Thursday, 22 June 2017

Infusions Mini-Album–Cutting the Tags

Several of the pages of my mini-album are made from flattened toilet roll cores, made to take tags on which there will be written instructions and explanations of the various samples of uses of Infusions.

07 Starting to Make the Tags

I counted the number of tags I needed from the typed charts I made, and it came to 30. Using some scrap white card, I have cut out these 30 tags, each measuring 2 1/2 x 4 inches. They slide nicely into the flattened toilet roll centres with enough protruding to pull them out, and to allow for some yarn to be threaded through.

Thinking that pulling them out by the yarn would eventually tear the hole, I made a set of reinforcements for the holes, one to be stuck on each side of the tag.

08 Cutting the Tags and Reinforcements

To make these, I punched a small hole in some scrap card, using my Fiskars small single hole punch, and then lined up my 1/2 inch circle punch as best I could so that the small hole was in the centre, and punched it out. Some of them were a little offset but I’m not too worried about that.

The scraps of card left over from the punching are quite interesting so I think I’ll keep them and use them as masks/collage pieces perhaps.

The tags with their reinforcements.

09 Tags with Reinforcements

Order of work:

  1. Mark centre of short edge of tag.
  2. Stick reinforcement over mark.
  3. Line up small single hole punch over the central hole in reinforcement and punch small hole through tag.
  4. Turn tag over and stick second reinforcement over small hole in tag, lining up holes.

Seems to work OK so far!

Next step: to colour the tags ready for adding text. As the Infusions give a very mottled, textured-looking surface, I thought it would be better to colour the tags with Distress Inks and Distress Stains, and add tiny amounts of Infusions afterwards if they needed a bit more interest, probably concentrating on the edges of the tags that will be visible when they are in situ. After all, the focus on the tags must be the text, not the background, which should remain less conspicuous. I can co-ordinate them with their respective pages.


  1. These are coming along nicely Shoshi. I like using the toilet roll cores as you get a ready made pocket too. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  2. The way you did the hole reinforcers is genius, Shoshi! I bought a few of those self-adhesive reinforcers on Ebay but they were so expensive and flimsy. I never thought of making my own. I can see it's fiddly to line them up perfectly. It would be nice to have some sort of a paper a punch for this job, but I've never seen one. You seem to have infinite patience for your projects - and great attention to details - so not like me LOL! Wishing you a lovely weekend! Hope you find your kitties soon - I keep checking online to see if I can spot anything in your area! We found Oreo on Pets4Homes.


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