Wednesday, 28 June 2017


These photos of my desk were taken last night, after I’d had a short session working on the tags for my Infusions Mini-Album.

The first is taken from further back than usual, to show the stuff spread out on either side – my two Really Useful Boxes (RUBs) of Distress Inks on the left, and the larger RUB on the right, which contains all my Infusions, Brushos, Dylusions sprays and paints, with their applicators. The central area of the desk is fairly clear because the picture was taken just after I’d finished a tag and inserted it into the page of the mini-album – you can see the pages to the left of the craft sheet.

WOYWW 421a 28-6-17

Here’s a closer view. You can see my Inkylicious Ink Dusters all out on the desk as well – I am using these for applying Distress Inks to the tags to create the backgrounds.

WOYWW 421b 28-6-17

The big box of Infusions etc. on the pull-out unit to the right of the main work area. Beyond, you can see a bit of my little gallery (including a Zentangle picture I did) and my sewing machine in the corner.

WOYWW 421c 28-6-17

Tucked behind the Cuttlebug is my new Tim Holtz/Tonic Stamping Platform, and beyond that, in the red magazine racks, lots of large envelopes with all sorts of bits and pieces in them such as recycled waxed paper and shiny paper, die-cuts etc. The white box and the cardboard box on top of that both contain ribbons, and the red unit underneath with the drawers contains sandpaper and various other bit and pieces. The dark green tubular metal thing is my little stepladder propped up against the further side of the pull-out unit. Also on the pull-out unit is an ice cream box containing all my ink blenders.

For more information on the tags, please see the previous post.


Very exciting news – we have found some kittens! They are a pair of sisters, silver tabby BSH-cross (father is a pedigree silver tabby, mother tabby and white). They are very similar in appearance – silver tabby like little tigers, with white bibs, mits and socks. They live near Yeovil in Somerset, about two hours’ drive from here, and I found them on the Pre-Loved site online. They are extreeeemely dinky and pretty and we can’t wait to see them! We are going up on Thursday to view them but we are absolutely sure that these are the ones for us. They are only about 4 weeks old so won’t be ready to come to us till the end of July. They have two little brothers and another little sister too. I spoke to their owner this evening and she says one of the two girls is quite feisty and lively and was the first out of the box. I hope to take lots of photos of them on Thursday.

Knowing we’ve got a bit of time, we have been preparing for the New Arrivals. The other night my hubby sat down with me and we watched some Youtube videos together of various systems for kitty-proofing the perimeter of your garden. We have had various attempts at this in the past, none of which have been very successful. I found a UK-based company which does a very good job, and you can either get them to come and do it, or buy the kit to do it yourself, but my hubby said he could reduce the cost to at least a third by making it up himself, so he’s been doing a lot of drawing and planning, and experimenting with a few samples. He’s also been very busy clearing the back of the garden of a huge amount of ivy, so that he can block up any holes in the fence and start preparing to put up the brackets that he is making, which will hold the stiff plastic mesh. It will only look like Colditz if we put search lights up!!

As for me, I’ve ordered a few things on Ebay, and yesterday, the first of these arrived – a massive kitty tree!

20 Kitty Tree Completed

I spent about 1 1/2 hours putting it together, and I can’t wait to see our new babies having fun on it! For full details, see here.

I’m finding it hard to think of anything other than kittens at the moment!


  1. Don't know where to start today... the desk is great - very organised! Are those stencils hanging up(catching the flash?) So pleased you've found two new kitties - love the kitty tree, that looks fun! Good luck with kitty-proofing the garden! Helen #5

  2. Hi Shoshi. I'm actually around this week long enough to both post and visit!! Good to see you so busy at your desk - that's great. Goodness me - what a kitten tree!!! Do you actually have any space left in your living room now? Sounds like hubby is going to be incredibly industrious.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  3. To excited about your kittens to look at your desk haha
    Lynn xx 19/20

  4. Oh I'm SO pleased that you've found exactly what you wanted! The kittens sound beautiful, I can't wait to see pics of them! That cat tree is massive but they'll soon grow into it, lol!
    Hugs LLJ 13 xxx

  5. Your desk is amazing ... its so inviting I want to play I used to love all my Tim Holtz inks and masks stamps etc... but last year I changed over completely to fabric.. and gave away or sold a lot on Ebay...But I am happy learning a new aspect of crafting... not very good at it but practice makes perfect..... Now on to your two lovely fur babies... these two are going to be so loved and well cared for Love the cat gym/hideout frame it's fantastic... my fur face is a lazy girl these days mind you she is 15 now... I can't wait to meet them... Have a happy safe week ahead... May #11

