Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Not much change on my desk this week – it’s been a busy week and there have been other things to think about…

WOYWW 420 21-6-17

I’ve got out some of my white card scraps to start making tags for my Infusions mini-album. Quite a few of the pages are made from flattened toilet roll centres, in order to hold a tag giving some explanation about what’s on the page. On the left of my desk you can see the printed sheets I made, with instructions about page order, tag info etc. Once the tags are done, I can begin on the binding.

For those who don’t visit my blog apart from WOYWW, we have some sad news – three weeks after Phoebe died, we lost Beatrice (last Wednesday afternoon). She had been going downhill lately, and the loss of Phoebe upset her more than we expected, and she was obviously grieving, and over her final weekend she stopped eating altogether. If she had been younger and fitter, she might have got over it, but she was nearly 17 and not in good health. She was dying of a broken heart as she seemed to lose the will to live without her little sister.

Daddy Cuddling Beatrice & Phoebe 25-12-15

We are heartbroken to be without our two girlies in such a short time. We are pulling out the stops now to find two new grey tabby kittens – no joy yet, but it’s only been a week, and something is bound to turn up soon. I’ve done a little card and my hubby is putting them in various different vets’ surgeries – we did this last time and it was very successful.

Kitten Ad June 2017 Blurred

If you want to read about the lives of our two beautiful kitties and their sisters who we lost when they were both quite young, please click here. Lots of photos and some of their fun antics.


  1. I'm sure your kitties are already somewhere out there waiting for you to find them, Shoshi! It must be devastating to go from two kitties to no kitties so suddenly. When Oreo disappears just for an hour, I start wondering where he is after a while and worry about him until he comes back. And usually, as if he sensed that he's being missed, he turns up in short while. I can only imagine how much you miss your fur babies :(

  2. Oh I am so very sorry to hear about Beatrice as well - the house must feel so weird without any cats at all. Ron is still very fussy and demanding lots of attention. Sending you big hugs and I hope you find some kittens very soon xx
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  3. So sorry to hear about Beatrice; she'll be playing with Phoebe now and they are together. Hope you manage to find the kittens you are looking for. You are so organised with those infusions. I would forget what I had done with each page. Sarah #28

  4. Oh Shoshi that's an excellent idea, I've been praying you'd find the right two pusses. Our Snooksy was a silver grey tabby, with white paws and chest. I came home and took the only photos of him the weekend he died from cattle tick, otherwise we'd have had none. He was a stray that just turned up as it was his house, and just wound his way into everyone's heart.
    Amazed at your cards / tags, great detail and depth... lovely creations.
    Lord bless your week Shoshi, sending hugs and prayers for good news ahead.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Shaz in Oz.x 24

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  5. Great WOYWW. Thanks for sharing xx Jan 31

  6. Hi Shoshi, I'm so sorry you have lost both of your furbabies. Have you tried searching the Cats Protection site for your area? I'm sure you will find the right ones soon.Have a better week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

  7. Oh my heart goes out to you and your hubby - how terribly sad for you both, and so close together. I do hope you find two little ones very soon - they will certainly be the luckiest little cats when you do!
    Sending hugs,
    Diana x

  8. So sorry to hear you've lost both your kitties so close to each other. They leave such a hole don't they. I hope you find two new ones to give a lovely home too soon.
    Hugs Lisax #21

  9. such a shame about Beatrice. hope you'll find some new companions soon! Helen #8

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your cats. I loved looking through your pictures of memories of your kitties. They are playing together now I heaven. I'm sure you will find some new kitties soon that will help to ease the pain of your loss.
    Have a great day!
    Diane F #27

  11. So sad to hear that your other cat passed away too. But glad to see that you are looking to brighten your home with a couple more! They sure make good company (we have a cat but she will not let us have another pet, we've tried). And I was surprised to see a drill on your desk! More power! Hope you have a great week and find some kitties!
    Carol N #29

  12. Such sad news I am so sorry that you have lost your two fur babies so close to each other... I am sure you soon will have a couple of new fur faces to share your loving home... and brighten your day and theirs also... Take Care... May #21

  13. Hi Shoahi, I feel for you. I even feel the house is empty when Maisie and Stan go to the groomers! You just get used to having them around. new kitties will turn up soon I'm sure. Have a great woyww and happy crafting when you get the chance, Angela x22x

  14. Happy Belated WOYWW. I love your notice. Have you tried posting on Facebook for your area? That seems to be the place for people with kittens looking for homes. Ali x #30

  15. So sorry to read about your two kitties. At least they are together now, small consolation for you I know. I love that you are looking to give two more a wonderful home. Tabbies and black cats are my very favourite.

    Best wishes and good luck in your search.

    Carmen x #32

  16. After reading your blog about your silver grey tabby cats I definitely think you should keep your hair grey, you look lovely with it. I've never dyed my hair permanently but I do straighten it as the grey is rather course and has a mind of its own otherwise! Well observed - my feet are dinky at size 3 but rather wide to match so not much fun getting shoes to fit. Glad it's a bit cooler today was getting quite exasperated. Thanks for the visit BJ#5

  17. I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious kitties. I read all about their lives, and know that they certainly had a good and loving family. They were lucky to have you and each other. I hope you find your new grey bundles of fur soon. Our Penny and Inky send their condolences as well. Lindart #42


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