Sunday, 16 May 2010

My Polyvore Images

Just in case you don't know, Polyvore is a website with lots of pictures of fashion, makeup, jewellery etc. etc. - you can click on the images and it tells you where you can get the items. It also has a great additional feature - if you click on the button marked "Create" it takes you to a window that you can drag and drop the images into. You can resize them, rotate them, and arrange them in front or behind each other. This is a marvellous outlet for creativity, especially if you don't have much energy to do anything more than be on the computer!

A friend on the Brainfog Forum introduced me to this. I follow her blog (Vanillalemoncake) and if you go there you can see her Polyvore images - she's really good at it!

I did these about a year ago. The first is entitled “Turquoise Flowers.”

Fashion Trends & Styles - PolyvoreShoshi's Turquoise Flowers

“Cocktail Glasses.”
Cocktail Glasses
“Golden Table Decoration.”
Golden Table Decoration
Here are some more I did today (19th May 2010): the first is entitled "Come into the Garden, Maud." I wanted to get a romantic, almost pre-Raphaelite feel with this one, and perhaps provoke a story to develop in one's imagination:
Come into the Garden, Maud
This one reflects my love of all things bling, entitled “I Love Sparkle.”
I Love Sparkle

Added 20th May 2010: the first one is entitled “The Opera Goer.”
The Opera Goer

This is “The Garden.”


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