Monday, 29 May 2017

Devon County Show 2017

On Thursday 18th May, we went to the Devon County Show at Westpoint, Exeter. I have finally had the opportunity to go through all the photos I took and get them edited and saved. I won’t show them all here because there are too many, but it will still be a picture-rich post!

There was a huge display of poppies, a tribute to the 11,000 Devon men and women who lost their lives in the First World War. They were made of any material as long as it was not paper, and most of them were knitted or crocheted, and there were some made of lace and felt.

12 Poppies - Lest We Forget

This wreath was made from recycled Coca-cola tins!

05 Poppy Wreath Made from Coke Cans

4 Poppy Pictures

2 Poppy Pictures

I learnt something new – that purple poppies are a memorial to all the animals that were killed in the course of war. Purple poppies featured in this display, too.

14 Horse with Purple Poppies

A prize-winning display at the show was put on by Lifton Farm Shop, in the theme of Shaun the Sheep. All the sheep’s bodies were made of cauliflowers! The display was so imaginative and fun, and everyone loved it.

21 Lifton Farm Shop 6 Shaun

The house was covered with potatoes (with ones with pink skins around the windows) and the garden path was made of onions.

23 Lifton Farm Shop 8 Sign and House

There were some fun sheep – here is one sunbathing in a deckchair. Note the sun cream and cocktail close at hand.

22 Lifton Farm Shop 7 Sunbathing

Here’s the farmer. I like the sign at the bottom!

24 Lifton Farm Shop 9 Farmer

Sheep shearing.

27 Lifton Farm Shop 12 Shearing

Here are some ladies, knitting and having their hair done.

28 Lifton Farm Shop 13 Ladies

Mutton dressed as lamb.

34 Lifton Farm Shop 19 Mutton Dressed as Lamb

There was the usual fantastic display of floral arrangements, on different themes, one of which was “pas de deux,” a ballet theme.

42 Ballerina Floral Display

43 Pas de Deux Floral Display 2

I loved this “triptych” of calla lilies. It won a prize.

38 Calla Lilies Triptych Display

A large display of pitcher plants and other carnivorous plants. I have always found these very exotic and fascinating.

47 Carnivorous Plants

We found a textile art student from Bicton College, making felt, and she allowed me to photograph her project book. Here are a couple of pages.

53 Student's Textile Project Book 1

56 Student's Textile Project Book 4

There was quite a large display of lace making.

62 Lace Making

60 Lace Parasol

61 Lace and Poppies

In the spinners’ booth there was a good display.

64 Spinning Display

My hubby learning how to hand-spin (not!).

65a N with Spinning Demonstrator

The Bonsire man was there again, and I always promise to post photos of his work on my blog! He makes the most exquisite miniature bonsai trees from wire.

67 Bonsire

67a Bonsire Display

67b Framed Silver Bonsire Tree with Roots

The usual very high standard of work in the blacksmithing booth.

69 Metalwork - Fire Grate

71 Metalwork - Pokers

76 Metalwork - Mirror Frame

77 Metalwork - Gingko Leaves

This intriguing piece had different leaves around the base – ivy, oak, hazel.

81 Small Wood Burner

It always amazes me that such fluid, organic shapes can be formed from a material so hard and unyielding.

While wandering around, we came across this eatery with very pretty Indian parasols. I’d love to have bought one but they were too expensive!

85 Indian Parasols

The Queen Bee herself, at the entrance to the beekeeping tent.

90 Queen Bee at Entrance to Beekeeping Tent

Some natural honeycomb. This is what the bees will make without a frame in the hive.

89 Natural Honeycomb on Crown Board

I bought some beeswax polish and some very special heather honey.

Here is a prize-winning hand-painted plate.

94 Painted Plate

Judging the eggs! Not sure what makes one egg better than another!

95 Eggs

There was even a display of posh jellies being judged.

96 Jellies

A fascinating spherical sculpture made entirely of horseshoes.

98 Seahorse Sculpture

The usual displays of small animals.

99 Rabbit

This year we didn’t get to see many of the farm animals, but we did visit the angora goats. Look at that billie’s magnificent horns, and the kids were really cute.

103 Alpaca Goats and Kids

The Corrymore goats always carry off prizes. I always want to visit that tent, because I can stock up on new Corrymore socks, made from their fleece. They are quite simply the best socks I’ve ever had – I have a whole drawer-full and never wear anything else! They come in lots of colours (and different styles too) and they are very hard wearing (I’ve had my original ones for years and years), and wash very well, and they are cool in summer and warm in winter.

As we were leaving, we were held up by what seemed to be an interminable parade of tractors of all vintages. They varied a lot in size and complexity. One thing they all had in common was that they smelt! The smell of exhaust became very unpleasant after a while, and I was glad of a lull in the cavalcade so that we could cross over and return to the car. You can see from this photo that it had started to rain by this point. The rest of the day was fine and sunny, but we did get a bit wet towards the end, and my buggy battery started giving out so my poor hubby had to keep pushing me as we limped our way back to the car!

107 Tractor Parade 4

I did some great shopping, and we had a very good salad lunch, but some aspects were disappointing because we didn’t manage to see many animals, and both the carriage driving and the show jumping were just finishing when we arrived on the scene, which was a bit of a shame. It’s the only time one ever gets to see this sort of thing, and the horses and riders are always so beautifully turned out, and it’s lovely to see anything done really well.

My hubby said he probably wouldn’t bother to go to the show if I didn’t love it so much (although he always enjoys it while we are there) – he is very good to me, taking me to nice places and giving me treats! He gets the buggy and the wheelchair in and out of the car and pushes me when necessary. I would be well and truly stuck at home if it wasn’t for him! The following day was his birthday, and I think he had a nice birthday treat at the show.

We finished the day with my hubby’s brothers and their wives, having a well-earned slap-up Chinese takeaway. Delicious! Altogether, a great day out, as always. The County Show is something I always try not to miss!


  1. Wow what a wonderful post! There are some very talented people around that area. I'm not sure what I love the most. The poppy display is very moving. The blacksmith work looked very interesting too. Thanks for sharing all your photos! I think I would have just wondered around with my mouth open in awe most of the day.

  2. Hi Shoshi, great photos. I just love the county shows. The Lincolnshire show is on soon, I have my tickets! Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx

  3. What a fantastic show this must have been! I don't think I've ever seen so many poppies and vegetables in one place! Loving the bonsai trees! They are works of art in their own right! Thanks for sharing all these photos, so I feel like I've been there!


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