Wednesday, 17 October 2018


No change on my desk this week. I’ve been really tired all week and in between commitments, I’ve been resting, and during that time, have done quite a lot of knitting, working on my peacock scarf.

02 WIP with Crochet Peacock Feathers

This is how much I’ve done so far. The ball is now considerably smaller and the scarf will now go round my neck, so hopefully not too much more knitting now! The yarn is fabulous – I love the way the colours merge into each other. It’s a single ply roving and in places, not very twisted, so it’s easy to split it with the knitting needles, especially working in moss stitch as I am doing, but apart from that, it’s lovely to work with. The edges are getting quite fluffy with handling, which makes me think the whole thing may be a bit vulnerable to that, but we shall see.

In the above photo, I’ve laid a few of the incomplete crochet peacock feathers on top to show and how the colours go with the scarf.


Sourdough this week – not terribly well risen but a great texture and flavour.

48 Sourdough Not Well Risen, Cut 14-10-18

I also made some more crackers from sourdough starter. These really are delicious and very easy to make. I’m not buying crackers any more. These are so tasty and are made from such wholesome ingredients with no chemical additives. They are also quite filling so you don’t need to eat so many! They are very crisp, and the bumps on them are actually air bubbles. They’d probably come out flatter if I forked them.

49 Sourdough Crackers 16-10-18

Fortunately I’ve got plenty of ready prepared meals in the freezer from previous cooking sessions so I haven’t had to think too much about doing a lot of meals when I am feeling so tired.

Health Update

CT scan tomorrow to check whether my hernia has returned – but I already know it has! I can feel it, and also I can see it, and it’s quite large. It’s really frustrating.

My support pants are due to arrive later this morning. Unfortunately the road is up outside our house at the moment and closed to traffic so I’ve had to arrange for delivery of the parcel (and my weekly Tesco order) to come down the garden from the road at the back of us. I spent a frustrating time of the phone yesterday a.m. trying to get through to the delivery company. They had no contact number on their website and their “contact us” section was useless – just a lot of different boxes that didn’t relate to what I wanted and I needed to speak to a real person! I googled them and found a number eventually, and then had to wait 20 minutes on the phone before anyone answered! I told them their customer service left a lot to be desired… Anyway, hopefully both deliveries will get to us OK later this morning.

My sleep patterns are all disrupted again… I get more and more wide awake the later it gets, and have to make myself go up in the small hours or I’d be up all night. Then, in the mornings, I am finding it very difficult to get going and when I haven’t had any commitments, have rested in bed till about 10 a.m. and haven’t been able to accomplish anything much until the afternoon, often suffering quite severe headaches. With ME, one’s diurnal rhythm is often disrupted, and I go through phases of this and there’s not a lot to be done about it, unfortunately! At least I am sleeping quite well once I do get to bed.


Neither of them are doing anything terribly interesting at the moment except sleeping! They go out briefly and don’t like the weather much. Ruby is being a perfect pest at meal times – she has decided she adores butter, which she can smell at 500 paces, and I can’t turn my back on her for a second if there’s butter around! At meal times she’s constantly pestering us, woofling her nose and craning her neck, and climbing up after our food. I keep threatening to put her out!! Once temptation is out of the way, she is happy to settle down on my lap and be a good girl. Lily never bothers us while we are eating. Their characters are so different!

Here are a couple of sleepy photos for you.

Butter wouldn’t melt……. or would it?!

08 Sleepy Ruby on my Legs 9-10-18

09 Sleeping Kitties 9-10-18

Lazy lot.

Meal Out

We had a lovely meal out with our friend last week and I gave her the box, which she was delighted with. Here is the pub where we had a truly excellent meal.

01 Cott Inn, Dartington, Outside

The food was so beautifully presented that I had to photograph it! Our three main courses:

03 My Stuffed Chicken Breast

04 N's Beef and Stilton Pie

I love how this fish is served, with the crispy skin matching the almost metallic glaze of the plate, with matching lines!

05 Margaret's Fish

Our desserts. I had the lemon tarte and I loved the way they had served the lemon sorbet in the shape of a lemon.

06 Desserts

We have been given a ticket for a meal for two at a local Michelin-starred restaurant, which we shall be enjoying soon. I’ve no doubt I shall photograph the dishes there, too!

As well as the box, I also gave our friend a jar of my home-made apple chutney, and I dressed it up a bit with a couple of labels that I die-cut, and a fabric lid tied on with some nice rough jute string I’ve got. Nice rustic look!

