Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Well, I’ve actually got something on my desk this week, but this doesn’t mean I’ve actually spent any time working at it. My desk has been my lap this week, and I really have managed to do something creative at last.

WOYWW 405 8-3-17

From top left, clockwise: my cut cardboard tubes ready to make mini-albums eventually. New Infusions. Bottle of nail glue. Plastic bag with clear false nails from Ebay. Hand-coloured Florabunda print-outs. Piece of brown sparkly card. Teabag stains on watercolour paper.

In more detail: you might wonder why there are false nail on my desk. Especially if you know that I never wear these! Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. All I will say for now is that I saw something amazing on the Internet last week but didn’t like the source of the material used, so after some considerable thinking outside the box, came up with the false nails solution. Watch this space… The teabag stains were completed some time ago; my hubby was at a church coffee morning and knew I collected teabags so he brought a whole lot of wet round ones home, and I thought I’d use them to make some more stains. I had left the dried sheet under some heavy books before I went into hospital, and only found it again yesterday, and dumped it on my desk! I can use these for doing small Zentangles etc. on.

The Florabunda pieces were completed yesterday on my lap on the recliner. I have a box with various print-outs of these ready for card making, and I suddenly got the desire to do some art and thought this would be a gentle re-introduction, so I brought down my coloured pencils and Perfect Pearls palette and got to work. Here is the result.

The one on the left was painted with Perfect Pearls (which of course don’t show up as shimmery on the photo) and the one on the right is done with coloured pencils.

2 Card Toppers 8-3-17

These four identical printouts were all done with Perfect Pearls.

4 Identical Design Card Toppers with Perfect Pearls

My card stash has got so low that I really must try and make a few more. This is an easy and relaxing way to make some toppers and one day soon when I’m feeling better, I can get them matted and layered and made into cards.

Health Update

The district nurse has been coming twice weekly, and on Monday she replaced the large dressing with two small ones on the most problematic areas at the top and bottom of the wound. I think that she will probably not replace these when she comes tomorrow, which will then be her final visit. I am slowly recovering my strength and am able to do more for myself now, so my hubby isn’t having to help me quite so much. He is still doing the meals and I’m still getting pretty tired and needing to rest a lot. It is now 5 weeks since my operation, and next week I should be able to start introducing some fibre into my diet again – I quite enjoy the low residue diet, but I am looking forward to having my breakfast porridge, a wider variety of vegetables, and above all, fruit, once more.


We have noticed recently that Beatrice (now 16 1/2) is losing the spring in her back legs and is quite wobbly when she’s jumping up and down from things. She has a radiator hammock and she also likes sleeping on top of the radiator, and it’s a bit hazardous watching her negotiating this, so we’ve put a stool under the hammock and she uses this to help her climb up and down! She got the idea straight away. She’s also chosen a new favourite bed over the past couple of days – kitties are such creatures of habit and latch onto a favourite place for a while and then change it for no apparent reason! Here she is, fast asleep in my hubby’s basket, with her “Do not disturb” sign firmly in place!

Fast Asleep in the Basket 6-3-17

Here are both girlies in one of their favourite places – one on each of my hubby’s knees!

One on Each Knee 28-2-17

Finally, one of Beatrice competing with my laptop for space on top of me!

Me Cuddling Beatrice 5-3-17

Goodness, looking at this photo, I can see how much weight I’ve lost!!

Have a great WOYWW, everybody. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more done this week!


  1. Hi Shoshi, good to hear you are still feeling better. Love all your colouring, such beautiful rich colours. Beatrice looks most comfy in her new favourite spot! You do look really well, I must say. Have a lovely week, Love and hugs, to you, Shaz xxx

  2. Coloring the printouts does sound like a great way to get back to a little art & they turned out lovely! Sending prayers for continued healing and renewal of energy.

    WOYWW#44 Melissa Gross

  3. My eyesight must be worse than I thought, i can't see any false nails anywhere... now you'll say they're really obvious... oh well! (just re-read the blurb... of course I couldn't see clear nails in a clear bag!) Hope the district nurse is pleased with you - but keep taking it easy after she's "done with you"! Helen #1

  4. Yes, I could tell immediately that you lost a lot of weight, Shoshi! You need to put some of it back on! I would gladly give you a few pounds of my own! kitties look lovely on hubby's knees - good job you only have two of them, otherwise they would fight over his legs! Oreo always comes to me when we watch telly and only sits on anybody else's lap when I'm not there. I think it's because mine is the most cushy LOL! Loving your colouring - sounds like a perfect creative activity for the recliner - and I have no idea what you're going to use those false nails for! Wishing you a lovely week! xx

  5. Hi Shoshi, that's a great photo of you and the cats...sorry hubby too lol! Pleased you are managing some crafty stuff, those flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x16x

  6. Glad you're doing better! Great coloring, I did get rid of my Radiant Pearls and Pearl Ex palettes a while back as I wasn't using them. Our current cat isn't much for sitting on laps unless I'm working on a rug. Hope you get better and better!
    Carol N #38

  7. Love the kitty in the basket . Cats are funny and love that they like to cuddle. Will be watching for what you are going to do with the false nails as I can't even begin to guess. Lovely colored prints of flowers. The coloring is supposed to be very therapeutic.

  8. Glad you are gradually getting your strength back. It's surprising how a change of colours can alter an image. I like the idea of zentangling on the tea bag stains and can't wait to see what you do with the false nails. Sarah #29

  9. Seems we both had the same idea last week I also felt the need for toppers and colouring. Can't wait to see what false nails and nail glue are for. Love your kitties I have two that both try to sit on my knee together. I didn't know you before your illness but hey you look great to me. #2

  10. Nice to see you! Glad you're enjoying doing a bit of colouring. Glad you're getting your strength back. It will come! Poor kitty. My cat is old - 16/17 and finds it quite difficult to get up and down on the settee that he seems to think is his and his alone. We tried putting something on the floor for him to step on but he just ignores it. It is sort of funny to watch. He stands on the floor and looks up at his spot for a while. It's almost as though he's trying to get up the courage to jump. He makes it, but barely sometimes.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #36

  11. Glad you are getting your "mojo" back - the cards are beautiful! So are your kitties! We also have an older cat, 17 this year, who still somehow hops up onto the couch and into her bed. Recently she has taken over Inky's little bed, which is much to small for her, it is so funny seeing her trying to squeeze into it! Luckily Inky isn't "into" beds, so she doesn't care! I can relate to your last photo, whenever I am trying to use my tablet (lying in bed) Inky comes and sits right on my chest blocking the whole tablet! Annoying but lovable just the same! Glad you are slowly but surely recovering! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #43


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