Wednesday, 17 May 2017


An extremely busy week and I’ve been out all day today, so only had time to snap a photo of my desk and get it on the computer, but I think 11.30 p.m. still qualifies to enter a Wednesday blog hop! Unfortunately I’m not going to have time to visit any desks, and it may be a while before any visitors to my blog get a reply, but I’ll do my best!

WOYWW 415 17-5-17

It’s not a very interesting desk this week, I’m afraid. On the left are the info sheets about the Infusions Mini-Album page order. Details here. To the right are the three bundles of pages which are now in order to make three separate books, which will be bound together into one cover. There’s still quite a bit to do on them as I have to make title pages for each section, and the tags to go into the loo roll centres. There are some reject pages on the far left of the picture – some of these are failures and others are ones I decided to omit from the album, which will go in my stash to be used for other projects.

Talking of which, a couple of days ago I used one to make a birthday card for my hubby, as it’s his birthday on Friday. Full details here.

17 Finished Card

Busy busy busy this week with something on all day most days! Yesterday and today I attended a Christian conference which ran all day, with evening sessions too. Quite brilliant and my head is still buzzing with it all. Plenty of new material to incorporate into my teaching sessions, and a lot to think about. Dashing home at tea time and getting a simple meal on, and then dashing out again!

Tomorrow we are off to the Devon County Show, which is one of my favourite days out in the whole year. It will be another long day, with a meal out at the end of it. We are more or less celebrating my hubby’s birthday tomorrow because I’m busy again on Friday with the Cancer Cakeathon meeting in the afternoon – our regular monthly get-together of friends who have met through our cancer. We sit about and chat and laugh and eat a lot of cake! I am quite relieved that my Bible study group has been cancelled in the evening because by then I shall need a long rest, I think! However, it’s not to be, because I’m singing at church this coming Sunday and the next, so have practising to do – having been busy with a lot of other things recently, my guitar playing needs brushing up a bit.

Health Update

On Sunday we went to the private hospital in Torquay which takes NHS overflow, for my CT scan to see if my hernia has returned. Details here. It was in the mobile scanning unit, which I’ve never been in before – I’ve had MRI scans in the past in the mobile unit but not a CT scan. It went smoothly and I was in and out pretty quickly – a lot more quickly than previous scans at Torbay Hospital where you are sitting around for hours! Not sure when I shall get the result but soon, I hope. It will confirm whether or not I require further surgery to do a more permanent repair on the hernia, to prevent any further obstructions.

On Monday we had to go to the GP’s surgery for a blood test in advance of my oncology appointment next week. Having had the cannula in the vein in my arm the day before, she went in slightly above, and because I’m on rivaroxaban (an anticoagulant) I’m a terrible little bleeder and I’ve now got a lovely red wheal on my arm! Pretty.

In the middle of all this busyness I was not best pleased when my hubby came home with a cold. I tried to keep away from him, but unfortunately I have caught it. Fortunately it’s not too bad and I’ve managed to keep going, but it’s inconvenient and a huge bore.

Kitty Health Update

Phoebe still up and down. She had a very subdued day a couple of days ago and didn’t eat, and was very clingy, but the next day she was better again and eating well. We continue to keep a close eye on her.

Same with Beatrice really – some days she walks as if drunk, and then the next day she’s rushing about like a crazy kitten! She’s no good at jumping up on things any more as she seems to have lost the spring in her back legs, and she falls off things. If she was a person, she’d probably have a granny frame by now.

They both seem contented enough and neither seems to be in pain, so we will keep them going as long as we can, our two old ladies!

Have a great week, everyone, and I’ll try and catch up with you later.


  1. I'll be keeping you and your cat in my thoughts. Our poor cat pulled something the other day. He's just getting old and seems better today, but he was limping. It's been really hot the last couple of days and I think he's having trouble with the heat too. My Mum had her blood test the other week. She's waiting for her appointment to come through for another scan before she has to visit oncologist in June. I always get a little nervous (not as nervous as her I'm sure!). She says she is feeling good so that's a plus.

    Happy Birthday to your husband for Friday. He and I are birthday buddies as it is my birthday that day too!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #29

  2. ...and breathe! lol You have quite a full diary there! Do you actually have time to breathe? I adore the card you made - it's gorgeous!
    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Bubbles #22

  3. good job i popped back this morning to see who I'd missed yesterday or I wouldn't have seen this. Hope the cold is going now and that your results when they come through are what you want!! have a good (if busy) week. Helen #1 oh yes, and a great card too!

  4. Hi Shoshi, so much you've been up to! Please wish Hubby a Happy Birthday from us. Have a lovely time at the Devon show, and don't wear yourself out too much! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  5. Sounds like you are VERY busy! Happy Birthday to hubby! I hope your two grannies continue to feel better, and that you can conquer the dreaded cold! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #33

  6. Hi Shoshi! Did I miss your name somehow in the WOYWW list? Nice card!
    Sorry we missed you yesterday!
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden and
    Plush Possum Studio

  7. I finally managed to visit the last blog! Hope you are over your cold soon (and your hubby too). I also wish the kitties all the best. Good luck with the test results. May they come out the way you wish them to. I can't wait to see those finished books in all their glory. I love how you've added slivers of the image to the card, rather than just one single image. I will definitely have to try that myself. Don't worry if you don't have time to visit. Sarah #17

  8. Hi Shoshi, good to hear what you're up to. Love the card layout. Take care and happy belated woyww, Angela x15x

  9. Hello Shoshi! Glad to know you've had your CT scan. I do hope that all will go really smoothly where you and yours are a=concerned.
    here is an update of my own. At last! i've been able to complete my project using that photo you've leant me. It looks quite different than I had at first thought that it could. All the same, I like it! I might be able to do a few variations. So far, it's generating some interest, although not hugely. That's all right - it's "prom" and Graduation season here in the USA. Here is my post's link for you:
    I really do hop you'll like it!
    xoxo Rose

  10. Hi Shoshi you might have been late checking in but who cares as long as you are here. Gorgeous card too. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafty week, Angela xXx


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