Wednesday, 31 October 2018

WOYWW 491–Knitting and Pet Service

On Saturday my hubby took me to the Range, and I bought a few bits and pieces. That’s all that’s on my desk this week, I’m afraid. A pack of craft card, a brush tool thingy for removing bits from detailed dies, and a couple of packs of refills for my hot glue gun.

WOYWW 491 31-10-18

It always amuses me when my hubby takes me shopping. He leaves me to my own devices for a while, so I can browse around, and then he finds me and the first question is, “Are you OK?” and when I reassure him, he goes off again, and the next time he comes back, he says, “How are you getting on?” and I say, “Fine, thank you,” and off he goes again, and then comes back with the final question, “Have you nearly finished?” when I know that he is thoroughly bored and wants to go home!!


I finally finished unravelling the purple and yellow spotted knitting – and what a pain it proved to be! The fluffy yarn in particular was very hard to undo. I ended up with an enormous ball of yellow – really too big to handle! and a slightly smaller purple one. I created a tension swatch using the same circles pattern as before. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the original pattern from the garment I unravelled, and I had no note of the needle size I’d used, so I’ve had to start again from scratch.

03 Yarn and Pattern

I’ve done a small graph of the circles pattern repeat and now the tension swatch is done and measurements done, I have been able to design the pattern for the jumper I want to make – just a basic shape with nothing fancy – the colours and textures of the yarn will be enough. Using different yarns and needles, and each time making a tension swatch, this should be an easy pattern to follow in future.

This will be a lovely project to keep me going through the winter – nice to have something not too complicated to work on while watching TV.

Finishing the knitting of the peacock scarf.

03 Knitting Completed


Again, not a desperately successful loaf this week – not sure what I am doing wrong, but the colder weather may be something to do with it. As usual, it tastes fine. It’s just that it isn’t rising properly.

51 Sourdough Not Well Risen 28-10-18

I also made more brown baps this week – again, very successful – and more sourdough crackers, which have become a staple in this house – I don’t buy crackers any longer. These are tasty and nutritious and filling too – you don’t need so many, which means we are also eating a bit less cheese which is probably a good thing for our weight! I’ve discovered they are also delicious with marmalade. I usually have oatcakes with marmalade (fabulous) and it made me wonder whether I might be able to adapt the sourdough crackers recipe with the addition of some oatmeal, for a change. I must do some research.


Lily and Ruby had an adventure on Sunday, when we took them to the annual Pet Service at our church when we gave thanks for our furry family members! As usual, there was a large preponderance of dogs, who were mostly very well behaved apart from some competitive barking before the service began. (The lady on the right in the picture brought along her gorgeous little tiger stuffy!)

03 Dogs at the Pet Service

Apart from Lily and Ruby, only one other kitty, called Amelia.

04 Amelia at the Pet Service

She’s an old hand at this and just sat quietly throughout.

There was also Karen, the guide dog, who of course is always well-behaved.

02 Guide Dog at the Pet Service

Finally, here are our two.

01 Lily and Ruby at the Pet Service

My hubby had put newspaper in the cat carrier and of course Ruby had to tear this up. They were a bit nervous at the beginning but soon settled down. They had each other for moral support. We had a bit of crying from Lily in the car on the way there, but on the way home, not a peep – they know when they are homeward bound!

The trouble was, they were both very naughty when we got them home! Blowing off steam, I suspect.

The service was lovely with lots of singing, a thoughtful little sermon from the minister about our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation (I thought a lot about a horrifying programme I saw recently about the levels of plastic pollution in the oceans and its impact on marine life), and then a short talk by one of the representatives of our local Animals in Distress charity. This year she spoke about a rescue cat called Bomber with spinal problems, who has recently been rehomed. He had a CT scan on his back which showed that despite his wonky spine, he’s in pretty good shape. You can see his Instagram pictures here which show how happy he is in his new home. Animals in Distress is currently engaged in a massive fund-raising operation to build a new, purpose-built centre.

Lily and Ruby were very much admired and lots of people who hadn’t seen them since last year’s service were amazed how big they were! They were only a few months old last time.

Here are us two, enjoying a cup of tea afterwards. (No, I’m not really trying to hide the cake…)

05 Us at Pet Service 28-10-18 by Joe Lazenby

Talking of animals, my hubby found this brilliant Youtube video last week, about a whale who showed its gratitude to the people who rescued it from some fishing net.

