Monday, 24 May 2010

Golden Wedding Card

No new photos today, but here's one I did a while back:

Ann & Nigel's Golden Wedding Card

It was for the golden wedding of a couple we know. He plays the organ and conducts, and she plays the double bass. Both have been professional musicians (now retired). I printed out several images (keyboard, double bass, music background) and overlaid the background with translucent parchment paper, on which I printed a monogram of their initials in my desk top publisher, and then embossed it in gold.

Edit: If you go here, you can see the card I made for their diamond wedding, ten years on.

Today I was absolutely thrilled, because I bid on Ebay for a set of stamps, stamp pads and blocks, all in a storage/carry case, probably worth something in the region of £5o - and I won it for £6! There will be lots of useful stuff in there.

I also made a discovery, that there is an amazing kit available, for making your own rubber stamps, from your own designs. You can print them out on the computer and then use the kit to transform them into stamps. The substance comes in a sachet, and is light-sensitive. You set it up under a lamp and time the exposure, and the print you made lets light through or prevents light getting through, according to the design. You can even make your own embossing dies. I have simply got to give this a try! Here's a link to the site:

Looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it.

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