Saturday, 25 March 2017

Infusions Mini-Album–Various Textures

A fun session this evening playing with different textures on my sample pieces.

Getting stuff out to start – a couple of textured gel mediums, gesso and Polyfilla, some palette knives and my little glue applicator, and some blank sample cards.

24 Gel Medium, Gesso and Polyfilla

To begin with I selected two Infusions from set 2, Violetta and Frankly Scarlet. Here they are sitting on their original sample pieces.

25 Violetta and Frankly Scarlet Infusions

I spread a thick layer of gesso onto one of the sample cards with a palette knife, and then used my glue applicator to create vertical bands all or part way down.

26 Thick Gesso in Bands

I added the two colours of Infusions.

27 Infusions Added to Thick Gesso in Bands

Some time later, the sample looked like this.

28 Infusions Maturing on Thick Gesso in Bands

The Infusions have spread a little, but not much. I want to add something further to this sample once it is dry. The gesso should have fixed the Infusions so they won’t reactivate when I add more water.

The second sample was spread with Polyfilla after I’d spritzed the card lightly ith water to help the Polyfilla to stick. I had to add some more water because it wasn’t spreading well – possibly because the Polyfilla at the top of the pot was rather dry. Once I was satisfied I’d got a nice layer on the card, I dried it slightly with the heat gun until a skin had formed on the surface, and then took my home-made bubble wrap stamp and spritzed it with water to prevent it sticking, and lightly pressed it into the Polyfilla.

29 Stamping with Bubble Wrap into Polyfilla

This time I used Lemoncello and Black Knight Infusions from Set 1. This is what it looked like immediately after applying the Infusions.

30 Lemoncello and Black Knight on Bubble Wrap Stamping

I spritzed it fairly heavily with water and waited for it to spread and mature.

31 Lemoncello and Black Knight Maturing on Bubble Wrap Stamping

For the next sample, I got out a few of my texture makers – a crochet doiley, some fruit net and a piece of metal mesh.

32 Texture Makers

Again I spread Polyfilla on the card and dried it slightly. I then pressed the texture makers into the surface – the doiley top right, the mesh at the bottom, and somewhat disappointingly, the fruit net top left – it didn’t produce as much texture as I’d hoped.

33 Textures Pressed into Polyfilla

Time for the Infusions – this time Royal Blood from set 1. I used plenty of water, to encourage the Infusions to flow into the texture. The metal mesh is well defined, and the doiley slightly less so. I blotted off the circles formed by the doiley and used a brush to paint some more infusions into the surrounding texture of the doiley to try and emphasise it a bit better.

34 Royal Blood on Textured Polyfilla

Here’s a detail shot.

35 Close-Up of Royal Blood on Textured Polyfilla

For the next couple of samples, I applied different materials to the surface, using regular matte gel medium, to create interesting textures.

The first one used bleached mulberry bark. I’ve got quite a bit of this, which I bought from a craft show a few years ago.

36 Bleached Mulberry Bark

Here it is being applied to the card.

37 Mulberry Bark Applied with Gel Medium

I used Orange County from set 1 for this one, spritzing it well with water. I love how the gel medium has acted as a resist.

38 Mulberry Bark with Orange County

Here’s a detail shot.

39 Mulberry Bark with Orange County - Detail

For the next sample, I used Violetta Infusions from set 2, after applying a piece of fruit net to the surface of the card with regular matte gel medium.

40 Fruit Net with Violetta

Once this sample is dry, I shall trim off the excess net. Again, I am pleased with how the gel medium acted as a resist in places.

The next sample used coarse pumice gel medium – I love this stuff – really gritty! For this one I used The Sage Infusion from set 1.

41 The Sage with Coarse Pumice Gel Medium

Again, a great resist effect, and I love how the Infusions have spread at the bottom of the sample, reminding me of a receding wave on the seashore. Here’s a detail shot. Once it is dry, it probably won’t look so white.

42 The Sage with Coarse Pumice Gel Medium Detail

For my final sample tonight, I used Slime from set 2, and glass bead gel medium, another favourite textured medium of mine. This one has come out really well.

43 Slime with Glass Bead Gel Medium

A detail shot. If you look carefully you can see the glass beads which look a bit like tapioca! I shall be very interested to see what this one looks like when it’s dry, as the gel dries crystal clear.

44 Slime with Glass Bead Gel Medium Detail

Finally, all the samples I made this evening.

45 The Day's Samples Drying, Some Needing Further Work

Very much a work in progress. Some of the pieces need further work once they are dry. It will be interesting to see what they look like after drying overnight.


  1. Very sensible Shoshi, if you're feeling things aren't going your way do something arty! These are gorgeous and I am interested to see what you do with them next. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  2. Very inspiring experiments, Shoshi! Those thick layers of gesso and polyfilla must have taken ages to dry! You've achieved some lovely and intriguing textures there!


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