Health Update

I had a letter from my surgeon on Saturday, confirming what I already knew, that the hernia has returned. He wants to see me to discuss options, so no doubt I’ll receive an appointment in due course – but it will probably not be till next year if I know the NHS!

Also, on Monday, not having heard anything further about my pants, I phoned up for a progress report and someone else returned my call, saying that the machinist had been out of the office and they hadn’t even made a start on my pants! I said this was simply not good enough because I’d been promised by the rep that my order would be given top priority because of the mistake that had been made. I expressed my extreme annoyance at their inefficiency and that I was not at all happy. I also told them that I had now had confirmation of the hernia having returned, and that this order was urgent as it needed the support. Goodness, I’m fed up with all this nonsense. They promised the pants would be in the post tomorrow, but I’m not expecting miracles. If they don’t fit yet again, I am sure I don’t know what I shall do!!!!!

Finally, after my recent “relaxed carrot” photo, another wonky veg to make you smile. It arrived with my grocery delivery last week. I think it looks a bit like a seahorse!

Wonky Sweet Potato 24-10-18


  1. Morning Shoshi, your description of hubby at the Range made me laugh. Mine is exactly the same. I really hope that the support garments are in the post tomorrow as promised and fit well. Keeping fingers crossed for an early appointment too. Meow to Lily and Ruby. Sarah #8

  2. Good Morning.. trying to get my visiting in before I have to leave. It's a day I have to spend with mother, plans changed. But you have a great post. Love the pet/church share. Such a great idea. I also love Church Architecture, amazing how what they did long ago on these buildings. I think all men wonder how we can spend so much time in a craft store. But I wonder how much time he can spend in the hardware store. But we have no local shops anymore. Not even a Walmart close by. Have a great week. We go off daylight savings time this Sunday and with all that's going on won't be doing any of our usual Halloween things this year. But our weather is still nice.

  3. What a busy time you are having. Just one tip for your bread. I found that the best place to put the dough to rise is inside the microwave, especially after you have just made a cup of coffee, so you have a little residual heat. With the door closed, the dough is protected from droughts and shock, and remains in a stable temperature. xxx Maggie #14

  4. Competitive barking in a big space like that must have sounded really loud! Love the idea of a pets service, how fun.Its a lovely picture of you both. The peacock scarf is a lovely one, love th graduation of colours.

  5. There used to be a pet service in the village church... with they bring it back!
    Geat photos - love that peacock scarf!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 4

  6. My old brass band in Wiltshire regularly used to play for a pet service which was outdoors - we had horses, snakes, alpacas as well as pets turn up. Always mad but great fun! Lovely pic of the pair of you xx. The diagrams of knitting took me back, I used to create celtic patterns on graph paper and knit them up, I enjoyed the challenge.
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  7. Hi Shoshi, such a nuisance it has returned, lets hope things move along swiftly to get it fixed. Love visiting The Range, we now have one in town, which is great. Always find some great bargains. Lovely pic of you & Hubby! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #12 X

  8. Love your new scarf.
    You have every reason to be proud of your two, they look beautiful sat together in the cat basket side by side. What a pretty duo. I remember going to Ely Cathedral once when they had animals as part of the service. It was great fun as there were sheep and hens.
    Lovely baking going on and good on you for not giving up on the pants!
    You have spurred me on to fight my not taking Apaxaban any more. It was 'forced meat' really as my INR readings were all over the place but if this is what is going to happen I do not want the alternative. I seem to be going around and around in circles trying to get someone to listen, and `I know itching is not life threatening as some folks illnesses are but to me it is horrid. It interferes with my sleep and I don't seem to want to eat the same as I normally do so it has to stop somewhere
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  9. What a lovely service that must have been Shoshi, brought a smile as I know our black lab as quiet and laid back as she is I just know she would have made her presence known amongst the animal kingdom.
    Your peacock scarf has wonderful colours, is this for the feathers..??
    So sorry to hear about your returned Hernia, I hope the process will be a smooth one and you will be seen very soon..
    Healing hugs coming your way & Thank you for your warm wishes earlier today.
    Tracey #6
    P.S are you sure you are not trying to hide that cake hee hee xx

  10. Hi Shoshi, great photo of you too and love the idea of the pet service. Shopping with hubby sounds familiar too. Have a lovely crafty week and a happy woyww, Angela x18x

  11. Hi Soshi, I love your hubby will go off and leave you too look, but keeps coming back and one the third time you know he wants to go:)

    Scarf is lovely.

