Friday, 17 March 2017

More Digital Art

A bit of an experiment. I’ve called it “Mixed Media” because it’s the sort of multi-layered project you can do with physical materials, working in multiple layers.

Mixed Media 1

In the selection of brushes in the Procreate art app on the iPad Pro is a section of “textures” but I hardly ever use these because I couldn’t really find any use for them. The one called “Victorian” is  based on a swirl pattern, and I adjusted the brush parameters to greatly increase the maximum width of the brush, and did a single circular sweep of the brush across the page.

I built up multiple layers using the round brush (the brush I use nearly all the time), using several colours at reduced opacity, and blending them with the blending tool. I dragged the layers up and down below the swirl motif until I was pleased with how it appears to emerge from behind the colour, and finally added a very soft white layer over the top to soften the whole thing.

At various stages I added small white dots to give a paint spattered effect.

I think I can print this out and use it for projects – I may even experiment with adding some texture, using it as a base for further experimentation.

I wish there was a way to add texture in the Procreate app.

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