Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Infusions Mini-Album Organisation and Other Matters

I’ve got a very busy schedule this week, as I’m out all day today and tomorrow at a Christian gathering (not sure how else to describe it because I’ve no idea what’s going to happen and all I’ve been told is that it is going to be quite unlike anything I’ve attended before!), and we are off to the County Show on Thursday. Friday is always a pretty busy day for me, and this week we’ve got our monthly Cancer Cakeathon at the cancer support centre – this is an informal get-together where we sit around for a couple of hours chatting, laughing a lot, and eating loads of cake!! Can’t be bad. I am relieved that the Bible Study group on Friday night has had to be cancelled because by that time I expect I shall be fit for nothing!! It’s my hubby’s birthday on Friday but he’s not going to see much of me, I’m afraid. We’ll have to celebrate on another day. Also, yesterday we had to go to the GP’s surgery for me to have a blood test in advance of my oncology appointment on 25th May, and I had my CT scan on Sunday, too. Phew… I shall need a rest next week!

Anyway I thought I’d just post about the latest on the Infusions Mini-Album. I was getting completely bogged down with my scrappy notes on organising the pages and writing down what I did on each sample. This is how it ended up looking.

01 Original Instructions

The night before last I put it all on the computer in tabulated form, and this should be a lot easier to follow.

02 Typed Instructions

I’ve got room to make amendments if I need to. By the time I’ve finished, I expect this list will be ink-spattered and covered with glue and who knows what!

The pages are now all in order, and separated into the three books, and held together with elastic bands.

06 Pages for Three Books

I’ve still got to decide what extra pages to do for Book 2 which isn’t as thick as the others, but I shall do the title pages for each section and the tags first, so that I get a realistic idea of how thick everything is going to be.

I haven’t been able to do any more work on the album because yesterday I had to work on my hubby’ birthday card, if he was going to end up with anything on his birthday on Friday! Fortunately I had plenty of bits in my stash to assemble together. I think it’s a good idea when making anything, to make extra bits while you are doing it, and save them for projects like this – you never know when you’ve got to come up with something in a hurry. I’ve got quite a few card toppers now, and I should be able to rustle up something fairly quickly if it’s just a case of making a card base and adding a sentiment. My new stamp platform is going to make a big difference too.

I’m really keen to get the Infusions album finished quickly now, because my new Distress Oxide inks have been sitting on my desk for several weeks, still unopened! I am dying to play with those.


Beatrice has on and off days with her legs. Today she’s been quite wobbly again, but on other days she rushes about with her tail in the air like a kitten. She’s not good at jumping up and usually fails in the attempt, resorting to climbing up with the aid of her claws as if our legs are tree trunks. Ouch. She will be 17 at the end of next month.

Phoebe is not doing so well now. Over the past couple of weeks she’s seemed OK, and has been very hungry, but still very thin. We think that she is unable to absorb much nourishment from what she’s eating. She has been looking after herself and her fur is soft and healthy, and she spends quite a bit of time (weather permitting) in the garden, coming in smelling of fresh air, and when it’s not so warm, lying in the sun indoors. Yesterday, however, she didn’t eat and seemed very listless. She is also quite clingy and wants to be with us as much as possible, and seems pretty subdued. We are keeping a very close eye on her and know that the day looms ever nearer when we are going to have to take her to the vet for the last time.


I’m still waiting for the kitchen fitter and the carpenter to come and see me to discuss what I want, and how they are going to do it. They were supposed to come last Thursday but the kitchen fitter had forgotten all about it… I managed to get through to him today and he’s been trying to get in touch with the carpenter. I told him I’d be out all this week except Friday and asked if he could arrange to come then. I really want to get this work started because they will both be continuing to get booked up weeks ahead. I am coping OK in the tiny kitchen in the flat, but I can’t do any serious cooking because there’s so little space to put anything – it’s like being in a caravan or a boat! Still, I am very grateful that we’ve got that. I could move back into my big kitchen but there’s nowhere to store the food at the moment, and it would mean going between the kitchen and the flat all the time. Also, I can’t find half my stuff at the moment, and it’s very irritating when you’re at a critical moment, not to be able to lay your hand on something when you need it! I wasted about 10 minutes the other day in the middle of cooking a meal, because I couldn’t find the soy sauce. I am so looking forward to having my new pantry, and bringing all the stuff back in, and getting organised again. It will be like having a new kitchen all over again! In the meantime, I am very, very relieved and happy that the dry rot problem has been dealt with, at any rate.

I shall try and upload a WOYWW post on Wednesday but probably won’t be able to visit many desks.

How time marches on. All the primroses have finished in the garden, and the Clematis montana is losing its flowers fast. The spring seems such a short season. I don’t know where this year is going – we’re nearly half-way through already. I can’t believe it is two years ago this month that I started my chemo.

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  1. I'm very impressed with your organized type written notes - very efficient of you! My notes are very much like your hand written ones... ! Your infusions books are progressing very well - they are going to be lovely when completed...


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