trouble creating the first one let alone the second one, they are both very impressive. Fingers crossed (if you can) that you are healed and playing guitar very soon.
    Diana x

  10. Wow you have had a lot going on this week. Sorry to hear about your finger, glad you're cancer free. Your little boxes and cards are beautiful. The squirrel is soooo cute and the cobwebs are just a gift from above!
    Chris P #30

  11. Baby squirrel is just precious. I do a lot of rescues. Squirrels are some of my favorites. Ouch about your finger. I am glad it was not more serious. I love the spiderwebs. They are so pretty. I love it when the spiders build beautiful artwork in my yard. I won't knock them down. Drives my neighbors nuts but I don't care, lol. My husband loves spiders and people call him the spider whisperer.

    1. Thanks Aiyana. Glad you enjoyed reading this! Lots going on! I like looking at spider's webs but hate hate hate spiders!!!


  12. Thank you for the looong comment on my blog Shoshi! It's probably longer than my blog post, LOL! I'm so glad to hear that the baby squirrel is doing fine. Re: spiders, it goes like this: I spot a giant big spider and start screaming, my hubby kills it with his slippers, and then job done, leaves the dead body for me to clean up! Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to make some art (if you have time, that is)!

  13. So sorry about your finger, Shoshi. I hope it heals quickly. Sounds like things are going very well for you otherwise - that's awesome to hear!! Good luck with all of your endeavors and don't overdo! :)

  14. Wow - a lovely long update post with such a lot of (very clever and beautiful) eye candy on! And an aww factor too, with the baby squirrel! I find it sad that they are considered to be vermin, such a shame.

    Keeping everything crossed that your scan comes back clean.

    bright blessings to you

    Morti @24


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