Thursday, 8 June 2017

Second Wind–Second Part

Today I added some extras to the pages for my “Second Wind” mini-album. For the beginning of this project, please see the previous post.

These are the materials I ended up using for the various embellishments to the pages. Bottom left, clockwise: gel pens in silver and gold, and silver and gold glitter gel pens; white fluid acrylic by Pebeo, watered down for spattering; black acrylic. I used two sizes of fan brush for the paints.

24 Materials for Embellishments

I wanted to add some touches of gold to the pictures, and did some experiments, first with foil – this was not a success. Very difficult to get it accurate, and it was too bright and shiny. I also tried a gold Uniball Signo marker pen but it was rather a dull gold. I ended up using the gold gel pen from a set I have, and then added some gold glitter pen on top.

As always, gold and shimmery effects do not show up well on photos, but I hope you can see a bit of it. I just added some touches.

24 Page 1 with Embellishments

25 Pages 2 & 3 with Embellishments

I also added some black acrylic paint with the large fan brush, to accentuate the curve of the hurricane. Where the lines came out too harsh, I added some dry brushing with the same paint and brush to feather it somewhat.

26 Pages 4 & 5 with Embellishments

You can also soo that I added some white acrylic spatters, using the small fan brush.

Where the hurricane is at its most violent, I added some lightning flashes, using the silver gel pen, with some silver glitter gel pen on top. In the photos it looks white, but in reality it is more subtle, and shiny and sparkly.

27 Pages 6 & 7 with Embellishments

28 Pages 8 & 9 with Embellishments

I didn’t add much to the centre picture – just a few light touches of black acrylic to the water.

29 Pages 10 & 11 with Embellishments

30 Pages 12 & 13 with Embellishments

I think the addition of the black acrylic adds dimension to the vortex of the hurricane, and it makes the pictures more dramatic.

31 Pages 14 & 15 with Embellishments

There are touches of gold added to the circle in the centre in all the pages.

32 Pages 16 & 17 with Embellishments

33 Pages 18 & 19 with Embellishments

Not a lot added to the final page either – just a few light touches of the black acrylic paint, and a bit of gold.

34 Page 20 with Embellishments

The pages are now complete. The next step is the cover and the binding. I am still undecided about the cover, but if I sleep on it I am sure something will come!


  1. Wonderful! I loved watching this come together. It looks sort of how I think a tornado will be. I haven't seen one but we have warnings several times a year. The day can be quite calm and then you can feel it build in the air, see it in the skies and afterwards just as calm again.

    Thanks for sharing your pages!

  2. Sorry I'm late visiting. My internet was down for nearly two days, but I'm back now. I realized after I read this, it was NOT your WOYWW post, so read it, too. That handmade paper reminds me of what I make, but the second wind is something I'd never be able to paint. It is fabulous, and I really, really enjoyed it.

    Yes, the tighter the eye, the faster the spin. Sort of like a skater who holds her hands against her body so she can spin faster. The larger the eye, the less wind it produces on the back side. So glad you shared this. It's a beautiful book. Happy belated WOYWW from #5, even though your post is the one below this one.

  3. Hi Shoshi, so glad I'm three days late or I wouldn't have seen this post (or the previous one)! I love what you are doing and I like the idea behind it, especially linking it to your life experiences. The light and simple touch of the brush strokes give the pieces an energy. You made me smile with your comments about finding the right gold - I have a tricky relationship with gold products and often find it near impossible to find one that suits a particular project!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I've just realised I'm not commenting on your WOYWW page! Oh, and sorry I'm running late again - it's becoming a regular bad habit!
    Have a good rest of the week,
    Diana x


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