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Better late than never! 10.00 p.m. still qualifies to show What’s On My Workdesk Wednesday!

WOYWW 381 21-9-16

I’ve finally managed to find some studio time today, and began working on some Zentangle tracings for the mini-album I’m making about our recent walk in the woods with our friends.

This week you can see the far side of my studio, which is my drawing area. The shelves above on the far right are where I store all my pens and other drawing stuff, and my Zentangle album, which is on the left on the picture so that I can pull the cards out, for the designs I want for this project.

The book is resting on the pull-out unit that usually lives under the drawing area, but I pulled it out today so that I could sit there more comfortably.

You can see that I am working on my light panel, which makes tracing a doddle. For years I held off buying a light box and I’m glad I did – this is so much better – a flat panel illuminated by LEDs, a lot more comfortable and more natural to draw on, and it also doesn’t get as hot as a regular light box. I work on a translucent cutting mat which is laid on top – this cuts out the light a bit, which is more comfortable on the yes, and gives a slightly softer surface to work on, too.

Beside the light panel you can see some of the photos I printed out for this project. I am going to do several Zentangle tracings over these photos, working with my regular Zentangle pens on parchment paper, and these pages will be bound on top of their respective photos in the album.

Here are some detail shots.

Sorting the photos a few weeks ago after I’d printed them out.

01 Photo Printouts and Sorting the Pages

Here is the beginning of the tracing. The photo I’m working on at the moment is one that I manipulated – it’s quite an edgy black-and-white posterised picture – I thought this treatment suited the rather stark view of the isolated tree trunks.

02 Beginning First Zentangle

Completing the tracing.

03 Finishing First Zentangle

The tracing completed.

04 First Zentangle Completed

Here is the tracing peeled back to reveal the photo underneath.

05 First Zentangle - Peeling Back the Tracing

Hopefully I’ll get some more time over the coming weeks to spend in the studio working on this project.

Health Update

I had my CT scan a fortnight ago and have been trying to chase up the results and of course no-one will tell me anything over the phone. It appears that it was my surgeon, and not the oncologist, who ordered it, and I had a letter a couple of days ago, with an appointment to see him in mid-October – this put me into a bit of a flat spin for a day, as I started to think the worst – if it was OK, surely they would have written to tell me? I was in touch with several friends from the cancer support centre and a couple of them immediately rallied round, emailing me to reassure me that this is the normal way they do things, and if it was bad news, they would have scheduled an earlier appointment than mid-Oct. I love it that we all support each other! I have had very few wobbles throughout my cancer journey but this did throw me a bit – which only goes to prove how unpredictable one’s emotions can be. I have been so strong throughout and it shook me a bit to be thrown so off balance by this! After these emails, though, I was immediately back on track again and feeling fine about everything.

I have been overdoing things lately, and this past week I have had three bad days with my ME which isn’t too clever… However, I did manage to do some baking the other day, in time for our first informal get-together for friends at the cancer support centre – several of us from the relaxation group and also the Moving On After Cancer course have become friends. We had the biggest laugh ever, last Friday at our first informal meeting! I can’t believe how many lovely people I have met, and new friends I have made, through having cancer!

Other News

My Bible study group has now been running for two weeks, and although the numbers have started off small, several people are expecting to attend in coming weeks – they have prior commitments at present – and I’ve got the material uploaded to my Dropbox for group members to download, including recordings of the sessions, so nobody needs to miss anything! I am thrilled with how technology has moved on since I last did this over ten years ago. I have spent a lot of time over recent weeks, updating my old material and redoing visual aids etc. so that they can now be viewed on the TV screen – the TV is connected to the laptop. Amazing when you think that when I did this before, I was using acetates on an OHP!

The biggest question of the moment is, “What on earth am I going to do with myself now the Paralympics are over?”!! I feel quite bereft! I have enjoyed it so much, and the Olympics beforehand… Definitely more studio time, I think!!


  1. Your zen tangles are amazing . . . you have found the thing that stirs your soul . . . it is as easy as that. If you are doing what you love, our passion shows through in genius. That's you! I feel blessed to be able to tag along and enjoy your journey with you dear friend.

