Friday, 14 May 2010

Views from Shoshi's Settee - Our Garden and Kitties

Well, here I am on the settee.

I spend a great deal of time on my settee because I suffer from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and need to rest a lot. It is a really lovely settee with a recliner seat so I can get my legs up. Let's start with the literal view I have from my settee (particularly nice now because the Clematis montana is out and looking so beautiful):

Clematis Montana 1 May 2010

Usually I have one of my 3 laptops on my lap, a nice fleecy blanket over my legs, and a kitty on my legs, but sometimes both kitties compete for room. I often have to fight them off or they start typing on the keyboard.

Here they are - no room for the laptop at all:

Beatrice & Phoebe on my Lap, May 2010

That's Beatrice up close, and Phoebe beyond.

I'm brand new at this blogging lark and still groping around in the dark a bit - it isn't exactly user friendly, and in many ways it's downright over-complicated, and I've spent hours today on various help forums trying to work out how it all functions, and a great deal of it has been trial and error. (C'mon Blogger - could do better, perhaps, for newbies? I wouldn't exactly consider myself computer illiterate, either...)

I'm not sure if I shall post every day - depends on how I'm feeling and if there's anything to say!


  1. Hi, I am Jacob, Renee's son :)
    the one cat looks scared :(
    I am now a follower just like my mom :)
    welcome to blogging

  2. Oh I have to have mom e-mail you an invite to my blog, she has it on private :)


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