Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine Gifts

My wonderful hubby has given me a gorgeous present for Valentine’s Day. He really spoils me! I had a preview of it the other day just after he bought it, because he can never wait to give me presents!! As soon as I saw it, I gave it straight back to him and told him to keep it for Valentine’s Day!

Anyway, now that Valentine’s Day is here, he has given it to me and I am so thrilled with it! I think you’ll agree it’s a lovely present.

1 Box

I love the box, even before opening! It is covered with the most beautiful rich iridescent blue paper, and the photo doesn’t really do it justice.

Opening the box…

2 Box Opened

It looks so pretty nesting on its blue velvet! Here’s a close-up showing the beautiful pearly face.

3 Watch 1

Here’s a detail of the bangle, which is decorated with a lattice/trellis pattern in gold, with black enamel between – very pretty! I love this design.

4 Bangle Detail

Here’s one final view of my beautiful present.

5 Watch 2

Doesn’t he spoil me!

He really liked the card I made for him:

and the little bon-bon basket, which I hung on his desk lamp last night before I went up to bed:

I was just about to sign off this post, when my hubby came in bringing this!

6 Valentine Choccies 1

7 Valentine Choccies 2

8 Valentine Choccies 3

We aren’t going out or doing anything special today, but we are going to see the film “The King’s Speech” on Thursday, which we are very much looking forward to.


  1. Wow Shoshi that is great! Enjoy the movie!

  2. The watch is lovely Shoshi, it looks great in the photos but I bet its even better close up

  3. What a loving hubby you have Shoshi...I just dropped by to let you know that you are being lifted up to the Lord in prayer. God bless, Lloyd

  4. You've been a sploid woman....Lol!!

    I have left you a little something on my blog

    Laurence xx


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