  2. Hi Shoshi, pleased you feeling in the mood for some crafting, got to be a good sign. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x 16

  3. great looking desk and I am glad to see the light box! I have been thinking about getting one to replace the one I gave away…it was big and bulky and not used very much! Love the drawing! I found myself holding my breath while reading about your CT! I have been having more issues with the Fibro and ME my back killing me etc. Dr. ordered and MRI and I had to wait a couple weeks to find out what is going on there. Like your friends said it seems to be normal operating procedure anymore everywhere. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week. VIckie #4

  4. Oh my! I love that light box and what you are doing! Glad to read that the support group is still going strong! Sorry not to have been around much - took on a bit more than I should have which meant no time for visiting blogs! Chrisx 32

  5. Funny how we immediately think the worst when things don't happen as we think they should. I just scheduled my initial appointment with a doctor so I can get a colonoscopy (my mom had colon cancer twice before she passed 2 years ago). Your zentangle is amazing! Love it! Hope you have a great rest of the week!
    Carol N #36

  6. Only one thing can follow the Olympics/Paras and that is studio time. Love what you have done with regards to your zentangling but then I have long been an admirer of all things zentangling that you do. I would never have thought of that, what a brilliant idea but only one which someone with your level of working could achieve I think.
    Hope things are ok and I am sure they will be on the health front. Glad you have a network of friends to support you.
    Have a good week but don't overdo thing.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  7. I agree, if the CT wasn't good, they would have called you to schedule something. Happy thoughts only! I'm loving your tracings. What will you do with them? Can't wait to see.
    Keeping you in my prayers.
    Have a great WOYWW week!
    Chris #27

  8. What a fantastic idea with the photos and the Zentangle! I might just have to 'borrow' it. I took loads of photos on our hike through the woods this past weekend and it would be great to do this with.

    I hope you get to take it easy the next few days! I know Mum gets tired far easier than she used to. I think the appointment thing is normal. This is what they usually do with Mum when she has her scans. I'll keep you in my thoughts!

    Take care
    Sharon K #35

  9. That tracing is very detailed, so I'm looking forward to see what you do with it. It sounds like your CT scan is routine and that everything is good, otherwise I think they would have scheduled you to come in immediately. I know my mother had regular visits after her bout with breast cancer over 20 years ago. She only goes about once a year now. I'll keep you in my prayers for peace of mind and heart. The Bible study sounds like a real blessing. Have a marvelous week, my friend!

  10. wow, what great work!! Just love those photos you're tracing - hope you get more time to play! I adore that pile of cases on your desk, they look amazing. I am sure your support group are right and if there was cause for concern, you'd have been called back in much sooner than mid october. take care waiting! Helen #1

  11. Those tracings with the added zentangle motifs are spectacular, Shoshi! I honestly don't think I've seen anything like that before! It's a great idea to have a catalogue of your zentangle patterns readily available in that album. It looks very chunky! I'm sorry your doctors keep you waiting in limbo - I'm not sure that's a good idea. I would be freaking out too, fearing the worst, but your friends are certainly right; if it was anything to worry about, they would have given you an earlier appointment. It sounds like you're taking your bible study group very seriously, preparing professional presentations. I'm impressed! And all that on a voluntary basis - most people don't put that much effort into paid work! Thanks for visiting yesterday! I was glad to see you again - I was beginning to worry that you disappeared, but I figured you must be either busy or resting - or most probably one followed by the other! How did you find out that waitress was Hungarian? I find some people are reluctant to ask me when they hear my accent, even though I can tell they're intrigued because they can't really place it. They might think it's rude to ask, but of course it isn't!

  12. Oh wow. . .your art is really amazing. I'm in awe of how you transformed that picture into a zentagle image. Just jaw-droppingly awesome!
    As for your health issues. I'm in agreement that if it was bad news, they wouldn't wait so long to get to it. I would think they would want to tackle the issue as soon as possible. Stay positive, negativity won't help anything.
    Hope #40

  13. Well done on the Study Group - these things have a habit of starting small; everybody wants to wait and see how friendly and good it is, so you'll soon pick up members! What a clever idea for the photos, I couldn't quite get the picture in y head through description only, so your photos are very explanatory word it's so striking!

  14. Hi Shoshi, Your zentangled photos look fabulous!! I think I will have to put this on my "To Do" list, it is so effective and eye-catching!
    Have a good week and don't overdo it :)

  15. Hi again Shoshi,
    Just wondering what sort of pen you've used on the parchment paper?

  16. Happy Belated WOYWW. I am another fan of your zentangled photos - and I will definitely try that technique. I am feeling slightly more energetic today and getting some computer work/accounts done. However, I am yawning continuously now, so will head off to the sofa shortly! How annoying to have to wait for your test results. You are like me, using lots of different things to distract you. I have signed up to two websites that offer lots of different craft classes, and have a long list of videos to watch. They are great for when I am too tired or sick to actually craft. Ali x #33


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