Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Infusions Mini-Album–Stencil Sample Pages

My second blog post for today.

I’ve started working on a new set of pages for my Infusion, mini-album, spreading  Polyfilla One-Fill (joint compound in the USA is the equivalent, I think) – this works brilliantly as a really cheap alternative to moulding paste! I find it sometimes doesn’t adhere terribly well when you start to spread it through the stencil, but I’ve discovered if you spritz the paper lightly with water beforehand, it works like a charm.

03 Polyfilla Stencil Sheets

I used a variety of stencils, some bought ones, and some which I had made myself.

A selection of various textures.

04 Polyfilla Stencil Sheets - Mixed Textures

Hexagons and circles.

05 Polyfilla Stencil Sheets - Hexagons and Circles

Leaves and flowers.

06 Polyfilla Stencil Sheets - Leaves and Flowers

I am looking forward to adding Infusions to these. I may add some other materials to these pieces too – it’s all pretty experimental, and I’ve got more than enough to play with!

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