Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Digital Scrapbooking – Daisytrail Challenge

I’ve decided to enter my second challenge on Daisytrail, this time entitled “Three Times a Lady,” in which you have to use the same photograph of a “female” three times. Since it didn’t specify a human female, I’ve decided to do it of our kitty Beatrice the Computer Queen. However, she’s not obviously in computing mode in this layout, but playing her favourite role, that of Lady of the Manor. Our kitties expect to be waited on hand and foot, and all the best luxuries that money can buy. I thought I’d indulge her fantasies, at least digitally, and have dressed her up in diamonds.

The Lady Beatrice

I experienced a lot of difficulty with the page curls in this project, because part of the CraftArtist software doesn’t seem to be working, and the “join” options are greyed out. I eventually posted a request on the Daisytrail forum for help over this, and it appears I’m not alone in experiencing this problem. However, there are work-arounds, and I’m grateful in particular to Wendyp for her solution.

My friend Wendy (a different Wendy!) says taking part in challenges is a very good idea because it encourages one to try new techniques. She herself learned the embossing technique this way (I haven’t tried it yet) and through this challenge I’ve learnt how to do page curls, although it wasn’t specified in the challenge.

It was fun using the same photograph in three different ways. I said that Beatrice wasn’t obviously in computing mode, but this picture of her was extracted from its background, and the photograph happened to be the one of her sitting on my hubby’s laptop! I wanted a picture of her with her nose in the air, trying to look like a lady.

The picture on the top left was fun to do. I enlarged a diamond teardrop embellishment and copied it, and increased the transparency of the copy. I made an edging with small diamonds, and put a cropped version of Beatrice on top. I then put the transparent version of the diamond on top of that, so it looks as if she’s embedded in the diamond.

I extracted our God-daughter’s wedding tiara from her unsuspecting head to use for Beatrice in this project! I’m sure she won’t mind!


  1. Looks great Shoshi! Guess what I got my copy of Scrapbook Artist 2. I'm having a ball with it!

  2. This is pretty cool! I haven't tried digital work yet.....


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