Saturday, 22 May 2010

Anniversary Card

It's our 24th wedding anniversary on 24th May, and I've made this card for my hubby. It's made of layered card and paper, with little red heart sequiny things and glitter glue for decoration. I did the text on the computer and then cut it out. Inside is a double-spiral heart pop-up made of red card.

N's Anniversary Card 22-5-10

N's Anniversary Card 22-5-10 Inside

Hope he likes it!!


  1. Oh I Love it.

  2. Very cool card - I'm sure he will love it! Happy Anniversary!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, having a link to it on your blog, and leaving me comments:) I see we are the same age:)

    I use a BIGkick (same as the Big Shot) for my embossing/die cutting machine and I love it. I have never seen a Wizard "in real life" but I'm sure you would love that, too.

  3. Thanks Renee and Lynette!

    I gave my hubby his card this morning and he loves it.

    So, we've got a lot in common, Lynette! I haven't heard of BIGkick or Big Shot - I think most of these machines are more or less the same, and it does seem the plates are interchangeable. I like the look of the Spellbinders Wizard because it cuts, embosses and stencils all from the same die, so I think I'll probably go for that one.

    Glad you both like my card! I've got masses of ideas for more.

  4. awsome :) ....he must have loved it...

  5. Very kool cards.Wish to see more .


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