    Your two cats are beautiful.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #16

  12. the pet service looks great - reminds me of the Vicar of Dibley! I adore your peacock scarf, it looks fantastic and I bet it is lovely and warm. Have a good week.... fingers crossed for pants! Helen #1

  13. Hi Shoshi, my DIL makes very good sourdough bread so I've picked her brain and she has given me the ingredients for what my son claims is her best loaf. 100g spelt flour, 100g oat & linseed flour, 100g brown flour, 100g wholemeal flour, 600g strong bread flour, 200g starter, 700mls water (34 degrees), 22g of salt. Apparently, she followed a YouTube movie to get learn how to make it - Hope this is useful. Elizabeth x #22

  14. I admire you for working out that pattern, well done.
    Love the idea of a Pet Service, super different.
    Bad news about your pants, someone needs 'smacking' round there!
    Hope the next week is a bit more calming for you.
    Christine #19

  15. Very interesting regarding the pets service. Have a great week. Dorlene #24

  16. Happy Belated WOYWW and thanks for your earlier visit to my blog. Firstly, I hope that your pants arrive and fit (plus the lace). Secondly, I don't know how you get the patience to unravel that knitting (it would have ended up in the bin with me!). Thirdly, we would never be able to take Milky to a church service - she hates travelling anywhere and normally yells for most of the time! Finally - glue gun and colour glue sticks. I have bought this gun and sticks specifically for mixed media projects (although I might use it as actual glue occasionally). It comes with a 'glue saver' so you can change the sticks as often as you want without wasting any. I will show it all in more detail next week. Ali x #3

  17. The seahorse potato is very cute! how wonderful for the kitties to be able to go to church with you - they probably thought they were going to the vet! I wish we could take cats out everywhere like people do with dogs, so much for them to experience! But they are a little skittish, Inky was very skittish just watching me set up the Halloween decorations, but also very interested in what I was doing!
    I hope you finally get the pants you need, I hate companies where one person just doesn't seem to communicate with the rest. I have the same problem at work when the manager gives a "huddle" at 9am, but anyone arriving for a later shift is out of the loop. Good luck with the pants, I hope they arrive soon AND correct! Have a great week, Lindart #21

  18. Blessed the day when my local craft centre installed a coffee bar great for husbands and crafters to have a break. Love your kitties what beautiful markings they have. Like you I have to have an easy project to do while watching tv if not I fall asleep. Have a good week. ANi

  19. You give me a good inside in your life and adventures, I love to read the daily stuff. Had to smile when I read the 'rituals' and the Q & A your husband and you have while shopping... my beloved and I have a same sort of 'ritual'. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, happy ~belated~ Woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #17

  20. Thanks for your visit! You asked about the Crazy Cat Lady costume! well, I have a pair of red pajama bottoms with cats all over, I wore cat ears, and a T-shirt that says "Mother of Cats" in the Game of Thrones font (relates to Denayris, Mother of Dragons), wearing every cat pin I own (quite a few!), cat earrings, and I had a bag that was patterned with black cats, inside were 3 stuffed cats peeking out. I had to adhere the bag to my waist with a belt because I needed both hands free to work. On my back I had pinned my "Grumpy Cat" stuffy. That's about it! Next year I want to find a bathrobe with cats on it, and saftey pin lots of cats on it - so working in a thrift shop I will be keeping my eyes open for more stuffed cats and the robe! I'm also thinking of putting my hair in giant rollers with a couple of tiny cats peeking out! I will be sure to take a pic of me next year as the Crazy Cat Lady! Hope the right size pants arrive soon! Lindart

  21. Fab post Shoshi - the wonky potato made me smile too! xx Jo

  22. Ah the bored hubby in the craft store-luckily we have a record/vinyl shop near our craft shop so I can leave him in the "creche"!! Sorry to hear the hernia has returned and the seamstress issues sounds terrible service! The church service sounded good though (I was lucky enough to go into the final 10 mins of a service at St Pauls Catherdral this weekend, such a beautiful place).

  23. You have a wonderful workspace, it looks so cozy.


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