02 Apple Chutney with Labels

Harp Recital

On Saturday one of our church members gave a harp recital and talk. He’s only recently taken up the harp and he has already taken Grades 1 and 2 and passed both exams with distinction! It was a most interesting afternoon, and as well as playing several pieces on his two harps, he spoke about the history of the harp, and how the different types of harp work. He also showed some slides and videos. I had not heard him play before, because I was ill last time he played in church.

05 Tim with Both Harps

I particularly liked his Celtic (lever) harp (in the foreground in the above photo), with its very pretty shape and contrasting woods. It’s apparently even more difficult to play than the pedal harp.

I also took this close-up photo because I thought the pattern that the strings and their shadows made was most decorative!

13 Strings of Lever Harp

This week I actually managed to get the accounts done! Whew. That’s a weight off my mind until next month.

So you can see it’s been another pretty busy week. I am trying to cut down on things at the moment because I’ve been far too busy lately, which is probably why I’m back to suffering from more fatigue than usual.


  1. Morning Shoshi. For one so tired you still seem to have packed an incredible amount into the week!! Glad your friend liked her box and chutney. Well done. What a lovely looking inn you visited for the meal. The scarf is coming on well - and the peacock "eyes" go great with the colours.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  2. I do like the subtle colour changes in the scarf yarn and those peacock 'eyes' are amazing too! I loved seeing the harps, it's an instrument I've always wanted to have a go at!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  3. Hi Shoshi, it does seem you've had a busy week! Smiling at Ruby and butter! We once had a cat who had a passion for cheese! He could be asleep on the bed 2 floors up, but the second a pack of cheese was taken from the fridge, he was downstairs and meowing at your ankles, even before the packet was opened!
    Fingers crossed the CT scan gets them to get things sorted for you. And I feel your pain over trying to contact delivery companies. Sometimes you really do need to speak to a human being, and thats not made at all easy by them, I agree. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  4. Lucky I've just eaten = I would be so hungry looking at all this yummy food. Naughty Ruby, that must be so annoying. Luckily Oreo never bothers us during meal times - he's just not interested in what we're eating. Although there was that notorious incident with the birthday cake a couple of years ago and once I caught him stealing cheese from the counter top - but when I him a piece of cheese he never eats it - go figure! I can see you posted this is 1:36 am, night owl. My problem is that I wake up very early and can't go back to sleep. It's better to get up then and do something useful rather than try to go back to sleep - by the time I manage, I have to get up anyway and then I'm just more tired than if I hadn't gone back to sleep at all! At least you can sleep in if you want to. Cute photo of Ruby on your lap - assuming it's Ruby since you mentioned butter LOL! Have a good week! Hope the CT goes well, if only to confirm what you already know - at least then they'll do something about it. xx

  5. Hi Shoshi, good luck with your deliveries and your appointment tomorrow. Love the idea of a harp recital (or a naked piano as one of my sons once put it). The meal looked lovely, enjoy your Michelin experience! Happy WOYWW and meow to Lily and Ruby. Sarah #3

  6. Wow - what a busy week! And I thought I was busy! I am lucky that Inky has no real interest in People Food, and I can eat my dinner on my lap watching TV with her sleeping on my legs! She has never eaten anything but Cat Food. Your scarf is coming along well, should be fab when finished! I love seeing pics of your sourdough bread, my favourite! And the plates at the restaurant - wow! They really pay attention to the whole meal, making even the plates match the meal! I will look forward to the Michelin restaurant! Hope you are feeling better soon, Lindart #29

  7. Interesting post Shoshi. The scarf is coming along really well. Lovely harps too. Have a great WOYWW and a happy creative week, Angela x16x

  8. Wow, you have a lot of great pictures as usual. I love looking at them and seeing all the wonderful things you're up to. Have a great week. Dorlene #28

  9. Hi Shoshi,
    I’m sorry you’ve all your issues, pray deliveries arrived safely and that all is ok with surgery if neede again and please Lord no repeats like last time. Mm butter eating cat needs some taming I think.. not good for kitty or your sanity.
    Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x#20

  10. Hi Shoshi, sorry to hear your hernia has returned. You certainly have a lot to contend with! Hopefully you get some speedy appointments to sort it! Your meal out looks delicious, your dessert is one I would choose, yummy! Have a lovely week Heather x #33


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