Sunday, 30 May 2010

Birthday Barbecue

I've had a really nice birthday today.

We went on the barbie and amazingly the sun shone but it was quite windy so not that warm. After we'd eaten, several of the blokes went off to look at a vintage lorry belonging to one of them, and then I belatedly remembered I'd got my camera, so here's a picture of a somewhat depleted party:

1 Heather's Barbecue 30 May 10

That's my friend Gisele on the left, then her mother in law Heather, whose house it was, then a very nice other guest who's name I've forgotten, and then my hubby wearing a borrowed straw hat because he forgot his own hat!

Here's me sporting my Indian suit - Gisele made me take my glasses off because they'd gone so dark you couldn't see my eyes:

2 Me at Heather's Barbecue 30 May 10

I got the Indian suit on Ebay really cheaply back before Christmas, but it hasn't been warm enough to wear it until now. It's quite thin soft material and lovely to wear. It's nice and loose so covers all my lumps and bumps lol! I think they are very flattering and feminine, and I've always enjoyed ethnic clothes. Indian fabrics are just gorgeous.

Here's a lovely one of me with Gisele - two friends! She's from Brazil and is soooo lovely!

3 Me and Gisele at Heather's Barbecue 30 May 10

She's a professional singer - a good one. She speaks 4 languages and is accomplished in so many ways! We get on so well and I'm proud to have her as my friend.

This is part of Heather's garden - I thought the stone bunny was so sweet!

4 Heather's Garden 30 May 10

This is one of Heather's chickens with her enormous brood of chickies - they're getting quite big now but still very cute:

5 Heather's Chickens 30 May 10

and here are 2 of her ducks:

6 Heather's Ducks 30 May 10

Finally, here's me posing in one of my new birthday kaftans - the red velvet one - I was a bit cold when we got home and thought I'd change into it. I've tried to hold my arms so you can see a rather nice detail: there's a little tassle hanging from each of the sleeves!

7 Red Velvet Kaftan 30 May 10

It's very luxurious and soft, and makes me feel very special when I'm wearing it! I'll get my hubby to take me in the other one soon. It's very exotic and rich looking!

I got very tired today because I didn't sleep that well last night. I could really have done without the driving today but it couldn't be helped. After the barbie we went to see a house belonging to David (Gisele's husband) which they are doing up ready for sale or reletting, and although it was very nice, and an interesting design, it was on about 4 floors with only one or two rooms on each, so it was all stairs! I was beginning to feel pretty done in by that time. When we got home I crashed on the settee and slept deeply for quite a while, and I do feel better now, although the stiff neck I developed part way through the afternoon has got worse - can't think where that came from!

It's been a lovely birthday.


  1. Hi Shoshi,
    Happy Birthday!
    Just found your blog and it is always nice to meet new bloggy friends!
    I live in Oxford and I look forward to following you here.
    Please do visit me at my blogs: Simple Blessings and Days Touched By Grace.
    Hope your day was good!

  2. Hi Linda!

    Thanks for your birthday wishes and for following my blog.

    Sorry to hear that you also suffer chronic health problems. I have also found that this helps me count my blessings.

    Hope you had a good day today. Mine was lovely - I love my birthday!

  3. eee. Love the pretty outfit your wearing :)
    Hope you had a BLESSED B-Day :)

  4. looks like you've had a fabulous day...
    i love your wheelchair decoration...

    is that a flower print on your wheelchair?

    lots of hugs for your birthday x

  5. Hi Vicki - do you mean the flowers on the spoke guards? I painted those myself on a set of plain spoke guards. Thanks for the birthday hugs!


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