Monday, 1 May 2017

A Brightly-Coloured Embroidered Piece

Having a bad day today with my ME, probably as a result of everything that went on last week – going to the hospital was a bit stressful, and being left in limbo regarding whether or not I have to have further surgery. I’ve also been pretty busy with things, and this week doesn’t look too different, with two separate visitors.

I spent most of the day resting on the recliner, trying to catch up with some of the TV recordings that have been mounting up, and being on the computer. I did manage to do another piece of embroidery for the bed half-tester, though.

16 Primary Colours on Striped Background

I am very pleased with this brightly-coloured piece. I didn’t put any sparkly thread on this one.

Here’s a detail shot.

17 Primary Colours on Striped Background Detail

I really wanted to spend some time in the studio today but I was just too wiped out. Hopefully tomorrow I shall feel better again.

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