  6. Hi Shoshi, so pleased you have found some kitties. They sound wonderful. Love the kitty tower. Great shots of all your inking stuff.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #10 XxX

  7. How exciting getting two new kitties - I'm so pleased you found them and I can't wait to see the photos. What a monster of a play thing for them - I love the little dangly mice things! We spent quite a time a few years ago making sure there were little holes in the fencing between us and our neighbours gardens to allow the hedgehogs access across the gardens. However, since our new Guinea Pig Blossom wriggled out of the lawn run and escaped into the garden we have been frantically trying to block off all the holes and make it G Pig proof - it's a shame but it's a necessity, and it's a tricky job too - good luck to your hubby.
    Have a great week and enjoy your day visiting the little ones tomorrow,
    Diana x #25

  8. Shoshi you do know that the kittens will studiously ignore 'their' tree ? and play with your favorite ost precious plant instead? - and perform their manicures on your sofa legs? Tis the nature of cats... happy woywwing Dxxx @29

  9. I am impressed...what a material you have (and all the others)... I don't make cards or something like this. (and I don't have the money ;-)
    It looks like a candy store to me... enjoy it! It's great to have this stuff, I think. Groeten uit Nederland.

  10. Will your craft room be kitty proof? Can imagine them having a great time in it. Love the activity post, hope it last longer than the one I bought my two clawed it to pieces in two weeks, but better that than the chairs, (which they also had a go at)!

  11. Great news about the kittens! I bet you can't wait to see them! Do check their gender while you're there visiting - it can be tricky to tell at this age. We thought Oreo was a girl LOL - until it became evident he wasn't! There are some videos on YT showing you how to tell the difference. I can't wait to see your photos! The cat tree looks a lot like Oreo's, just bigger! He quite likes his now and I often find him sleeping on top. I just wish the platforms were a bit larger, but he somehow manages to squeeze himself into them - or perhaps that's the attraction of it! I really enjoyed the tour of your work station! Great storage ideas there. xx

  12. Just love that kitty playground - my cats would have adored that when they were around (we had five at one time, various ages, colours and sizes, brought home at various times by the children!)Your new mistresses will love it.
    have a good week

  13. You are so organised! :)
    I was just catching up, and I read about Beatrice... how sad - but I guess in many ways it is a good thing that she and Phoebe went so close together - playing again in kittycat heaven. Two new kitties on the way too! I was very impressed with your building work on the cat-tree lol
    Have a wonderful WOYWW Wednes-yay!
    Bubbles #1

  14. "Think good thoughts about a pussycat." ~ cartoonist George Booth. Only in your case, there is every real reason to get excited and to keep on having those "good thoughts" isn't there? :) We love kitties in my family.
    Here's more on funny old George Booth, just for grins:
    Happy kitty-cat WOYWW! Can hardly wait to find out more about your new fur babies
    Rose #22

  15. I'm so excited for you and your new kitties. So excited I forgot about your desk! Lol. Awesome cat tree!!! Katie would love it!
    Have a great day!
    Diane F #30

  16. What a great space. I can't wait to see your furbabies.
    TFS Happy WOYWW xx Jan (31)

  17. Hi Shoshi. Where would we be without those fab storage boxes, wish I'd invented them Lol! But even more so where would we be without our furry friends. Though I prefer dogs as you know I love watching Simon's Cat, it is so funny, the link is here: though I am sure you will already have seen it. He is so naughty and I love the music too. Have a lovely woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x18x

  18. I am so jealous you guys across the pond get to play with the Tim Holtz stamping thingy. Looks like your desk is uber busy. Congrats on your maybe new kittens. I can't wait to see the pictures.
    April #3

  19. That kitty playground looks super fabulous! thanks so much for stopping by my desk :) Have a great rest of the week! xoxo Cheetarah WOYWW #39

  20. Oh my! That is an impressive kitty tree! And so happy you found a couple little ones! Your desk is pretty impressive, too. Lots there to look at! Thanks for the visit and have a great week!
    Carol N #33 (was 37)

  21. Oops, you didn't visit, but I know you have occasionally!
    Carol N

  22. That is the most awesome kitty tree I've ever seen! The new kitties will LOVE it!!! I love your RUBs! Great name! It looks like you've been having a lot of creative fun! Looking forward to seeing the new family members, thanks for sharing, Lindart #35 (funny, on Wednesday I was #39!)

  23. Fab creative space!

    I do not participate this week, I still have to visit blogs from last weeks WOYWW and this week I´m just looking around.

    Happy week to you!


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