Thursday, 24 February 2011

Card Insert

Now I’ve got going on Serif CraftArtist, I can see the potential in it for loads more things than just digital scrapbook layouts, addictive and fun as they are. The stamped and embossed cards I posted about yesterday will need inserts in many of them, because the base card isn’t suitable for writing on, and they are much better finished with inserts anyway – it’s a touch of luxury in a card!

This card, which I made for my friend Nilly:

Large - Silver Roundels with Ribbon - Thank You

needed an insert, and I thought it would be fun to try and replicate the “Thank You” sentiment digitally for the inside, and through this I’ve discovered some features on Serif PhotoPlus which I haven’t used before, and managed to recreate the silvery effect of the card and even the Stickles glitter trails on the letters, even if they aren’t quite as shiny! I created digital versions of the shapes of the rubber stamps and used those to decorate the insert too.

A4 LS Floral Doodle Dallion Thank You Insert

Here’s a detail of the sentiment:

Thank You Detail

Almost as good as Jiminy cut the original!

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